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Protected: Diary of a Prayformance Artist: Despite Everything, We Continue Soldiering On, Making Music and Art!

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Always Figuring Things Out

Thursday February 4th 2016

We had a great day at the park. I got more dressed up than yesterday. IMG_20160204_170550188

People were complimentary of my look today. “You’re a work of art!” “You’re a living flower!” Strolling parties are much more engaging with us up front. Once we were set up to play the hallways of El Prado in Balboa Park, groups of people that passed us asked all sorts of questions. We get more attention up front. I think we should play up there all the time. Patio B where we usually play is much more hidden. People don’t talk to us as much back there. We can’t play up front on the weekends because there are too many performers vying for space. I’m grateful we get to play up front at all.

We had big crowds for most of today’s prayformance. We have lots of fun singing in the front. The acoustics are great! Give us a quiet, acoustic space and an attentive, generous audience and I’m happy! It’s amazing how we always figure things out. 🙂

Feeling Better Today

Sunday January 17th 2016

I dressed incredibly simply today. No crazy hair pieces, no outrageous makeup. Not even white face. Just a little concealer, lipstick, eye shadow and some jewels on my forehead. Something that’s been bumming me out is my disinterest in dressing up. Part of me thinks people only like me when I prayform because I’m dressed up. A friend said I could dress normally and people would still watch us. That it’s our voices people are attracted to. I think that’s true. I feel like I should go the extra mile when we go out to play. I’ve set the bar pretty high with my wild outfits and makeup in the past, so I feel guilty when I don’t want to dress up. We had a lovely day anyway.

All of the hair on Thoth’s bow fell off after our first song! I was sad because I thought we’d have to stop playing. Instead of stopping, he played the rest of the prayformance with the wood part of the bow. We’re getting our bows re-haired so we had no extras for him to use. How does he do it?! I’m amazed at my husband. Truly I am. It would have been a complete bummer if we had to stop. Sunday is our best day here. A couple who saw it happen stayed for the entire prayformance. People sat down and watched near the end.

When people are focused on us continuously, I can imagine their thoughts and see what we’re doing in a new light. I’ve been doing this work for almost 7 years, so it’s not shocking to me that I can play violin, dance and sing at the same time. I couldn’t do that when I first met Thoth in 2008, but I’ve watched my progress every day for all those years. It’s when people reflect to us their experience of our work I feel refreshed and enlivened. The audience is like a mirror. I feel like I can do anything with an audience there because they are focused and interested and involved. Take that audience away and I can no longer see what I’m doing.

“Give them money!” a woman sitting on the ground shouted. When we finished, another man who had been sitting said, “I feel like my heart exploded. It was so beautiful.” On our bike ride home, someone passed and said, “I love your music.” “How did she recognize us?” Thoth said. “I have no idea.” I like when that happens. I thought people didn’t recognize us unless we were playing, but they do. We can be in plain clothes and people recognize us. It’s not how we dress that makes people love us and our work, it’s who we are.