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How I Felt Today: Legendary!

Wednesday October 19th 2016

Today I felt something really amazing. I felt beautiful, like the inside of my heart and soul was on the outside, visible for others to see. It was as if I knew we are destined to be famous and loved throughout the world and respected as great artists in history. I knew from deep within myself that the people of this time who see me will someday say, “I saw them back when they was only performing in the parks.” I know that Dan Rubin’s pictures of us will be famous too because they will have documented us before our fame. By fame I don’t mean paparazzi following us around and being in stupid tabloid newspapers, I mean famous as in being legendary people who create music, art and live a creative life that many, many people respect, admire and love. We are already legendary. People say that to us. We are recognized in every city we perform in by people who have seen our work and love it.

People are afraid to let their truth shine. I am a loved and respected artist living an incredible live of inspiration and creativity. That is my truth. I inspire everyone who sees me. I either inspire them or challenge them. Today I was so inspired I had a blast getting ready to prayform. We had such a great two days off I felt happy, refreshed and beautiful! It was 80 degrees outside so I only wore my new floral top, my new floral panties and my new baby pink sneakers. I felt like a little pixie. I don’t really feel “feminine” with the way I dress, especially when I dress skimpily. I feel like a sexless Puckish pixie fairy alien angel creature.

12 3Getting to the park took longer than usual. People stared at me the whole way to the park. A family of women got on the train after us. The younger daughter saw me first and told her mom to look behind her. She did and then turned all the way around to stare at me. No one said anything. There I was, a little 28 year old girl walking around New York City in floral panties and painted hair. I felt very bold. Who walks around in their panties? The outfits I wear are as outrageous as anyone I’ve seen. I’m the person I want the world to be. Creative, open and free, which it is anything but!

We got to the park just in time and had a great prayformance for our first. We went crazy for our first four songs and the crowds were very responsive and supportive. A group of people had been waiting for us to begin and were the biggest applauders. Who knows how they knew us. Probably had seen us play at the Angel Tunnel before. By the end of playing Thoth was really tired. Dan and I did a photo shoot and we took the subway with him, got dinner and settled down for the evening. 4 5 6

Here’s a little vlog from my channel for you, too!

Sacred Expression

Wednesday October 12th 2016

I did makeup today. I liked it. Makeup gives me an opportunity to be more creative. It’s like painting or drawing, but on my face.1Our friends Cover Story were sangin away in the Angel Tunnel when we arrived. They always acknowledged us. Sweet. It was an… interesting day. We had a big crowd for “Anya,” but “Romanza” and “LA’s Waltz” gathered no crowd, literally. No one watched us. They walked past us as if we weren’t there. Not standing at a distance, no, not standing there at all. Like we were completely invisible to everyone for two entire songs. We suddenly had a crowd again for “Gypsy Dance.” It’s not us, it’s just the day!

We both had fun anyway. I was focused on being as expressive as I could. Our friend Eric and his best friend came to see us on their yearly walk through the park on Yom Kippur. They both knelt and listened to “Plucking Song” and the stood and clapped for “Sea Expressions.” Eric is such a supportive and inspiring friend. He inspires us. I wasn’t thinking so much about money, as we weren’t doing that well in that department today. I let myself do whatever I wanted in terms of expression, not caring if anyone liked it or not. I was inspired. That’s what prayformance is for. It’s a communion between me and the universe. Amazing we can make a living having a communion with the universe, with the earth and the sky and the birds and the trees and the people. When people treat it spiritually, it is. Prayformance is many things. Theater, music, dance, self expression, sacred expression, self therapy, performance, art, creative expression… 2 3We walked to the East Side and found a diner to have dinner at. Yum.

Such a Successful Weekend in Central Park!

Sunday September 25th 2016

Today would be a good day. There was nothing happening in the park, nothing at the Bandshell to bring the break dancers downstairs. It would be peaceful and quiet. I was sure of it. I did myself up for a Sunday prayformance, the best day of the week for us.

3 4I was right. As we walked through Strawberry Fields, we passed Josh, Dan Rubin’s brother. He was coming to see us perform. Dan showed up too! Yay. We got to start early because Cover Story wouldn’t be there. It was quiet and peaceful for our full 2 hour performance! It seemed kind of slow at first, but we ended up doing really well. We packed up while talking with Dan and Josh. Marcela arrived and began singing. She came over to ask if we were finished before starting. Much better! I’m glad.

We took the L train to Lorimer St. and had dinner at Santos Anne. Long day. Long week. Glad it’s over, but so glad it was so successful!

Saturday September 24th 2016

I slept 12 hours too offset my jet lag. Despite still being tired, I got made up and we went out to prayform at the Angel Tunnel. We knew there would be a big concert in the park and were unsure if we’d be able to play at all. Doing our best and having no expectations is the best way to live life I’ve found. You’re never disappointed, always pleasantly surprised. I’m not entitled to anything. When we get to prayform and have a successful day, it is a blessing. It is never a given!

2 1Sarah Kernochan said she’d stop by at the beginning to see us. That was motivation enough to go out. When the time rolled around, there she was, hugging me as we stretched on the pillars. She watched three songs “Anya” “Esh” and Ee-ay” and then left. She’s treating us to dinner on Thursday, so we’ll have more time to talk then.

People were super complimentary of my makeup and of our music. An Irish woman was adoring us. She waited for us to start and then bought a CD. “It’s magical what you do.” she said. I love when people call me or our music or what we do magical. That’s a great compliment. Just what I’m going for!

We played for less than an hour, being tired from flying all day yesterday, plus the concert started up. The opera singer girl, Marcela, arrived as well and asked if she could sing. She actually apologized for setting up on us on Sunday. It was a big misunderstanding actually. We packed up and left the tunnel with Dan.

Our friend Mega Flash was upstairs so we said hello. He told us that he told Marcela to talk to Thoth. “You have to respect that man. He’s been here longer than any of us.” he said, referring to Thoth. Damn right. Of any person I know, Thoth deserves peoples respect!


Rainbow Unicorn!

Friday September 16th 2016

I’m on a roll with my makeup. I seem to outdo myself each day, somehow! I was inspired by the color wheel today. I am always trying to be as creative as I can be. Tribal Baroque, prayformance and Thoth has given me that. I was always creative, but Tribal Baroque has given me clear purpose; the ability to be creative every day and make a living doing it. It’s a blessing. 87 This is what all little girls look like when they stare at me. This little one turned around like that several times. Isn’t she so cute? Children do what adults want to do, but adults have learned it’s rude to stare. I wonder at what age children learn to be judgmental instead of innocently curious and interested.

9She’s not judging me at all by staring. That’s why staring as an adult is a no-no, because staring at someone means they’re passing a judgment on you. I never stare at people. That’s why when we perform people stare so hard. People have an excuse to stare at performers, because that’s what performers are for. 10Who knew when the Angel Tunnel was being built that two artists in the beginning of the 21st century would be so inspired to be so creative in it. The Angel Tunnel always inspires me to be bigger and more extravagant. It’s the most beautiful venue we play in in the world. Everywhere else we play is much easier to play in, but this space feels regal and sacred. Like a church for creativity and music. It’s a space we have perfectly suited ourselves for, our voices, our music, our costumes. It’s an inspiring space. 4It was a great prayformance for us. The break dancers came down and tried to do a show during our first two songs, but failed miserably. They couldn’t gather a crowd easily. I don’t take it personally anymore. I just sing for my own joy and do my best. I refuse to compete. That’s all I can do. People cheered after each of our songs, even when the break dancers had a crowd. Our crowd was particularly exuberant. I love that. 5We sang for 2 hours and sat with a friend to pack up when we finished. We won’t play tomorrow because the chess tournament is at the tunnel. It’s too chaotic and loud to play. We’ll use tomorrow to practice our loops and bleach my roots for our trip on Monday. We’re going to Malaga for 5 days. We went to Santos Anne for dinner in our old neighborhood near Lorimer St.. It was lovely.

3I really dug my makeup today. So creative, like a rainbow unicorn!

Making Magic!

Sunday February 15th 2015

As we biked, I tried to focus on my left eye. I realized that I do indeed favor my right eye more. “Thoth, is my left eye lazy all the time?” I asked as we biked to the park. “It is, but it’s unique.” he said. I only notice it in pictures. I’ve never liked it, but Jim said some really great artists have lazy eye. I need to embrace it. It’s what’s unique about us that makes us special! The moment we arrived in the park, a woman and her friend came over to talk to me. She said she just got a new bike and was inspired by how I painted mine and wants to do the same with hers. I love inspiring people! Two people came by wanting to see us perform as we set up. I love when that happens. We have such support here!

I was very inspired today. I find that when I’m inspired, I try lots of new things and make a big mess. Then as the music develops, I settle down. I love playing our new pieces. It makes our older pieces better! I think I was inspired by Freddy Mercury today. He was so outrageous and flamboyant, but people adored him. The more outrageous we are, the more people enjoy what we do I think. Thoth has always been outrageous throughout his musical career. I used to be scared of looking strange or people being confused by what we’re doing. Now that we have a story, I can contort my face in agony or do something unusual with my voice and it’s all for the story. It gives me permission to fully express the emotions of the story. Thoth has always been like that. He’s completely committed to his characters. I felt so magical today. I’m creating my own way of living. I’m doing exactly what I want to do with my life. I’m happy and creative and free. It’s immensely thrilling to work on this opera. I can’t wait for it all to gel and come together. Oh and someone also said they loved my hair. 🙂 Our friends Helen and her husband Mark, plus her parents surprised us near of our set. We we playing one of the scenes from “Esh and Ee-ay,’ then we played “Tango” and “Scottish Song.” I was completely on fire. It was amazing. What a wonderful day. 

Mitch stopped by when we finished to say hello. I had put on my galaxy sweater, so I was all galaxy-ee looking. Mitch love that kinda stuff, so he loved it. Mitch is such a great friend!

In the late evening, Alex, a costume designer making some alterations for me, asked me to come. I went next door and we talked about what she’s working on. Todd was there, too and we started talking. They asked me about my relationship with Thoth. When we got married. I told them our story and how we met. Todd was curious if we’ve ever had relationship problems or broken up. We had a few problems starting out, but that was primarily because our lives were incredibly unstable and stressful in the first year or so. What has always kept us together is our music. We are actually quite unusual for a couple. We have rarely left each other’s sight in 6 years! It was an interesting conversation. No one has ever asked about our relationship like that before.