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It was a Great Weekend!

Sunday March 22nd 2015

I took this picture with the GoPro.

I wore all white today. Someone mailed me a pretty lace thingy and I had never worn it before today. I’m a pretty pale person.

As we were biking to the park, the phone rang in my violin case. I pulled over and looked. It was Forrest. I called him back. He asked if we had already left and he wanted to pick us up. Isn’t that sweet? The cooler temperature made the bike ride easy. Thoth was taking it easy. Of course our spot in the park was chilly. I’m glad I wore layers!

Forrest arrived just as we were about to play. I was happy we started on time. It was another wonderful prayformance. I had a lot of fun. The opera is starting to get under my skin. All the endings feel much better. I’m starting to see how much people are enjoying the new music. I’m not spinning as often nor am I mirroring Thoth’s movements. It’s taken me forever to stop doing that! I don’t have to copy Thoth. It helps that we’re telling a clear story. I’m doing things with my body and voice to express the story. Mel and Carissa came in the middle of our set. They had beach chairs and sat down right in the front near Forrest and Tasha. I’m so amazed people come to see us in the park so much. It’s not like we force them to. They want to. People like what we do!!!!! Thoth is really funny during the “Transformation” scene. While he plays, he’s learning how to walk. He moves his legs all around and it makes me smile. I wish we had the camera so we could film it. Today near the end when we were playing our older pieces, Thoth did something that made me laugh so hard I could barely play! He’s so stupid and silly. He’s like a kid. It inspires me to be stupid, too. When we finished, we said goodbye to our friends and biked home. We stopped in the grocery store and I went shopping for dinner.

At home, we checked to see how the GoPro’s pictures looked. They’re ok. The lens is very big so I don’t have to hold it far away from myself. I don’t like the lack of a screen to see what I’m doing. I have to wait until I see them on my computer. We’d have to buy a screen. It seems we have to buy a bunch of extra things for it to work the way we want it to. It needs a skeleton case, an external microphone and a screen for me to be fully happy with it. It is light and easy to use, but I can’t see myself. That’s what it comes down to for me. Our old camera is awkward and we have to do a bunch of stuff before we can film, but I can see myself and it takes perfectly good film and video. I think I’m going to send it back and look for one that will suit our needs better, or just keep out old one if it’s fixable. I’m not willing to pay so much money for a camera┬áI’m not %100 thrilled with. I wish I hadn’t dropped our old one.

Thoth made us a delicious orange salmon pasta for dinner. He hasn’t made me a nice home cooked meal in a while.

I’m fucking in love with my hair color by the way. I thought I had completely distorted it last week trying to get the neon colors out. Now It’s a multitude of light pastel colors. I look like a freakin’ unicorn from outer space.