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2nd Performance of Esh and Ee-ay in Martha’s Vineyard!!

Sunday September 7th 2015

Sarah Kernochan came over at noon to give us notes. All were to help make the story more clear. Who knows if I would be able to remember and incorporate them! It’s fantastic to have someone who knows our music well enough and can tell us if something doesn’t make sense theatrically. We’ve never had that kind of person who could help us like that before! She had found some maple leaves on her walk and put them on her nose while she was talking. It was so funny, and she was being really serious. I had to immediately start doing my makeup when she left. I felt much more relaxed and ready today. I did a totally different look from last night. God this is so much fun!

Right before we left for the show, I checked my email. Wendy had sent something out to everyone saying “As you surely know, the response and buzz has been very very very good and if I do say so myself WELL DESERVED.” Now that made me feel fantastic! James and Sarah came to pick us up.

IMG_20150906_174901912We got ourselves ready and I got some pictures…

The great James Lapine and wonderful Sarah Kernochan. IMG_20150906_174934342 Here’s Thoth on the stage laughing at something James said. IMG_20150906_175028221Aren’t they cute? (James doesn’t like that word.)
IMG_20150906_175058152 unnamed-1unnamed-2My sister called while we were rehearsing and I put the phone to James’ ear. “Who is this?” she said. “A good friend of your sister’s.” he said. “Guess who that was?” I said taking the phone back. “I don’t know.” she said. “It was James Lapine.” I said. “Oh my god. Can I talk to him again?” she asked. I put the phone back to his ear. “Thank you. I’m happy to make people laugh.” he responded to whatever sis said.

James was cracking us up while we were rehearsing. Whenever we’re around him, he’s always making us laugh. That’s how he is. He’s very, very funny. It helps relax everyone. He’s the most laid back director I’ve ever worked with. No ego, no agenda, he’s just happy to help out in the creative process. No wonder he’s won so many Tony Awards. 🙂
IMG_20150906_180713041Uh oh, he’s coming for me… 🙂IMG_20150906_180717915That’s Wendy in the background and the Narrator to the right of James.
IMG_20150906_182458069 I was happy James would be staying for the show tonight. He has been such a tremendous, unexpected help to us. “Thank you so much James.” I said hugging him before going backstage. “No, thank you.” he said.

Thoth backstage before the show. IMG_20150906_184439790 The audience wasn’t as big as last night, but they were much more comfortable with us. I made more (unnoticeable) mistakes tonight because I was trying to incorporate Sarah’s notes. Thoth sweat his ass off (as usual.) He’s such a force to be reckoned with on stage. I think I added a lot of new shades to my character tonight. Being on stage with my husband makes me feel protected, while allowing me to fully be myself. I have expanded my violin abilities in a huge way this year. People see us as musical and creative equals. 11265308_10153570440609544_3290635441654181470_oWe are extremely expressive in general, but on stage even more so. This opera has forced me to do things on stage I’ve never done before.
10255522_10153570441719544_258578899548043165_oWe got another standing ovation and we stomped our bells while people clapped. That was fun. We played “Gypsy Dance” as an encore. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown as a musician through this work.

More people came to the reception tonight and we sold a lot more CDs. That made me so happy. IMG_20150906_210225877 The three conductors who were invited came to the reception. Ben, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, came straight up to me and told me his impression. He was so enthusiastic! That’s him on the left. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “I’ve never heard a voice like yours before.”  Wow!IMG_20150906_210312055 All three of them loved the show. Meeting them was a highlight of the night for me!IMG_20150906_210317154#1James and Sarah came to the reception, but they had to rush to another event afterwards. I was able to thank James again. He held me by the hands and said, “You were amazing.” I blew him a kiss and he blew me one back.


Kate Taylor came. She was at the house party the other night and was so excited to see the show. Of course she loved it.

IMG_20150906_210703612 I love her style!IMG_20150906_210722496#1 People were bombarding us for CDs and showering us with compliments. That’s such a great thing about doing shows here. We get such great feedback! IMG_20150906_210903818 Puppies!IMG_20150906_210906822A lady is writing a review for Wendy. IMG_20150906_211254530She loved how I pulled the audience in with my little expressions towards them. She adored my expressions.  I wish I could remember what everyone said! I want to hold them in my mind forever! To have such incredible people loving us truly validated my feelings for what were doing. We are amazing, people do love us and good things will happen for us.

Wendy and Caroline took us to dinner afterwards. Wendy gave us fantastic feedback (I wish I recorded it) and read us some of the famous people’s reactions to the show (all positive.) Tony Shalhoub and Carrie Fisher both loved it last night, and Bob Brustein came tonight and was besotted. Lots of incredible people come to shows in MV. What an incredibly successful weekend!!!

PS. The show was filmed, so we’ll have to cut it all together and it will eventually be available for viewing!

The Debut of our Opera, “Esh and Ee-ay”!

Saturday September 6th 2015

I actually wasn’t as nervous this morning as I woke up. Thoth lay in bed with me and we talked about the opera. “I want to do a bit of ‘Anya’ to open.” he said. “I think it’s better if the narrator starts. You need to allow the work to change and grow. We can’t sing ‘Anya’ before every show.” I said. Thoth playfully growled. It’s the sound he makes when he’s not fully in agreement with me.

I had to start getting ready at 1:15pm to give myself 3 hours to do makeup and hair. James Lapine and Sarah Kernochan were going to pick us up at 4:15 and get all the props. I started getting nervous. Doing a makeup look that satisfies me creatively when I’m nervous is difficult. I’m very aware how big the show is going to be and a lot of important people are going to see me. It’s an interesting experience.

I finally got myself together and had a half hour before pickup time. 
IMG_20150905_160609202 IMG_20150905_160620127 IMG_20150905_160625969 Thoth’s headdress is a sight to behold. IMG_20150905_160538913 IMG_20150905_160532811 IMG_20150905_160550862I didn’t get a shot of him in his coat. I’ll do that before tomorrow night’s show.

I saw James walk around the back. Both he and Sarah loved how I looked. “What about me?” Thoth said playfully. “You look amazing, too!” James said. We got everything in the car and Sarah ran over to get Thoth’s coat from the seamster who removed the sleeves. James was so sweet. “You’re going to be amazing.” he said. He’s totally in our corner. While we drove to Union Chapel, he asked about where I went to school. I told him about dropping out of University of Kentucky, moving to New York when I was 20 and going to Circle in the Square Theatre School (where he did Putnam County Spelling Bee.) Eventually we got around to him asking what Thoth and I call each other. “I call him Bunny Face.” I said and he started calling him that. “What does he call you?” James asked. “Girl. Young lady.” I said. “Oh yes, he calls her Young Lady a lot.” Sarah said. Such an interesting conversation to have with him! So human, so normal, so sweet and so charming!

Wendy, Caroline and Steven the filmographer were there setting up. We put on our bells and Suzzanne (the narrator) arrived. James helped us through the cues, just so we knew what props we needed for each scene. It was very helpful. People were standing outside waiting to get in. “Now just have fun and breathe.” he said. He couldn’t stay for tonight’s show because he had a previously planned dinner party to attend. He’ll see it tomorrow. We went back stage to get ready. I dropped two of my jewels on the stage so Suzzanne went out and found them for me. I actually wasn’t nervous because I felt so prepared! Having James directing us was such a pleasant surprise. He’s so fantastic at what he does, and he’s so casual, gentle and sweet. We’re so blessed to have him lending his talents to our cause.

At 7:07pm, Wendy called places and went out to introduce us. Suzzanne hit her cane on the ground and announced, “The story of Esh and Ee-ay” and we came out to our spots. It was so helpful for us to have someone speaking in between scenes. It meant we didn’t have to rush into changing and drinking water and catching our breath. We had decided for Thoth to do our opening number “Esh” center stage and me to stand back accompanying him. Despite that we had a lot of cues and props to remember, everything went very smoothly. There were many comedic moments. I tend to ham it up on stage when the moment is right. I don’t have an opportunity to do that in public. People laughed unexpectedly a few times and we got a big applause after “Transformation and Meeting” and after “Falling in Love.” It was interesting to have different variations of applause. Every piece didn’t end with us speeding up and flinging our hands in the air, which Sarah didn’t want. Two little girls who had been dancing and talking for half the show were taken out during, “Esh Revealed” and one of them loudly shouted, “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” as we were in stillness. It was very distracting. I love having kids at our shows, but they need to be quiet! We ended “Birth” sitting on the floor holding each other and the lights when down. People instantly stood to their feet and cheered. We were even able to do “Pentagram” as an encore, which was fun.

We ran backstage to grab our things and get to the A Gallery for the reception. “You blew the roof off again!” Sarah said when she came backstage. People applauded when we arrived in the reception gallery. We sold lots of CDs and got great feedback. People were mesmerized. Sarah was so proud of us. “People are talking about you like you’re the real deal.” she said. “The comedy was wonderful. Thoth is more kabuki and you’re more Pierette. Also, people loved the story. They LOVED it.” she said.  I was so happy. I told her I was very calm and confident. “It showed.” she said. We have a show now!

Here’s Thoth signing CDs.
IMG_20150905_211545898Sarah with Thoth.
IMG_20150905_211655352Happy, tired me. IMG_20150905_211713640 We got a picture with everyone. From left to right is Sarah, me, Thoth, Wendy and Caroline. IMG_20150905_211758978

It’s a Miracle! We Made it to Martha’s Vineyard!

Tuesday September 1st 2015

Thoth got me up at 10am. We got everything ready, said goodbye to Wim and Marja and walked our heavy bags to the train station. We made the train to the airport and checked in. I could have put all my heavy things in my suitcase (I was under the weight limit by 20 kg.) but the lady at the counter wasn’t friendly so I felt rushed. I ended up having to carry a big spindle of CDs in my backpack and they weren’t secure so they went all over the place in my bag. We waited in a very long line to go through security. We had brought food for the trip, since airlines don’t feed you anymore, but a woman took my creme cheese. She said nothing spreadable over 1 liter is allowed. I gritted my teeth and told her how upset I was. She callously suggested I go back out again and eat it. I was very angry.

We had to quickly change over our money and get on the plane. Both of us were sweating and stressed out, but the first flight was fine. We landed in Iceland and went through border control. No problems there. 2 hours later, we got on our 5 hour flight to Boston. I dealt with it fine, but Thoth felt sick. He didn’t tell me until we got off the plane. IMG_20150901_230946012

We had to wait in a long line at border control, then get our bags. I sliced my cuticle open trying to get my bag, but a gentleman helped me. We had to wait in another line to leave the airport, but by some miracle we made the bus to Woods Hole and then made the Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard! 

Caroline picked us up. We were both incredibly tired. Wendy was waiting for us at the Vineyard Arts Project. She even cooked salmon for us. It feels so good to be back!IMG_20150901_225703303

I love our room. IMG_20150901_225928539

It was probably one of the hardest trips we’ve ever taken, but we made it and I’m so pleased!

Our Show at Martha’s Vineyard!!

Saturday August 30th 2014

I got up at 10. Thoth had gone to the store and gotten smoothie stuff for us. I published my blog and prepared the smoothie. The blender didn’t work so we called Sarah. “I’ll bring one over.” she said. I started doing my makeup in the bathroom and Thoth took a shower. “Hello?” Sarah called from the door. “We’re in here!” I called. I came out and hugged her. She had brought a blender and started making our smoothies. “Thank you!” I said. “I know how important smoothies are to you.” she said. I went back to do my makeup. When they were finished, she went back home. “I’ll pick you up at quarter to 4.” she said. I heard voices again. “Hello?” I called. Two young men were standing at the door. “What is this place? Do you live here?” they asked. “No, we’re staying here. We’re doing a show.” I said. They wanted to know how to get an “in” to the space. I didn’t know how to help them, but I gave them the managers number and they left. Weird! I really went nuts with my makeup and hair, really had fun with it. “I haven’t gotten this dressed up since our wedding.” I said. Thoth got really dressed up too. When Sarah came back, she was dressed in a pink top and a cute little pink and blue necklace with shells and beads. “I dressed up in honor of you both,” she said. “The top for you, the skirt for Thoth and the necklace for both of you.” She drove us to Union Chapel and paid us back for our taxi to and from NYC. We got our stuff out of the back and went into the Chapel.

Photo by Caroline Curry

The space was already set up in the round and Wendy and Caroline and everyone we setting up. Photo by Caroline CurryWe set up our little alter in the middle and Thoth set up the camera upstairs. I came up with a new ostenato while we waited backstage. I could hear everyone coming in. I actually started getting nervous! I never get nervous! Sarah came backstage and I asked her if someone would let us know when to go on. We had decided with Wendy and Sarah to have no introduction and just walk onstage. Thoth and I stretched and meditated and took deep breaths. Steve came back. “7 minutes.” he said. We held hands and kissed and walked out. People cheered and clapped for us.

I was trembling when we started “Anya.” I could tell from the moment we started if was going to be an amazing prayformance. Every energetic song was met with energetic applause, every quiet sweet song was met with gasps, sighs and awwws. The audience cheered after every song. It was amazing. Thoth was so out of breath after ever song, I thought he’d have a heart attack! It was really incredible. Our energy was at %150 the entire time. We were sweating buckets. We sang for an hour straight, no talking. That was Sarah’s idea. It helped us be able to play 10 songs. We gulped water as people clapped the limit the amount of silence. Thoth made people laugh several times. He was especially funny during one moment “Plucking Song.” Photo by Hans P. Kraus JrWhen we got to the “Tango,” I thanked Martha’s Vineyard for having us here. The audience cheered. We got a standing ovation when we finished. We ran out again and played “Scottish Song” for an encore. That was the most incredible audience we’ve ever had. When we finished our encore, we ran backstage to get to the after party. Sarah ran backstage to congratulate us. “I’m so proud of you. You really took total advantage of it.” she said. We ran to Caroline’s car to get to the party, but Sarah grabbed me. “Rose Styron wants to meet you.” she said. She took me back into the Chapel to meet her. “I had no idea you were doing something like this.” she loved it and she even remember me from when I was little. Last time I met her and Styron I was probably 5 or 6! “Look me up in the phone book and come and visit sometime.” she said. “We will next time.” I said. Sarah brought me back to the car and off we went.

Photo by James LapinePhoto by James LapinePeople were already at A Gallery waiting for us. They clapped when we came in. I felt like a celebrity! We set up a CD sign and sat down to receive guests and sell CDs. Everyone was gushing about the show. They loved my expressions, my voice, my makeup, my hair. Everyone took pictures. People said I was so genuine and my voice sounds like a bird. Photo by Caroline CurryPhoto by Caroline Curry“You are a magical bird from the forrest living in the trees and and he lives on the ground looking for you.” one woman whispered in my ear. “You’re a species of bird no one has heard of yet.” another woman said. “I love when you sing to him. I wanted to figure out what you were talking about.” a friend said. “Don’t ever stop doing this.” a woman said. We sold out of all the CDs we’d brought with us. James said he loved the show and he and Sarah hugged us and said good bye. “I’ll come over tomorrow.” Sarah said. Tanya, the gallery owner, said she loved our show. “I’ll come to dinner.” she said. When all the guests had left, Wendy said we’re going to dinner with her Caroline, Brandon, Dror, Tanya and Bob. We hopped in the car with Caroline and went to a seafood place. I got my tulle skirt out so I could take off my hoop skirt in the restaurant. A group of people who’d come to the show came by in the car blaring our music and cheered for us. We went up to the restaurant and I changed into my skirt.

Dinner was so good. I was starving. I shared a caesar salad with Thoth and a lobster roll and french fries for an entree. OMG YUM! We had lovely conversations with our friends at the table. “You really shook things up. People usually play it safe here. Hopefully you’ll come back next year and shake it up some more.” Tanya, the A Gallery owner said. She didn’t believe Thoth is 60. Wendy wants us to come back next year, she even mentioned making a film of us within the next year or so. I had a great conversation with Brandon and Dror about theatre school. Bob and Tanya arrived late. After dinner, we hugged everyone and thanked them. Caroline drove us home. She and Wendy would pick us up tomorrow at 3pm to get us to the ferry back to NYC. At home, Thoth and I took a bath together and collapsed in bed. I was too tired to write my blog!

Pictures courtesy of Caroline Curry, Hans P. Kraus Jr. and James Lapine.

Trip to Martha’s Vineyard!

Friday August 29th 2014

I woke up at 6:30. Thoth wasn’t in the room. I went back to sleep and woke up again at 9:30. Thoth came in and hugged me. “I’m gonna go buy new shoes at 42nd street. I can’t dance in these. I’ll trip.” Thoth said. While he was out, I acted. It was so pleasant. The bed is so comfortable! Thoth came back and I got up and dyed my hair baby pink. Thoth came back and went out to get me a bagel while my hair was processing. It took him much longer then he expected to get me food. I took things out of my suitcase that we wouldn’t bring to Martha’s Vineyard and repacked. I ate my bagel and Thoth unpacked his suitcase and repacked it. I called sis to say goodbye and we went downstairs. A worker on the elevator said he saw us performing in Central Park last summer. “Beautiful.” he said. The doormen took our bags to the curb and put them in a cab. It’s so nice to be treated so well!

We went to 34th street to catch the ferry. There were a bunch of ravers with flower headbands and tutu skirts going on another ferry. We picked up our tickets, which were under Sarah’s name. We were getting excited! We hadn’t been on a boat in many years. The ferry pulled out and we watched the city go by. It was so beautiful! Soon, we were past Manhattan and heading towards Martha’s Vineyard. Onto a new adventure! We walked around. Eventually we were so cold, we went out back and found somewhere to get warmer. I listened to my iPod the whole way. There was a puppy under the seat in front of me. I took some pictures to send to my sister. P08-29-14_19.19The sunset was gorgeous. We arrived at the Vineyard after dark. I could already tell it is so quaint and beautiful. It reminded me of Hilton Head Island, where we used to visit my grandparents when we were little.

Caroline, Wendy Taucher’s assistant, picked us up and drove us to the Vineyard Arts Project, a huge house for visiting artists. Wendy called just as we arrived. “Welcome, welcome, welcome!” she said over the phone. “You have the place to yourselves.” Caroline said. My mouth dropped to the floor. I had no idea it would be so huge! We explored the place. It went on forever. Four floors, 15 bedrooms and 2 dance rehearsal studios! Caroline left us a bag full of food Wendy had bought for us. Salmon and pasta salad and edamame salad. It was delicious. I cried with happiness. “We’re being taken care of,” I said. “We deserve this.” “It’s not much to ask for.” Thoth said. I played piano in the dance studio and took a shower. Thoth set up his computer in the living room and I joined him. I talked to my sister on Skype and showed her around, then wrote my blog. Thoth was so tired he got in bed at 11. I joined him soon after. We were exhausted! What a day!