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Wedding, Break Dancers and a Party !

Sunday September 4th 2016

Woke up in the night. Spilled water on my computer. Was too tired. Got up around 9am, computer wouldn’t turn on. S*it!

Got dressed up more than I have since we got to NYC. Sunday’s our best day here usually. Got to the Angel Tunnel earlier than usual. The wedding party didn’t all arrive until 3:30pm. We brought them into the center and played “Anya” with them facing each other. We had less time than we thought. They had a carriage coming at 3:50pm. Thoth and I each read the vows and ring exchanges to the couple. It was pretty special. Our first wedding. Amazing actually. First wedding in 7 years! They kissed and we continued playing.

Sean, the Chinese photographer who loved us so much on Friday, came back to see us. His friend said he wanted to invite us to dinner. I was excited. He asked when we’d be finished. “5:30.” we said. “I have a party my house.” he said in broken English. He can’t speak English. “Do you want us to come?” I asked. “Yes!” he said. I could tell he was in a hurry, though he didn’t show it. “I pick you up.” he said. We decided to finish at 5.

Just then a group of break dancers we’d never seen before set their boom box in front of the tunnel and blasted it full volume. I was in shock. Usually I don’t get angry and I act like it’s not bothering me. Today I didn’t. I went into their crowd in front of one of them and yelled at them. I chastised them for setting up on us and told them how rude and disrespectful they were being. It felt amazing. I was fearless. Sean filmed me. I was so glad someone was getting it on film. I could post it to our vlog later. Bad behavior needs to be punished. The reason they do it is because they think they can get away with it!

I was exhilarated, and Thoth was so proud of me. “Don’t get mad.” Sean said patting me on the back. “Are you happy?” he said. “Let’s go drink!” Vlad was suddenly there. He was very sad and need to talk. I listened as best I could, though I was distracted by what I’d just done. We walked with Sean to his fancy apartment on 6th avenue. My mouth dropped. It was so beautiful, and what an amazing view! “This is your home.” he said. All these rich, famous Chinese artists arrived for the party. We played “Scottish Song” for them and they loved it. They wanted us to sing another, so we played “Pentagram.” Sean sang exuberantly with us. I was exhausted after that and ate dinner, sitting with our new friends. We laughed and talked with everyone. Sean sat with us. “My sister.” he said hugging me. He’s so affectionate. It was a lovely, intimate night. We exchanged cards with a few people and I lay down to rest. Sean covered me with a blanket. We got a ride home from Bing and her husband. What a day! Amazing day!

We Met 6 Years Ago Today

Saturday October 11th 2014

Today's Look.

Today’s Look.

On this day, 6 years ago, I first saw Thoth prayforming at the Angel Tunnel. We’ve known each other for 6 years! “Happy anniversary.” Thoth said when I woke up. This is one of our many anniversaries. Our big one is November 17th, the day we went off to Europe together and became Tribal Baroque. That will be 5 years. Amazing. I listened to my mom’s album Celtic Christmas Spirit while doing my makeup this morning. Her music makes me cry. It made me feel such love and gratitude towards her. Thank you Mom for giving me my voice and my talent. (Thank you Daddy, too!)

When the subway doors opened at the station in Brooklyn, we saw two of the Boyd children, Abraham and Victory, singing and playing guitar on the platform. We waved and they waved back. How funny! When we got to the tunnel, Paul and Steven were sitting in the corner talking. Thoth asked Paul to read his poem he’d given Thoth for his birthday. I saw Jess and went to hug her. She would sing for an hour while we set up. John Vincent came through the tunnel and said hi. I went back to the corner where Thoth was knelt in front of Paul reading his poem. “You read your poetry so beautifully.” I said when he finished. “Thank you.” Paul is a very humble man.

Thoth spinning.

Thoth spinning.

We set up in the front. My sister called and left a message I could barely hear. John Vincent had warned us a wedding would be starting right in the middle of our usual time slot, so we decided to start an hour early so we’d miss them. It was a lovely day. Chaotic, but lovely. We did well with the wedding. They arrived 40 minutes ahead of time and set up their keyboard to the side. A woman in pink was watching us. Thoth went over and said we knew they’d be arriving and we’d do one more piece. “We’ll be watching and enjoying ourselves.” she said. “We have a permit.” a man in the group said rudely. We played “Tango” and moved our stuff over to the wings. Thoth was annoyed, but when he noticed the rude man was the groom, he forgave him. “He was stressed out of his head.” It’s funny I know what it feels like to get married. It really is stressful.

I love this silly little man.

I love this silly little man!

We said goodbye to Paul and walked to 59th Street and went to Risotteria on 4th Street for our celebratory dinner. I listened to sissy’s message. I was a bit too stressed out from her message to enjoy dinner. We left the restaurant and I called some people. Thoth got some ground coffee and an ice cream pop while I was on the phone. “I’m celebrating our anniversary.” he said. “I got worried about sis.” I said. “I know.” he said. We went home. I showered and wrote my blog while Thoth napped. I was still worried about sissy. I hope she’s ok. She called me an hour later. I was so relieved I started crying.

Final Wedding Preperations and Rehearsal Dinner

Friday May 16th 2014

Counterclockwise from the upper lefthand corner: Daddy, Thoth, me, Michael and Nana.

We got a table outside on the patio. While we waited for Thoth, Nana and Dad, we joked and were silly with each other. “You two give me permission to be silly.” Michael said. “When daddy gets here, it will get all serious.” sis said. “We’ll see about that.” Michael said. When they arrived, we ordered drinks and had a delicious dinner. À Côté is a tapas place so everyone ate off everyone else’s plate. I had fun feeding Michael. He’s always making faces and doing accents with us. It’s fun. He’s a very theatrical person, but shy too. The food was so good! Dad tooted our horns during dinner. He bragged about how we can “pin drop” on any opera and tell you what’s going on and sing it word for word, among other things. It was kind of embarrassing. He told Nana about all his escapades with his old band and playing in Broadway pits and his recording business. Dad took Thoth, Michael, me and Nana home and sis went to pick up Will. We said goodbye to Dad. He’s going to pick up balloons for us tomorrow morning. “What is my call time tomorrow?” Michael asked. “4. If you can be there earlier, that’d be great, but the latest is 4.” we said. Michael kissed us and went home. I took a shower and listened to music. Thoth watched tennis and read in bed. I got a message from our friend Helen. “I excited about tomorrow!” she said. I was shocked because I forgot to put her and her dad on the guest list. I have to call my caterers tomorrow and add two more people. I hope no more surprises pop up like that! It turned out they can’t stay for dinner, so everything works out!