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Special Prayformances in the Darkness

Sunday November 13th 2016

Today I did dark makeup. Sis came with us to the park and stayed all day. I was glad. It’s nice to have her with us. Dan Rubin came to see us. Cover Story got to meet my sister. We start a half hour later on Sundays, which is great now because we get more darkness time. Less than halfway through our set it was already dark. A few people today said it was the most beautiful thing they’d ever seen. One person at the end wondered aloud why our skills and talents haven’t been acknowledged yet. They have, but not it the way she’s thinking. It will happen someday. I believe it. Sis sat nearby and watched the first half, then left for a bit and came back at the end. We had our light on and a big crowd gathered around us. Everyone was seated in front of the case. It was like having a campfire. I knew everyone that was watching knew they were experiencing something very special. We were these two mysterious, ghost-like creatures singing in this beautiful tunnel in the middle of Central Park. Everyone who went away from tonight had some kind of profound experience. They didn’t even know what hit them.

Saturday November 12th 2016

I did pink eye shadow and lips today. No need to be complicated if I don’t want to. Sis went with us to the park, but she didn’t stay all day. I had hoped she would and I missed her. A woman said our music was “the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.” Amazing. When people say that I know we are bound to be famous the world over. The highlight of the day was seeing my old college friend Reggie. He won the Met National Council Auditions last years I think. He’s one of the best singers I know personally. It was amazing to see him in person after EIGHT YEARS! He took care of me that year I was in school studying voice. He won the competition I was in before I went to school at University of Kentucky. He got me through some tough times and was my best friend. He said he heard my voice from above the tunnel and he knew it was me. “I heard the high notes.” he said. When it was 2 minutes to 5pm, Marcia started up her boom box without asking if we were finished. It annoyed both of us. We saw our friend David on the walk to the subway. He walked with us and we talked. “Pray for your enemies.” he said. Sis was at home. We got dinner and rested in our room.

Feeling So Successful!

Saturday May 28th 2016

I wore no makeup tonight. I was still blowing my nose too much. It rained like mad while we played, but a crowd still gathered. I was stunned. That’s what happens here in Lisboa for us, thankfully. I was feeling so happy and successful. Even though it rained, we had a wonderful night. It’s amazing we can live like this. I don’t understand how it is I fell into Thoth’s life at the time I did and in almost 8 years we have done so many amazing things together, just through making music together. Who knows what lays in store for us. I thank god for my voice. I love singing. I love the feeling of singing. I love the sound of my voice with Thoth, my little Bunny. Isn’t it funny I call him Bunny? No one’s ever asked me why. I hardly ever call him Thoth anymore. Only if I need help with something. He is my husband, and my beautiful singing partner He and the prayformance is the center of my life. I am completely committed myself to this work. I can’t imagine what will happen when I’m 40… 50, 60!! I wouldn’t believe you if you told me I’d be where I am now 10’s year ago. I have so many dreams, and we are completely capable of making all our dreams come true. We are so successful, no matter what anyone says or thinks.

Sunday May 29th 2016

I was all better tonight. My voice was clear and strong! We played to a crowd spilled out across the road trying to catch a glimpse of us tonight. There must have been almost 100 people all in front of us at one point. It was so cool! I keep saying this over and over, but over and over we have this experience, but it’s amazing and we’re so blessed to be able to do it. It’s worth all the worry and fear we have about the future to experience that. I can’t really explain clearly because you’re not me and you could never truly understand. I don’t know why I bother trying to explain it. I can only convey so much through my vlogs and blog. You have to be here and see it live to really understand. I like when people talk to us, when people stay for a long time and say touching things. I’m so glad I can share as much as I can with those who are interested. I just have to keep plugging away. A new friend took us to dinner. He’d met Thoth back in 1999! He didn’t know anything about me.

A Phantom’s Monologue

Saturday December 19th 2015

Hey guys… Soo…. For some reason I got inspired to make this quick video about something very personal to me…

My “Erik” voice. I’m nervous as I listen to it. It’s very intimate. I’ve never shared it with anyone before, now I’m sharing it with the whole world.

You could say I’m inspired by the other Erik monologues I’ve listened to on Youtube, namely a friend of mine’s and by Benedict Cumberbatch live action vocal performance of Smaug on Youtube. Look it up if you haven’t seen it already. He really goes for it. It inspired me to go for it with this voice. I hope you enjoy.

A Day That Starts Out Disappointingly, Ends Well!

Friday August 28th 2015IMG_20150828_170944899IMG_20150828_171130684

We went to Vondelpark to play. I did my best, but it wasn’t a successful play. Busking can be a pretty thankless profession. My mood is better than it was a few days ago, but after playing I was in a bad mood again.

We biked to Rijksmuseum and a cellist we knew was playing. IMG_20150828_181116098I wasn’t necessarily interested in playing anymore, but the cellist stopped after a while and let us have a go. I let Thoth play a solo to see if anyone would stop to watch. IMG_20150828_182144165They did, so I joined him. Our violinist friend showed up and watch us play. We were scheduled to meet him for dinner at 6:30, but he wanted us to play more. He’s a supportive fan. People continued to stop and watch and didn’t leave when we finished, so we continued to play. That made me feel better. It felt good to hear our voices.

We packed up and went with our friend to dinner. It was nice. I hadn’t eaten all day.

We had to get home by 9. We had an interview with Gwyn for a of newspaper running a story about our show in Martha’s Vineyard. That’s coming up in just a few weeks. She wrote the best article I’ve ever read about us last year. This one will be different. Hopefully it will inspire more people to come.

We have a very busy few weeks ahead. Prayformance in Vondelpark tomorrow, then performance at Wim and Marja’s art studio that same night. Prayformance in Vondelpark and Rijksmuseum Sunday. Pack Monday, fly to Martha’s Vineyard on Tuesday. We have another newspaper interview scheduled on Wednesday September 2nd, then we play the opera for Sarah and James on Thursday the 3rd, then we perform the opera Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th. Then we fly to New York on Tuesday September 8th and our first prayformance at the Angel Tunnel is on Wednesday September 9th. Whew!

Tribal Baroque Movie Trailer and Esh and Ee-ay in the Park!

Saturday February 14th 2015

Despite not sleeping well again, I got up before 10 o’clock. Dad sent a copy of the master of “Esh and ee-ay,” so I listened to it to check on spacing, etc. One of the pieces makes me cry. I was blubbering like a baby. Our music is emotional on it’s own, but with a story it packs an even bigger punch. There’s this one harmony we sing in the meeting scene that always makes me cry. It really expresses the pathos of what is happening in the story. You’ll get it when you hear it. I love our music.

The teaser for the film featuring our music by Sal Basilone was released. I’m SO excited about this!! Click to watch! 

I did a confetti-like make up look and made a tulle skirt. It made me feel like a fairy! I’m trying to feel out Ee-ay. I have to play her in the opera. How would she dress? How would she act? She is definitely a reflection of myself. I consider myself a fairy-like creature, as she is. How fun to as last have my own fantasy world with my own fantasy story and characters! And this is just the beginning! Sarah K. was going to call after prayformance to talk about us wanting to do “Esh and Ee-ay” in Martha’s Vineyard instead of a story based on Paraviti and Shiva as we had planned. I was anxious about it because I’m very attached to this story now and don’t want to change focus.

It was another hot ride on our bikes. The park was swamped with people celebrating Valentine’s Day. Lots of people were lounging on the grass. There was one couple sitting very near us with a boxer. He looked towards us curiously as we sat down to set up. It was an interesting prayformance. Lets just say it got better as we kept playing. We played 3 of our pieces from the opera as well as our old pieces. It was 5 before we knew it. I find that when I completely commit myself to the story I’m telling, more things come out of me. I felt more like EE-ay today. The tulle skirt helped. Having a clear story helps me make decisions with movement and voice more easily. We’ve always needed a story!! The wife of the couple who was sitting near us with their Boxer  came over and talked to us. “We’ve come here 6 times now and you’re always here.” They love us and our music and asked if we’ve ever thought of making it bigger (as in playing in venues.) I told her about our opera commission and show coming up in Martha’s Vineyard. “You are so inspiring. Keep doing what you’re doing.” she said. “Why aren’t you playing up front?” another person asked. “There are more people up there who could see you.” she said. “We have more space back here. Up there we have to stand with our backs to the wall. We also like the hiddenness of this space and the acoustics.” I said. “You should audition for Cirque Du Soleil” another man said. “We both have at different times. They would have loved us when they were just starting out. Now they’re a corporation.” we said.

When we finished, we packed up and Sarah called. She was confused about a few things with the opera, which we cleared up for her. She said the story is charming and is all for us doing it. What a relief!! We talked a bit about staging and costumes. She wants to see how it’s developing, either by us coming to New York or Martha’s Vineyard in May. I don’t know how that’s going to work, but it’s important for her to see the work and get some feedback.

We were both relieved and tired, so we biked towards home. We stopped at Plumeria and they had a table outside available for us. I called dad and we talked about the album. I listened to my iPod on the ride home. It was so much fun. I’m so happy! Sis called and is blown away by the movie trailer. “You’re so pretty!” she said over and over. She’s never seen me on film before. “Will you still love me when you’re famous?” she said. “Don’t even say that. Of course I will.” I said.