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Last Day in Amsterdam, Flight to London and First Day in Sutton!

Tuesday August 16th and Monday August 15th 2016

Our last day in Amsterdam. I was sad! I thought we had one extra day! I thought we were leaving on Wednesday. We went to do our laundry and had pankoken with bacon for breakfast. Yum! We went home and relaxed in our room. Wim and Marja were away at the studio. We missed them. They wouldn’t be back until dinnertime. We chose to go have Indian food for dinner. It was right around the corner from home and it was yummy. 30 euros for way too much food! So that was that. I decided to stay up all night, since we had to be at the train station at 4am to catch our flight at 7am. I was pretty chipper. Grooved to music and wrote to sis on Skype. I was in a better mood than I would have been if I tried to sleep. I just can’t. Literally. I tried to nap during the day, but I couldn’t even nap! No rest for the weary! Thoth slept for 2 hours and got up around 3:40am. We got out the door with all our bags by 4am and caught the train on time by 4:45am. We were both in a good mood when we arrived at the airport within 2 hours of our flight. That quickly changed when we checked in.

The woman at the counter said we couldn’t have two carry on’s (our backpacks and our violins) and had to check our violins. We told the woman they would crack if the went in the hull, but she said, “That’s our policy.” She didn’t give a s***. At first she claimed it would cost 70 euros per violin, but it went down to 45 per. In the process she made a ludicrous suggestion we check the cases and carry our violins onboard in our laps. I mean, really? The f***? That of course wouldn’t work because you’re not allowed to have anything in your lap during takeoff and landing, which she said. We had to go to the gate and ask to carry them onto the plane, as we have for 7 years of traveling. They stow easily and unobtrusively in the overhead bins. Other bags even fit easily in front of them! We were absolutely panicked that our violins would crack and we’d be screwed.

The flight ended up being delayed an hour and they let us carry them on. The flight wasn’t even full. Stupid! We were only 45 minutes in the air. I listened to music and cried listening to some emotional lyrics about not being alone. It was comforting because at that moment I was feeling very alone and without a home.

We landed and border control took an hour and a half! The border agent wanted proof we were leaving the country in two weeks, which we are, but I didn’t have anything. He let us through anyway and said “Next time bring proof.” he was a nice man, thankfully. We got our bags, changed some euros into pounds and got the bus to the train station. The train ride to Sutton took almost 2 hours. Every time I closed my eyes, I thought I would faint I was so tired. We passed London and saw some recognizable sights. I had told our friends Kaja and Emil we’d arrive at 10am, we got there almost around 1pm, but they were still there waiting for us outside the train station. Emil had on a kilt and Kaja’s hair was shaven bald. We looked cool together as a foursome. Emil handed us both bus passes and we got on the bus for the short trip to their apartment, everyone carrying a bag.

They showed us to their bedroom where we’ll be staying for 2 weeks, then sat us down to a big breakfast, which had been waiting for us since 10am. They had waited to eat with us. What amazing, gracious and helpful people they are. I sat on the couch with their son Jonathan and he showed me a book of pictures he drew. I wanted to sleep, but knew I shouldn’t. Kaja asked if I wanted to lay outside on a blanket, which we did. Nada, who was there, lay down with us and Kora, Kaja’s daughter. It was so nice.

Eventually I went inside to see if I had a message from a possible place to live in NYC. I got a message from my friend J saying he had just been in Sutton and we could meet on Thursday when he was in London again! That made me happy. I’m to speak with the NYC room prospect tomorrow at 5pm. Good. Thoth took out his violin to tune it up and play. Emil stood in the door and listened. I started playing the piano in the living room and Thoth came in and played with me. Kaja filmed it. It was beautiful. Emil played piano for us later.

We settled down in our room and I was able to edit and upload all of today’s vlog. Kaja, Emil and Rachael, their other daughter, sat with us and Emil played the guitar and uke. So so sweet. We got in bed by 11:30pm. 32 hours with no sleep. I slept like a log. What an epic day! I’m so glad to finally be here!