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An Update from Lisbon

Hi there.Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.13.02 PM

  • My hair is pink.

I like switching things up.

  • We’re having an incredible time in Lisbon.

It’s one of the few places in the world where we can live without being scared of what the day will bring us and where we can be relaxed and have fun! Prayformance is beautiful here because people come and sit down to watch us. They come again to see us. People recognize us in the streets here all the time, even when we’re out of costume. Our summer in Lisbon is one of the best we’ve had. We’re eating delicious food, playing 5 nights a week, people are coming to see us, everyone who works where we play loves us and the city loves us. That’s all we need. Love and acceptance and a place to do our prayformances. We’re not afraid if someone is going to stop us. We can just sing and we feel accepted.

Last night was particularly amazing, because this doctor named Victor came to see us for the second time. He stayed for the entire 2 hour prayformance, and came back to see us on Sunday, too. He’s coming again on Wednesday and wants to have us over for dinner and take us to the airport when we leave on August 1st. Wow. Lots of people say they want to do things for/with  us, but this man does what he says. He stands and cheers after every song. He sits down in a chair and invites others to sit and come in the space. He helps us. It’s fantastic, and we don’t ask him to. I love that. Thank you. A woman who watched us for half of the prayformance said, “You will find success, I believe it.” When we have brilliant prayformances like that, I believe it when someone says that. An Asian couple called us “great artists.” I love when people say that.

  • I’m not wearing tons of makeup.

I realize it doesn’t matter and I don’t need to put myself through so much.

  • I am focused intently on vlogging, because I want to remember our time here, and I want to share it with people who want to see it.

When I write a long blog post, like this one, as I have for over 2 years, usually I don’t get comments and I don’t know who is reading. When I vlog, I can see how many views the videos get and people comment more. That’s not the only reason I’m doing it, but it helps. I wish I was superhuman and could run two vlogs and a blog and prayform on a daily basis, but I can’t. Thoth thanked me for making the vlogs for us the other day. It is my project. It took a year to figure out what vlogs to post on which channels. Finally I’ve found a way to share our lives with people without having to write about it from my perspective only.

  • I can’t keep up the pace of running two vlogs AND blogging every day, unless I stopped sleeping.

I don’t need to run myself into the ground. I need to live my life. Thoth shares nothing online. If I didn’t vlog, no one would ever see him or hear him, unless they’re where we are, watching us play. I started vlogging in 2014 to share my life with the people who are far away from us and can’t be with us, like our friends and my family. I know they want to know how we’re doing. Who knows where it will take us, but I have a feeling it will do nothing but good. I am happy to know the vlogs can make someone smile. I know why many people don’t run blogs or vlogs, it’s f*&king hard. Another thing that vlogging is great for is it’s harder for me to complain and bitch about stuff. On here I could rant for pages and pages, and that makes me look bad. On a vlog it’s harder.

  • I am more passionate about vlogging than blogging.

I wish I was vlogging back in 2009 when I first met Thoth and we went away to Europe together. Wouldn’t that be amazing? We actually have a lot of footage from the past several years I wasn’t vlogging. We don’t have footage in Marrakesh when we were playing there and crowds of people were following us around the streets. We were both completely *$(@&! up back then, so I have to forgive myself. I was running this blog back then, but everything was lost when someone hacked our site. That’s less likely to happen on the vlogs. I back up every video. It takes too much *$(@&! time.

  • I’m not going to curse on my blog anymore (hopefully.)

Someone put a wad of money in our case in San Diego wrapped in a note saying sometime like “You don’t know if kids are reading the blog.” in regards to my cursing a lot. I still don’t care about it personally, but I do care about people who care enough to come to the park, put money in the case with a sensitive note. And they didn’t just scribble the note on a scrap of paper. They typed it out and wrapped it up. Whoever the person was made a conscious choice to tell me this, and honestly it really shook me to my core. It was the most sensitive, and generous way anyone has made a suggestion to me in my recent memory. Thank you.

  • It’s much easier to perform in public than to try to perform indoors.

We wanted to do a show in London when we’re there at the end of August, but without all the people needed to do so (producer, manager, promoter, etc.), it’s impossible without wasting a lot of money. That’s why we perform in public. We don’t need a promoter or a booking agent or anything. We just go out and play and people in the street stop and watch us. For how hard it can be, it’s much easier than sitting around waiting for someone to book us for a show. I know people who do that and they only perform a few times a year. We probably perform are more successful than most independent and unique artists because we do it the way we do it. We’ve never found success writing to venues and begging them to put us in a show or something. It’s always been that we go out and perform in the park or wherever, and people come to us. It’s already paid off a lot, but someday I believe it will pay off in a really big way.

I’m so grateful we have a way to make music for our lives and travel and be happy. I am so grateful for that. I know most artists don’t get to do that.

  • Please support us on our vlog channels.

All the vlogs are accessible by scrolling down our main page on our website and of course on our Youtube channels. Here’s the Lila’Angelique vlog channel which has videos about my experiences, struggles, dreams and all manner of things, including me singing a lot. Here is the Tribal Baroque channel, which is updated all the time with daily vlogs about our travels and prayformances. I hope you will follow the vlogs. They are so much fun to make, and I love when people enjoy them.