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Different Makeup Every Night

Saturday July 11th 2015

Thoth was very sweet to me when I woke up this morning. We cuddled in bed for an hour. He hasn’t been himself the past few days. He explained that our housing situation, with it’s plethora of irritating problems and inconsiderate roommates, is driving him crazy and he’s been taking his frustrations out on me. After the past few prayformances, he hasn’t been very complimentary of me. Instead he’s been telling me things I did wrong, like playing too much or not listening to him musically. I try to listen to his criticisms as he is right, but it does make me sad. He apologized. “I’m not going anywhere. I love my girl.” he said. What a wonderful husband I have. 🙂

I’ve noticed I don’t get many compliments on my makeup in Lisbon. Maybe people are afraid to talk to me because I look so unusual. People clearly stare and are interested. Whenever I see someone interesting looking, which is rare, I always compliment them. People love compliments. “Am I pretty?” I asked Thoth after doing my makeup. “Yes, you are.” he said. I do feel pretty.  It means a lot to me when I get compliments. I work really hard on my makeup. I spend 15 hours a week alone on it. I won’t stop, but getting compliments helps motivates me.

IMG_20150711_202736 IMG_20150711_200226918 IMG_20150711_203017356 IMG_20150711_203138834 IMG_20150711_203859906 Thoth plays along with the canned music while we get ready. It’s oh so cute. Victor, the manager came out and asked if we were ready to play. They always turn off the music for us. IMG_20150711_204106191 IMG_20150711_204814050It was another good night. People love us here. My only gripe is we’re not selling as many CDs as I would like. People rarely even ask about them. I know it’s because the economy isn’t doing well here. We do give people a suggestion and even say, “or whatever you care to offer.” It’s a beautiful album, the best we’ve ever recorded. We sold our Live CD the most in 2010 here and it wasn’t even close to the quality this one is. Ironic, isn’t it?

When we were kneeling during “Heaven Scent,” I was thinking, “What an amazing life. I get to perform and sing and dance and act and do pretty makeup and be creative every day.” We didn’t get to perform very much last year in Edinburgh, so we deserve to be playing this summer. That’s all we want to do. Play and be watched and appreciated. I want to say we’re lucky to live this lifestyle, but it’s because we have dedicated ourselves to it and never gave up that made things work. I am so happy I have a loving husband, a comfortable room down the street from our play spot, a spot to play with wonderful acoustics, all my talents and gifts and a lifestyle to share them with and people who watch us.
IMG_20150711_230011055We got pastais de nata on the way to dinner. “Your voice is beautiful.” the woman serving us said. Oh! Thank you! I had a horrible headache at dinner. The waiter brought me some medicine and it slowly subsided. I thought I was going to throw up it hurt so bad. I was in a much happier mood when I felt better. Thoth and I were laughing and having a good time after dinner. On the way home, we got a mug for Thoth at a store we pass every night. The men who work there are all Indian. They see us dressed up all the time and have no idea what we do. They of course were very curious. “You have different makeup on every night.” he said. Wow! Someone noticed! Yay!