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How I Felt Today: Legendary!

Wednesday October 19th 2016

Today I felt something really amazing. I felt beautiful, like the inside of my heart and soul was on the outside, visible for others to see. It was as if I knew we are destined to be famous and loved throughout the world and respected as great artists in history. I knew from deep within myself that the people of this time who see me will someday say, “I saw them back when they was only performing in the parks.” I know that Dan Rubin’s pictures of us will be famous too because they will have documented us before our fame. By fame I don’t mean paparazzi following us around and being in stupid tabloid newspapers, I mean famous as in being legendary people who create music, art and live a creative life that many, many people respect, admire and love. We are already legendary. People say that to us. We are recognized in every city we perform in by people who have seen our work and love it.

People are afraid to let their truth shine. I am a loved and respected artist living an incredible live of inspiration and creativity. That is my truth. I inspire everyone who sees me. I either inspire them or challenge them. Today I was so inspired I had a blast getting ready to prayform. We had such a great two days off I felt happy, refreshed and beautiful! It was 80 degrees outside so I only wore my new floral top, my new floral panties and my new baby pink sneakers. I felt like a little pixie. I don’t really feel “feminine” with the way I dress, especially when I dress skimpily. I feel like a sexless Puckish pixie fairy alien angel creature.

12 3Getting to the park took longer than usual. People stared at me the whole way to the park. A family of women got on the train after us. The younger daughter saw me first and told her mom to look behind her. She did and then turned all the way around to stare at me. No one said anything. There I was, a little 28 year old girl walking around New York City in floral panties and painted hair. I felt very bold. Who walks around in their panties? The outfits I wear are as outrageous as anyone I’ve seen. I’m the person I want the world to be. Creative, open and free, which it is anything but!

We got to the park just in time and had a great prayformance for our first. We went crazy for our first four songs and the crowds were very responsive and supportive. A group of people had been waiting for us to begin and were the biggest applauders. Who knows how they knew us. Probably had seen us play at the Angel Tunnel before. By the end of playing Thoth was really tired. Dan and I did a photo shoot and we took the subway with him, got dinner and settled down for the evening. 4 5 6

Here’s a little vlog from my channel for you, too!

The Opera is In Great Shape!

Friday August 14th 2015

I’m having so much fun with tulle. My looks are so colorful now. I used to just wear baby pink, now I’m a pastel rainbow!
IMG_20150814_203941 IMG_20150814_203921 IMG_20150814_204004 IMG_20150814_203642678 IMG_20150814_203808308 IMG_20150814_203836802 IMG_20150814_204028470IMG_20150814_204123501 IMG_20150814_205433976Tonight’s prayformance was great. The opera is in great shape. We played it especially well tonight. Lots of energy. We sped up one section and it made it more energetic. Our choreography is getting much better, too. Things are all coming together, and this is our last full week of playing it. There’s an arch, lots of emotion and I’m much more confident. It’s taken an entire year to get here, but we do have a work now that I’m very proud of. I wish everyone could hear it. We need to record it again. IMG_20150814_225547379We went to Nood and said goodbye to all our friends. Paulo has known us for years. IMG_20150815_003704

The Unordinary in Ordinary Life

Thursday August 13th 2015

Let me tell you, being a creative artist in this hum drum world is hard! People are not expecting to be enchanted and moved by creative people who make beautiful music on a regular night, here or anywhere. That’s what’s beautiful about what we do. We take something that is the opposite of normal to a normal place on a normal night to normal people. They’re taken by surprise, and most peoples reaction is usually that of confusion and uncertainty, but sometimes people react with joy. What we do does not cater to the mainstream. That’s what makes us unique, yet that’s what makes our lives at time alienating and lonely. I do believe our music is for everyone, but you have to be open and receptive to it. Even if you’re not, it will still affect you.

I’m having fun with my costumery. I take pride that I do my hair, makeup and costumes myself. I wouldn’t want it any other way. IMG_20150813_222203 IMG_20150813_204159339 IMG_20150813_204329286 IMG_20150813_204424134 IMG_20150813_204527056 IMG_20150813_204715763 We’re playing “Esh and Ee-ay” all 5 days this week. We’re doing great work with it. Despite that it was another bad night, we danced and sang our butts off. All of my melodies have pretty much solidified. That pleases me a lot. I’m proud of doing my very best even when we had another dull, ungenerous audience. The opera is a full hour. I know that because no one spoke to us tonight so we went through the whole opera starting at 9pm and finished at 10.
IMG_20150813_223532I am so blessed to live the life I live. I can do what I want, when I want, and I have a partner who loves and cares for me. We have set up a life that brings us a lot of joy. I get to be creative every day. I need to remember that, more than I will ever know, I am affecting someone every day with what I do. Just as long as I’m being creative and I’m happy everything’s ok. Even when we have two bad nights in a row, I stillI got to sing something we created ourselves and have a nice dinner together. I am so proud of this new opera. When we were first writing it, I didn’t think I could do it, but I have. I wonder if we’ll start working on a new opera this Fall. Creating anything takes a lot of work, but it’s so satisfying in the end. IMG_20150813_223833849My silly husband…IMG_20150813_224135being silly. 🙂IMG_20150813_232203143

Only 3 more prayformances until we’re leaving Lisbon!

Fantasy Creature with Unicorn Hair Singing on the Streets of Lisbon

Wednesday August 12th 2015

I had to redye my hair, again. I like how it looks now.  IMG_20150812_192444828 I went to town on my makeup. Sundays wonderful prayformance was still lingering with me. I know Wednesday isn’t a good night, but I wanted to be pretty and have fun anyway. IMG_20150812_195047751 IMG_20150812_195110040 I shrouded my face in purple tulle and we went out. IMG_20150812_203731590 IMG_20150812_203946140 IMG_20150812_204028974 IMG_20150812_204043152 IMG_20150812_204306286 IMG_20150812_204543359It wasn’t a good night, as I’d expected. Hesitant clapping, barely any tipping, and no CD sales, but we played “Esh and Ee-ay” and I had as much fun as I could. I think I know what’s happening. People don’t know our music. On average, every person watching us is watching us for the first time. They don’t know what’s expected of them, and they’re too shy to openly support something they don’t understand. It’s how most people are. I’m not like that, so it’s odd to me. The first time I heard Thoth, I cheered and ran up to him and talked to him. I wasn’t afraid, but that’s unusual. I wonder what other people think.

We’ve been taking Wednesdays off for a while now, but this is our last week in Lisbon. We only have 3 more weeks to play the opera before the debut. IMG_20150812_223615686I really like how my hair turned out. 🙂IMG_20150812_224120780IMG_20150812_223847739

Playing “Esh and Ee-ay” Again and Feeling Proud of What We’ve Created

Wednesday June 10th 2015

I wasn’t expecting anything from today’s prayformance. It was a holiday, so a lot of places were closed. That included our regular lunch place. Instead, we went to the Indian place. We were going to go there for dinner, too. At 5 o’clock I started doing my makeup. IMG_20150516_173905863

It takes me 2 1/2 hours. IMG_20150516_201846119 I felt beautiful, theatrical, and fantastical, like a mystical creature from a far off world. I take a lot of pride and joy in my creative makeup designs.

I’ve gotten so much better at makeup. I want every day to take time to do beautiful, creative makeup no matter what happens during prayformance. It makes me feel happy.


When we got to our prayformance space in Rua Garrett, the Fruit Bar was still open. The worker said they’d close at 9, but she started shutting down at 8:30. We helped bring the table and chairs to her. As we set up and got ready to play, an audience gathered on the sidewalk to see what we’d do. They could tell we were about to perform. I guess it was going to be a good holiday!

We had great audiences the entire time we played. People came into the space to sit and watch us. We played the opera, Esh and Ee-ay, for the first time in a week. It went fantastically well. It was good we took a break from it. Wearing really theatrical makeup helps me. I feel like Ee-ay. It helped us work out a few kinks. This was the first time I really felt like we had something I’m proud of and I enjoyed playing. We added lots of new things, like new movements or Thoth playing an ostanitos instead of me. The transitions felt more natural and comfortable for both of us, and it will just get better! It’s helpful for us to not think of telling the story too literally. Our work needs big, focused audiences to truly reach it’s full potential. Even though people come and go, those who stay are really focused on us and are mesmerized. There is nothing physical holding them there, no doors holding them in. They stay because they are transfixed. I think it’s beautiful. IMG_20150516_203702479

I wish I could take pictures of our audiences. People were very generous. I love prayformance so much! It’s really amazing how big they are. I was so happy when we finished. One of the security guards, who I’d never seen before, stayed and watched the end of the opera. I was worried he’d bother us, but he was loving us. We finished up and packed up outside the space. He came over and said hello. “Your voices are beautiful.” he said. He said they love having us there because it brings lots of attention to the space. We’re good for people’s businesses. IMG_20150516_222613506

We walked back through our neighborhood, Barrio Alto to go to dinner. I saw this painted on the wall. I agree. IMG_20150516_224021599

If people knew how dedicated we are to a restaurant when we like it, everyone would be vying for our patronage. The food at this place is delicious, inexpensive and the waiter are as sweet as all get out. They love us and they love our change. 🙂IMG_20150516_225218458 IMG_20150516_230547854 IMG_20150516_230552992 IMG_20150516_230611017 IMG_20150516_230823952 IMG_20150516_230829188

IMG_20150516_232246398IMG_20150516_225221330We were both so happy and thankful to have such a wonderful evening prayformance. This is what makes life sweet.