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The Documentary is Here For You to Watch!

Thursday May 5th 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.09.39 PMhttp://www.theartistodyssey.com/tribal-baroque/

The documentary we’ve been waiting for 7 years to be made about us has finally been released by The Artist Odyssey! 7 YEARS of hard work, dedication, perseverance, stubbornness, passion, commitment to Tribal Baroque and to each other. It DOES pay off. It DOES mean something!

I blasted it out by email to everyone I could think of and tagged everyone I could think of on Facebook. Such positive response from everyone! People love it. I’m excited to see what some of my old teachers and friends think. I’m so f*ing proud of this documentary! It’s beautiful.

The past few days have been crazy, but I feel much more settled now that we’re at our friend John’s house in SF. It’s very welcoming here, and we have the whole upstairs to ourselves. We’ll be here until we leave for Lisbon on the 17th. It feels wonderful being with good friends who love us and care about us. It melts our fears and concerns away, of which we have many. I’m not really looking forward to the Lisbon trip. I’m dreading it actually! Really early flight out, all day to NYC, 5 hour layover, then all night to Lisbon, then we have to keep ourselves awake all day so we can adjust in Lisbon. I probably won’t sleep the night before the trip either, so I’ll be sleep deprived. We’ll survive.

People who aren’t me or Thoth see our life as this magical world of travel and success. It’s not all fun and games, but it’s good to have a perspective and see that it is an amazing life we lead and it is amazing we can do it how we do it. Sometimes I get pulled into how overwhelmingly scary and uncertain it can be, but things like this documentary would have never happened if we didn’t live the way we do.

Just the other night, I was wondering how we could emotionally, physically and psychotically cope with continuous traveling in the future. That’s because the drive to and adjustment to a new place was a particularly draining this time around. We felt more upended than usual, even though Tasha came with us. It was really helpful to have her with us all day yesterday and on our trip. Seeing my sister today and yesterday helped, too.

The feeling of being in a routine for a few months and then being completely uprooted, and then settling down again is draining. We’re in one place for long enough (2-4 months) we get used to it, especially in New York or Lisbon or San Diego, and then we have to pack up everything we own and move somewhere else. When we’re settled, I fool myself into thinking we have a home, but when we have to pack up and go, I realize we have no home. That’s what we’ve chosen, and that’s the only way I can see us living a life like this. I can’t really fathom living somewhere all year round and never leaving. Even living in New York for 7 months a few years back was too much for us. We go nuts when we’re in one place for too long. We have to be uncomfortable for short periods of time to be comfortable in the long run.

We have wonderful friends, though. I am so grateful for that!