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WE’RE HOME IN SAN DIEGO!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 January 2017 We had such a wonderful first day home! I feel safe, loved, blessed and blissful. Our friends are helping us so much. We have friends here. Amazing friends. We’re living in an amazing place. Perfect location. It was misty and rainy all day. It’s so green here. I forgot.

Something I learned today is how seen we are by people. Alone, we are not. We are not an island. We affect a lot of people, more people then we can know. We make a positive impact on the world every single day, just by existing and being together, just by being ourselves. Two people recognized us at Sprouts. That happens all the time. I don’t know how we seem to other people. I only know how I feel. We were just walking around the store and a woman stopped and said, “You are beautiful. There is hope for the world.” We weren’t doing anything. Just shopping in our everyday outfits. See? I just don’t know how others percieve us. I can imagine how they might, but sometimes I feel invisible. Like what I do makes no impression, but it does. How I dress, how I act, what I say, what I do, makes an impact on everyone around me, especially through our prayformances, but even just by being ourselves. It’s not the makeup, the costumes, the show, that makes those closest to us love us. It’s us. I am the only me, and I can and do make an impact on the universe simply by existing.

I can not wait to prayform this weekend. I’m really excited to go out on our bikes when the rain clears. Who knows if we’ll go out to play tomorrow. I’m so tired. The bed here is so comfortable. What an amazing place to be living, and what an incredible location! We have everything we need to have a brilliant time here, and a beautiful place to prayform. It really couldn’t be better then this.

11 January 2017

We’re in Downtown San Diego now. I’m in shock at how nice it is here. We’re staying at our friend Dave’s creative loft right, which is right in front of the trolley. We’ve know Dave since we first played in Balboa Park in February 2010. He was the first to “discover” us in Balboa Park and started our connection with Art Lab and Jim (both which ended up not panning out well in the end.)

We went and did all our errands already (it’s 4pm), and Thoth is out returning the rental car. We got Thai food take out at our favorite place, Sab E Lee, before our friend Tasha came to drop off our bikes and things. She and our friend Forrest saved us last April when we left Jim’s house and he told us we had to remove all our stuff. They took everything and put it in storage for us. I don’t know what we would have done if we didn’t have friends. That’s why I love San Diego. We have so many close friends here. Now I feel safe and loved and supported. I’m so glad we have a completely new place to live. We’ve been coming to San Diego every winter for 7 years and I don’t know the downtown area, so it’s like something old feels new. We lived with Jim every year. Low and behold, we saw Todd at Sprouts while shopping. He was the owner of the property Jim lived in and was always wonderful to us. We’ll miss him. He’s married now. We’ll have dinner with them soon.

I feel so blessed. Dave is helpful and supportive and giving and flexible. He always was, but for 7 years, he was in the background of our lives here in San Diego. For all those years, we never had anywhere else to stay but at Jim’s house. It feels like a resurgence for us, a reawakening. We thought we would never have anywhere else to live here. Dave is so generous to open his loft to us. He’s helping us more then he knows. We don’t have to bike 4 and 1/2 miles every day there and back to get to the park anymore. The park is a half hour’s walk from here. A 2 mile bike ride. Last year I was completely over the long, tiring bike ride. At Jim’s house we were trap. I am grateful for what we had, but this is so much better. Everything feels so much easier. It is easier! Dave even said we could use his car when he isn’t using it!

I can’t wait to play in Balboa Park this weekend. I can’t wait to go out to eat out around here. To have friends over, to do a house concert, to work and create and be comfortable. I had such a good sleep last night. Finally. After two days of very little. We have to be in a place we can play in order to be happy. Whenever we are here, I am always seduced into imagining us staying here, especially this year. At Jim’s house we felt trapped, here we are free.

9 January 2017 I have always embraced being a woman. I love having a woman’s body; being hairless, having a high singing voice, etc. I have no issues with being a girl. Optimally, I’d love for my breasts to be smaller, but I’ll let that pass. That all being said, I’d love to have a cock. It’s always fascinated me. I have penis envy. It is so much more exposed and vulnerable then a pussy is. When you get turned on as a girl, no one knows. If you’re a boy, well… I want to know what that feels like. I think what I am is a gay cross dressing boy in a girl’s body. I like to think of myself as some dark, mysterious boy instead of a bright, pretty girl. That’s what I feel like inside.

Leaving NYC for Nashville.

Tuesday November 28th 2016

Thoth and I spent the whole day organizing our finances. I went to the bank and he went out to get our change changed into bills. It took him 3 hours to find a place that would do it for him. He was exhausted when he came home. Later we went out to dinner at the make-your-own-burger place on 42nd Street. It was delicious. We won’t miss NYC, but we’ll miss those burgers!

Last day in NYC. Moving out. I got up at 9am. Thoth went to clean our sheets and pillowcases. Once everything was out of the room, we swept up all the dust and glitter. Meli had offered to drive us to the airport in her van at 12:30. Thoth was still in the shower by then and had to rush to get everything out and in the van. It was pouring with rain, too.

We got to the airport with enough time to get our boarding passes and get through security. It was painless. The most painless flight we’ll take all year. It was only a 2 1/2 flight. We had a little confusion getting an Uber to mom’s house and Thoth almost forgot his backpack, but we got to Mom’s house with no trouble. It was so weird to be in my old house. Everything has a memory to it. Every photo on the wall. Everything. I went up into my old bedroom and instantly saw things that brought back memories. I have to clean out and organize that room while we’re here. We’ll be here until January 10th. I’m happy to be back.

Monday November 28th 2016

Thoth and I spent the whole day organizing our finances. I went to the bank and he went out to get our change changed into bills. It took him 3 hours to find a place that would do it for him. He was exhausted when he came home. Later we went out to dinner at the make-your-own-burger place on 42nd Street. It was delicious. We won’t miss NYC, but we’ll miss those burgers!

Flight to Malaga!

Monday September 19th and Tuesday September 20th 2016

Slept fine. Did a much needed chore before getting ready to go on our flight. Meli was packing up with her friend Paige to bike 100 miles to create an art sculpture in someone’s home in New Jersey. Pretty cool.

It was rainy and cloudy. I like leaving a city on a rainy day. We took the train to 34th St. Penn Station. Got big smoothies for breakfast and I got a bagel for later. The smoothies were huge. It took me from when we got on the train to Newark airport to when we checked in to finish it. It would help us get through the flight. Check in was easy because we had no bags to check in. We only brought our two rolling backpacks and our violins. That hasn’t happened since we flew to Madeira in 2010. We’ll only be in Malaga, Spain until Friday.

We were 3 hours early to our flight. I realized I’d forgotten my contact case and solution. I found a place to buy some, thankfully. We were both really tired. I fed Thoth my bagel, and had some myself. We boarded the plane for our 6 hour flight. It was pretty painless, relatively speaking. Flying back to NYC will be harder. Thoth tried to sleep, but it’s impossible to sleep on planes.

We landed somewhere around 5am, went through border control, another security and then to wait for our next one

hour flight to Malaga. It was getting painful. I checked my email and organized a way to pick up the keys to the apartment we’d be staying. The second flight was harder. We had to go on a bus to get to this very tiny plane. Annoying. Really cramped, too. Ugh.

We landed at 11am in Malaga, jumped off the plane and grabbed a cab to get the keys. Our taxi driver helped us a lot. We got to the apartment (rented for us by the bride and groom to be.) We wandered around looking for food. Both of us were too tired and cranky. We went home and Thoth found a mall area on Google maps that had food. We walked over there and had some Asian food. Yum. Eating when you’re hungry is an amazing experience.

We went home and got in bed. Slept for 3 hours or a little more. I edited the vlogs and my blog. At 9 we went back to the Asian place for more food. If we were doing this on our own we wouldn’t be eating two meals, but everything’s being paid for on this trip by the wedding couple. Thoth got some ice cream, we stayed up until 11pm and then crashed.