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Filming in Balboa Park for Our New Documentary!

Saturday March 12th 2016

Today was amazing! I didn’t sleep well, though. I was nervous about filming the second half of the documentary. The crew got to the house at 10am. I had just gotten up. They filmed me doing my makeup and Thoth doing his, then once we were all ready, they filmed us biking off to the park a few times. It was so cool. I feel confident it’s going to be a beautiful documentary! What I’ve always wanted! I hope they get it finished by the time we leave at the end of April! I almost guarantee they will. Barbarella is a go getter, so is her husband David. The whole crew are creative, hard working people.

We got to the park and they set up their cameras. We made it so they were as inconspicuous as possible so people would gather to watch us without feeling uncomfortable. Tasha arrived and sat down on a blanket to watch us. At first it felt really cold and was difficult to play, but once I saw Sister Ida, everything got better. She came into the hallway behind all the people with her big rainbow umbrella! Our friend Laura came, too. The sun began streaming into the hallway and we got warmer. We built up a lot of energy and ended up having a great time playing! “What a blessed day.” Thoth said.

It was a blessed day. Mitch stopped by to say hello. All of our friends know each other. Sister Ida stayed with us while we packed up and then we biked home before it got dark. We had dinner with Jim, who was being silly and making us laugh. I’m excited for tomorrow’s prayformance, and then some well deserved days off!