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What Synchronicity!

Friday August 26th 2016

I didn’t want to go out today. Nor did Thoth. Yesterday’s play at Blackfriars didn’t seem worth it. It was just money spent to get there and back and a lot of work to play. We just wanted to stay in bed. Of course we didn’t. We got ourselves up and out the door at 2pm. On the train platform I accidentally slammed my face, right under my nose, on the bar of my rolling backpack. I cried and was so tired and shaky on the train. I hadn’t eaten anything, so that didn’t help, either. By the time we got to Blackfrairs, I had to sit down because I thought I would faint.

I didn’t even know if I could play. There was no one else there, so we set up slowly. We’d play an hour, then immediately go home. We were too tired and hungry. Just Joseph came around and asked sweetly how long we’d play. He’s a cool guy. The other buskers in London are super nice.

Just as we were setting up, I saw someone I recognized. Laurence and his wife Lesley! He’s a fan from Edinburgh! I couldn’t believe I was seeing him. My mouth dropped. They’d come to see our last show in Lisbon last year to hear the new opera. I was amazed. “We have to plan our holidays around where you play.” he said. AMAZING. I didn’t understand how he knew we’d be there. “Your blog.” he said. That makes writing it %100 worth it!

We played and it was still hard on my body and voice, but Kaja showed up to give us a kiss and hug. A man named Daniel who invited us to visit him in Venice stumbled upon us, too. Astonishing. What synchronicity!!! A friend of our friend Eric from NYC stumbled upon us also, and when we finished a woman recognized Thoth from NYC. Laurence and his wife left halfway through the performance. Kaja came back at the end to say goodbye. She won’t be back home until Sunday morning. We felt the entire day had been worth it. We took the train back to Sutton at 4:30pm and got fish and chips for din din.