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Another Day in the Park

Saturday March 15th 2014

I left half of my hair down and stuck tons of cabochons to my face in a last ditch attempt to look somewhat appealing during prayformance.

Little Bunny Face is oh so sweet and nice. Yes he is. Yes ok.

I got up before 10am again! I’m so happy I’ve been able to get up early these past few days. It feels great! The sun is streaming in and I’m able to get a lot more things done. Our friend Mike wrote to me. He says he gets a kick out of my blog and suggested we make it more prominent. I asked Thoth if we could, but he got angry. He said I was being selfish again. “It’s all about you.” I corrected myself, saying I wanted both of our blogs to be more prominent. We talked about how I can fix my grammar and misspellings. I made some cereal and checked my email. A woman left a weird comment on a blog about my mom. The comment upset Thoth.  I did my makeup and tried something new. I didn’t like it so I wiped it off and had to start over 10 minutes before we had to leave. Not like yesterday! Thoth and I biked to the park. It wasn’t as busy as last week. Forrest came to see us, even though he’s still sick. He stayed the entire prayformance as usual. We are so grateful for his support. Sis texted me in the middle of prayformance. “I found some wine mom was hiding next to her bed.” I was furious. “Did you confront her?” I texted back when we finished. “She’s already drunk.” she texted back. What a missed opportunity! It infuriates me that mom thinks I’m a liar when she’s such a liar! ARGH! Anyway…. While we packed up, a family asked if their daughter could take a picture with us. We invited her to sit in-between us. She asked me a lot of questions. People don’t understand what we do when they haven’t seen us perform. I wonder why people ask for my picture when they have no context for why I’m dressed this way. It’s odd! We biked to the Prado to see where the noise was coming from. Sleeveless the magician stopped us. He said something to Thoth and he laughed. “What?” I said. “I was whistling to you and you ignored me.” Sleeveless said teasing. “Thoth said you’re just used to it.” I laughed. We talked about busking. “You don’t have to be the best to be a great busker. You just have to have that special something.” he said, “”A lot of kids come out here wanting to do magic and I say “Why? Go do something else.” It’s hard what we do.”” “But we’re free.” said Thoth. We biked around the plaza, then biked to the grocery store. I went in and got some onions. The checkout girl loved the jewels on my face. When I’m in costume and not prayforming, my conversations with people usually go the same way.

“How do you get those to stick on your face?” they ask,

“Spirit gum. It’s a type of theatrical glue used to glue on beards and stuff.” I say.

“What are you dressed up for?” they ask.

“I perform in the park.” I say.

“Where, is it for a show?” they ask.

“I do my own thing.” I say.

“What do you do?” they ask.

“I’m a violinist and singer. We’re called Tribal Baroque.”

Almost every conversation goes that way, or a slight variation of that. It’s hard to explain to people what I do. Today, however, two men behind me said, “They’re amazing. You should go see them. They play in this beautiful archway.” “Does it cost money?” the checkout girl asked. “No, it’s free.” said the two men. The checkout girl said she wanted to bring her children to see us tomorrow. People say that all the time, but I don’t know if anyone of them follow through. It’s the rare person who does what they say they’re going to do. Don’t get me started on that! We went home and I called my sister. She got pretty defensive when I told her she was enabling mom. It upsets me that she takes mom’s money even though she’s a drunk. Mel, my hairdresser, called. I sent her some pictures of a hair style I’d like to recreate. She said we could go to Michael’s and buy everything on Monday. That will be fun! Thoth wants to come, too. He made a buffet of foods for us to eat. “I make lovely food for my… wife.” he said. I sprung up and ran to hug him. I love when he says things like that! We had dinner and I sat down to write. After that, I watched a few videos about Marie Antoinette.