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Wednesday August 24th 2016

When I woke up, Thoth asked me, “Do you want to see the show today?” “Yes!” I said. “You want to see the matinee?” I asked. “Sure.” he said. I couldn’t really believe it. I was going to SEE and HEAR Michael Crawford with my own ears and eyes for the first time in my entire life! I couldn’t really believe it. A man I’ve idolized since I was 10 years old. For 18 years, I was going to f**king SEE him. OMG!

We got to the theater with an hour to spare. I was nervous there wouldn’t be any tickets available or they’d be really expensive, but low and behold, they had 25 pound a piece tickets in row E in the orchestra! I was shocked, relieved and happy! We had a quick bite of sushi next door before going into the theater. I was queasy I was so excited. What an incredible moment! I knew I would never forget it. I am so glad I made the choice to go see this show!

We went into the theater a half hour before the show started. It was a simple set. A grand piano in the corner and about 8 chairs with some grass sticking out of the floor. Very moody lighting and a little smoke. Michael was the first to come on stage. He was bent and frail, as all 73 year olds are. The cast of about 8 came around him in white Victorian costumes. He turned on a light above his head and the cast began singing in a Capella. My mouth dropped to the floor. It was so simply and lovingly beautiful. Michael was on stage the entire 2 and 1/2 hours singing in parts and watching the action. His character was the older version of the little boy Leo. It was beautiful. There was a song called “Butterfly” I think, that he sang that almost made me tear up. His low voice was still powerfully moving and his higher voice more frail, but used to great emotional effect. I turned to Thoth many times. He was smiling and laughing along with me. At the intermission he said how much he loved the show. At the end of the second act, Michael was crying and used a handkerchief to wipe his eyes. He was trembling. Not sure if that’s from age or just the character or the emotion he was feeling. Michael is a very emotional person. He cried during “Barnum” and in “Phantom” every night. He has a beautiful voice even now. We both stood up and cheered when he came out to bow. So did lots of others. A man behind me called out to him, “A living legend!”

We left the theater and stood at the stage door for a bit. I was hoping to meet him, but the ticket takers said he doesn’t come out for matinees. Oh well. I had hoped. I did get to speak to another actor I loved. He had a fake scar covering one of his eyes in the show and had a beautiful voice and stage presence. I talked to him, complimenting his singing. He thanked me for cheering and laughing. I couldn’t believe it. When Thoth and I like something, we cheer and laugh loudly! I did that when I was a kid, too. 🙂

We walked around Soho a bit and then went home. I was in heaven.

Dinner and a Show!

Monday November 24th 2014

We just had a wonderful evening out!

Thoth was at the dentist when I got up. I put pink in my hair and when it was done I washed it out and Thoth came home just as I had heated up my lunch. “You looks so cute sitting there eating your lunch!” Thoth said when he came in. We had lunch together and I listened to “Bela Fleck and the Fecktones Live at the Quick.”

In the evening, we got dressed up and took the train to 42nd Street and walked to the restaurant to meet Sarah. She called me just as we were arriving. “Have a drink and if you get nervous about the time, you can order.” she said. We sat and waited until she arrived 15 minutes later. She told me a funny story and we talked about “Into the Woods” and “Sunday in the Park with George.” We then talked about “Phantom of the Opera.” Our friend Mike bought us tickets to see it that night. I was really excited. I hadn’t seen it in 5 years, and Thoth had never seen it before. Before we left for the show, we talked about our opera. Sarah’s raised a little over half of our commission already. She gave us some great, helpful advice about writing the opera. We got dessert, said good bye and ran to the theatre.

The show started minutes after we arrived. We had fantastic seats! Center aisle on the 5th row in the orchestra. We got a great view of the chandler rising at the beginning. That’s one of my favorite parts of the show. 🙂 Carlotta came out singing her first piece beautifully. She had a stunning voice. Christine was great, probably the best I’ve ever heard. Beautiful voice. Problem was, Carlotta was a good, if not better singer then her, so why did the Phantom hate her? It doesn’t work with the storyline. Usually the character of Carlotta makes an attempt to sound wobbly and bad, but this one was perfect. It makes you think the Phantom is bias towards Christine because he loves her, rather than because she’s incredibly talented. Madam Giry banged her cane one too many times. Raoul had a fantastic voice. He’ll probably play the Phantom one of these days. Usually Raoul is quite sappy, but I actually liked him. The Phantom was very good. He was played by Norm Lewis, a black man. It worked. His “Music of the Night” was beautiful. His hand movements really made the song. He was incredibly graceful. His voice was very strong and operatic, but he let it crack occasionally during the more emotional scenes. I like that. There’s never been a black Phantom before. It totally made sense for the character. He’s an misunderstood outcast not only because he’s ugly, but because he’s black. And his desire for Christine makes sense even more. There’s no hope whatsoever they could be together. There is also no reason she would love him. He’s a murderer, he’s deformed, and he has dark skin. For that time period it works perfectly. He cried nicely when he was hanging from the Angel, but sadly he didn’t cry really at the end. I like when the Phantom’s demeanor completely changes when the mask is off. He kind of kept his dignity throughout. I like the idea he is hiding his monstrousness behind the mask, both literally and figuratively. Some Phantoms become insane and really pitiful or angry when the mask is off, but they’re super dignified when it’s on. That’s my favorite interpretation.

Thoth enjoyed the show. I was pleased. We talked about it as we went home. “I like seeing shows. I’d love to do it again.” he said. I’m so glad he liked it. Overall, the show is very romantic and really takes you in. I’ve seen it 6 times now, and I still love it. I only really like the scenes with The Phantom. Thoth agreed they are the most exciting scenes. We went home and ate dessert while I wrote my blog, took a shower, then bedtime. Prayformance tomorrow!