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Protected: A Week of Creative Expansion and Creativity (Last Week in NYC)

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A Beautiful Rainy Sunday Prayformance!

Saturday October 8th 2016

I was sleepy when I woke up. Didn’t sleep well. Did my makeup and went out to play.

I felt good, even though it was cloudy and dark outside. We had to take different trains to Central Park because our train wasn’t going into the city. It was raining when we arrived at the Angel Tunnel. We walked arm in arm under Thoth’s umbrella.

The tunnel was wet and tons of people were noisy plodding around. Someone had a camera where we usually set up. He was taking a time lapse. We got ready and the guy asked if he could film us. Sure. I hope he’ll send us the footage!!

Surprisingly, we had a fantastic day! We played for 2 hours, not what I expected! I thought we’d play one song and go home. Once we played, we cleared the tunnel. We had a big crowd to start, which watched the first two songs, then it cleared and everything was back to normal. We can take control of that big tunnel, just the two of us. Thoth used to do it alone.

We were both exhausted when we finished playing. We took the train to Lorimer St. and had dinner at Santos Anne. I was starving because I didn’t eat enough dinner last night.

Finishing the 2nd Act on Rainy Days

Thursday January 7th 2016

Monday through Wednesday was really nice. It’s been pouring rain non stop. We have been working diligently on getting the synopsis for the 2nd part of our opera finished. Thoth is such a fantastic editor. He thinks of questions I would never think of, which are helping to get  the story more concise and clear. We’ve stayed inside and and gotten it into great shape. It actually started flooding in the road on Tuesday. It was like a fucking river in the street! I’ve never seen anything like that in San Diego.

We get to eat home cooked meals here because Thoth feels comfortable to cook. This is the only place in the world we have home cooked food while prayforming. In Europe Thoth rarely cooks ’cause the kitchens are so small. In New York he doesn’t cook at all because we’re only given access to our bedroom and the bathroom. In Oakland Thoth cooks but we’re not prayforming. It feels so good to enjoy his food again.

Our housemate Jim came home from a big festival on Monday morning. He pulled a hamstring so he’s been resting in his room since he got home. Jim is easy to talk with. We’ve lived with him every Winter since 2011, so he knows a lot about our lives. The house has been dark and quite, with the rain tapping gently against the rooftop.

I have been upset about my headdress ever since it was destroyed by the dog on Saturday. Our landlord Todd and Jim planned a house meeting for tonight with our neighbor, which I was nervous about. I never like confrontations. It took a while to really talk to him about being reimbursed for my headdress. I feared nothing would be resolved, but Todd got things focused and Jim stuck up for me, saying if it was his dog he would pay for the damage. The neighbor would not take full responsibility, but Todd suggested he pay half, which he agreed to. To my astonishment, Jim and Todd offered to pay the rest, even though they did nothing wrong. Jim took partial responsibility for not warning me about the dog and Todd wanted to give me money just to make me fully happy. I was touched. We have a good home here. Jim and Todd got their money to me instantly, but we’ll see how long it takes the neighbor to.

I wasn’t feeling good all of yesterday and all through the night I couldn’t breathe through my nose. I realize I’m sick. My nose is super stuffy and I’m coughing a bit. I guess it’s getting accustomed to the dry weather. We were planning on going out to the park today, but with me feeling like this I don’t think we can.

Even thought I wasn’t feeling well, I got a lovely email from a friend and did a lot of work to get the 2nd act synopsis finished.

Drizzly Day, New Feathers

Wednesday October 1st 2014

Today's look.

Today’s look.

I started getting ready late because I had to finish yesterday’s blog and post it. I got dressed, did my makeup and stuck my new pink feather in my hair. I looked on UPS.com to see if my bells had arrived. They did an hour earlier, but weren’t able to be delivered. I was very frustrated and stressed. Thoth cut his new red feather to bring to the park. It was chilly and drizzly at the tunnel. The Boyds were there surprisingly. I stuck Thoth’s feather into his puff and tied it securely with gold strips of leather. It looked beautiful! I called the post office in Williamsburg and asked them to resend my bells tomorrow. They said they would. That relaxed me. I saw Miriam in the bathroom. “I left my pale blue dress over a stall.” she said. “I saw it!” I said. “But I thought you’d come back and get it. I’m sorry you lost it!” I said sympathetically. Her son was dressed in a skeleton costume. Very cute. A homeless guy who really likes our show came over to talk with us as usual. He was clearly drunk. He asked Thoth for money last time he talked to us, so I don’t like him anymore. As he was saying goodbye to me, I could tell he was trying to kiss me so I had hold him back. I was proud of myself for not letting him overwhelm me. When Miriam finished singing, we started.

New feathers!

New feathers!

It drizzled all throughout prayformance. Despite this, we played most of our set. Today was the kind of day we played one piece at a time and depending on how things felt, we either continued or not. We had a nice crowd by the end, which was lovely. We sat in the center of the tunnel and packed up, then walked to Chirping Chicken for dinner. It was delicious! We walked to the 1 train and went back to Brooklyn. We got our favorite orange cranberry cookies at the health food store and bumped into our friend Lesley, Sarah Kernochan’s niece! She was on her way to audition for a choir director job and only lives 2 blocks away from us! “We definitely have to jam!” she said. We went home and I talked to my sister on Skype. She’s made a new website for her new theatre company! I’m so proud of her! She asked me for some ideas for blogs. I had tons. It got me inspired, too! Thoth talked to Sal on the phone about his 3D computer program and I watched a bit of a movie, then started writing out my old Esh and Ee-Ay story to use for our new CD! Very exciting!



Rainy Day Off

Thursday September 25th 2014

We decided to take today off. We thought it would rain heavily, but it ended up just being cold and a little drizzly. It didn’t matter. We’re blessed we can take a day off. We went to our favorite diner for breakfast/lunch, then did some shopping. Thoth bought himself a new tape recorder and I bought myself some bangle bracelets and a new necklace. I love jewelry! We went home and I watched movies and relaxed. Thoth has finally finished his 3D pink flying violin. He made it for me. I’m so proud of him. He works so hard. I talked to my sister on Skype. I tried to motivate her to do what she loves, but I can’t make her. She has to want to do it herself. She said she’s afraid of failure. I know from experience one has to fail many times in order to be successful, especially if one wants to follow their own path. I want her to be happy. I went out to get a salad and Thoth went to get noodles. I watched another movie and wrote my blog. I’m excited to prayform tomorrow. I feel very blessed and prosperous.