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Protected: Worried about the Future while Trying to Live in the Present

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How I Felt Today: Legendary!

Wednesday October 19th 2016

Today I felt something really amazing. I felt beautiful, like the inside of my heart and soul was on the outside, visible for others to see. It was as if I knew we are destined to be famous and loved throughout the world and respected as great artists in history. I knew from deep within myself that the people of this time who see me will someday say, “I saw them back when they was only performing in the parks.” I know that Dan Rubin’s pictures of us will be famous too because they will have documented us before our fame. By fame I don’t mean paparazzi following us around and being in stupid tabloid newspapers, I mean famous as in being legendary people who create music, art and live a creative life that many, many people respect, admire and love. We are already legendary. People say that to us. We are recognized in every city we perform in by people who have seen our work and love it.

People are afraid to let their truth shine. I am a loved and respected artist living an incredible live of inspiration and creativity. That is my truth. I inspire everyone who sees me. I either inspire them or challenge them. Today I was so inspired I had a blast getting ready to prayform. We had such a great two days off I felt happy, refreshed and beautiful! It was 80 degrees outside so I only wore my new floral top, my new floral panties and my new baby pink sneakers. I felt like a little pixie. I don’t really feel “feminine” with the way I dress, especially when I dress skimpily. I feel like a sexless Puckish pixie fairy alien angel creature.

12 3Getting to the park took longer than usual. People stared at me the whole way to the park. A family of women got on the train after us. The younger daughter saw me first and told her mom to look behind her. She did and then turned all the way around to stare at me. No one said anything. There I was, a little 28 year old girl walking around New York City in floral panties and painted hair. I felt very bold. Who walks around in their panties? The outfits I wear are as outrageous as anyone I’ve seen. I’m the person I want the world to be. Creative, open and free, which it is anything but!

We got to the park just in time and had a great prayformance for our first. We went crazy for our first four songs and the crowds were very responsive and supportive. A group of people had been waiting for us to begin and were the biggest applauders. Who knows how they knew us. Probably had seen us play at the Angel Tunnel before. By the end of playing Thoth was really tired. Dan and I did a photo shoot and we took the subway with him, got dinner and settled down for the evening. 4 5 6

Here’s a little vlog from my channel for you, too!

A Happy Halloween!!

Saturday October 31st 2015

There were lots of kids running around in little costumes as we walked to the subway. This is the one day of the year it’s ok for the general public to dress up and be what they want to be. We are our wonderfully outrageous selves every day. 🙂

IMG_20151031_143327801Everyone wears a costumes, but I prefer being on the flamboyant side of the spectrum. It’s more fun that way I think.
IMG_20151031_143524433A woman recognized us on the subway. “I saw your show in Martha’s Vineayrd!” she said. Amazing. IMG_20151031_191007 It’s the first day in 7 years that Halloween fell on a Saturday. That meant there were lots of people out in costume. The last time that happened was back in 2009 when I first started prayforming with Thoth. SEVEN YEARS. Can you believe it?! I’ve grown and changed so much!!

This is me 7 years ago to the day.

That is me, 7 years to the day.

People took pictures of me while we waited in the Angel Tunnel to play. “Your costume is magnificent.” Thank you. IMG_20151031_143758303It was quiet today, finally! Dan Rubin’s brother Josh came and watched our entire opera. A young man sat in the corner against a pillar and watched our entire prayformance. We had sold out of all but 2 CDs, which he bought just as we were finishing. His name was Jandre, from South Africa. “I came here just to see you. I saw you last Fall. It was life changing.” he said. He even reads my blog. It means so much to us when people come to see us and stay and listen. We finished off the day on a high note!

What a Happy Halloween!!!

Fantasy Creature with Unicorn Hair Singing on the Streets of Lisbon

Wednesday August 12th 2015

I had to redye my hair, again. I like how it looks now.  IMG_20150812_192444828 I went to town on my makeup. Sundays wonderful prayformance was still lingering with me. I know Wednesday isn’t a good night, but I wanted to be pretty and have fun anyway. IMG_20150812_195047751 IMG_20150812_195110040 I shrouded my face in purple tulle and we went out. IMG_20150812_203731590 IMG_20150812_203946140 IMG_20150812_204028974 IMG_20150812_204043152 IMG_20150812_204306286 IMG_20150812_204543359It wasn’t a good night, as I’d expected. Hesitant clapping, barely any tipping, and no CD sales, but we played “Esh and Ee-ay” and I had as much fun as I could. I think I know what’s happening. People don’t know our music. On average, every person watching us is watching us for the first time. They don’t know what’s expected of them, and they’re too shy to openly support something they don’t understand. It’s how most people are. I’m not like that, so it’s odd to me. The first time I heard Thoth, I cheered and ran up to him and talked to him. I wasn’t afraid, but that’s unusual. I wonder what other people think.

We’ve been taking Wednesdays off for a while now, but this is our last week in Lisbon. We only have 3 more weeks to play the opera before the debut. IMG_20150812_223615686I really like how my hair turned out. 🙂IMG_20150812_224120780IMG_20150812_223847739

Last Few Days Off Until Leaving Lisbon

Tuesday August 11th 2015

These are our last days off in Lisbon. We’ve been laying low and relaxing.

Yesterday Thoth helped me bleach my roots and we walked up to the park to have a sunset drink.IMG_20150810_162900931 IMG_20150810_165923837 IMG_20150810_173800024 IMG_20150810_174113406 IMG_20150810_174129052 IMG_20150810_174217192 IMG_20150810_174250675Thoth made chicken, spinach and mashed potatoes for dinner.

Today I tried to dye my hair back to blue, pink and purple. It all worked, accept the roots. I’ll try it again in a few days. I put my hair up in pig tales. A man who lives in an apartment across from us saw me in the window. He took out his camera. “Is it ok if I take a picture?” he called. I nodded my head happily. “Could you come forward?” he asked, so I did. It made me smile that he would want to take my picture! IMG_20150811_220545053 IMG_20150811_205659IMG_20150811_205831IMG_20150811_204549682

We went to have pizza. The waitress came up to me and said, “I have a gift for you.” She had a little box and I opened it. Inside was our little money pouch with several 2 euro pieces in it! We left it there last week after dinner, and they kept it for us!

We told them it was our last dinner with them. They hugged us goodbye. “I love you as a couple. I’ll miss you!” she said. We’ve only known them for a little time, and they love us. 🙂IMG_20150811_230756217I don’t know if I want to go out tomorrow or not.