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Overcoming the Noise

Friday August 26th 2016

We left Sutton for Blackfriars at 1pm. Kaja, Emil and their friends would arrive later. We got there at 3pm and there was a saw player playing. Thoth spoke to him. He’d play for another hour and a half, so we could begin at 4:30pm.  Kaja and Emil arrived with their friends. We waited and I listened to my Ipod so I didn’t have to hear the saw. It gets old after a minute or two. “Saw is a great walk-by act. People are intrigued by the sound at first, but it diminishes in interest after a few minutes. What we do is instantly curious and intriguing at first, too, but it gets better the longer people listen.” Thoth said. A very loud pile driver started banging away several times while we played. Unbelievable!

Turns out, the saw player was Polish. Kaja and Emil talked to him once he finished and we set up. We played for an hour and a half and Kaja and friends sat and watched. The pile driver started up for 10 minutes during our third song. Annoying. We got through it, but stopped and waited for it to stop. Thoth did an improvisation to it and then went into stillness while I sat and waited. Kaja and friends clapped for the “Gypsy Dance” and “Interlude” and two girls started dancing. People love us. When we finished, our intake was pretty disappointing, but I counted my blessings. It’s still not the best spot for us. We have to find a spot where people’s generosity somewhat matches what we’re giving. Kaja was very moved with today’s prayformance.

We walked with everyone over the bridge to a bar in a train station. We were both feeling very happy, even though we didn’t do well financially. We’re doing the best we can. Eating when we haven’t eaten since last night is so amazing. We took the tube back to Victoria station and took the train home. Long day. I want us to be able to come to London next year and be doing well enough to stay here for a few months. It took years for the space in Lisbon to work out for us. It might take that long here, too to find the right space. I’m grateful for what we have, of course.