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“It’s Like You’re From Another Planet.”

Thursday July 9th 2015

I tried some blue with my makeup tonight. It’s so nice listening to music and painting my face with colors. It’s inspiring, stimulating, challenging and fun. When I feel that I have put a lot of time and effort into my look, I feel happier and more confident going out to play. It makes me feel good. 

Our audiences during prayformance tonight were unexpectedly attentive and wonderful. Two young women bought a CD and sat down just as we started. Other people sat down because they were sitting. It was like we were doing a concert. One of the women got up and bought another CD. “It’s like you’re from another planet.” she said. That made my night. I was immensely honored and humble that they sat there for so long and watched us. I have to constantly remind myself to not expect anything. The fact that a stranger sits down in a public space for over an hour and watches us perform is amazing to me.
IMG_20150709_222411Our friend Juda was working security tonight. He was very friendly and said hello and goodnight to us.
IMG_20150709_222052277 Thoth made some silly faces for the camera. IMG_20150709_222758532 He thought it was funny. IMG_20150709_222817220 I wish I had a professional photographer with me always to document my ever changing looks. I take inspiration from my previous looks and always give it a twist. IMG_20150709_222956332 IMG_20150709_223123415 We went to the Nepalese/Indian place for dinner. Both the waiters love us now. We’ve been there like 4 times in the past few weeks. IMG_20150709_231236612 They took a picture of us and had me write down when we perform. Nepalese/Indian people treat us the same everywhere. They’re curious, they love us, and they’re very respectful of us. IMG_20150709_234305202When we got home, one of the girls who had sat to watch our show wrote to us. She invited us for lunch tomorrow and asked when we’ll be in Amsterdam. “I bring my friends and come see you.” she wrote. So sweet!

First Prayformance of the Week

IMG_20150708_203505375 IMG_20150708_203543988 IMG_20150708_203800741Wednesday July 8th 2015

Our internet came on last night and the washer was fixed. Yay!

I talked to my sis last night on Skype. She was going to move back to SF from Nashville, but she still has some things to work out. I was looking forward to spending Christmas with her, but now maybe she’ll come visit me in New York this Fall. I hope she gets everything figured out. I love her so much.

I had fun doing my makeup. I washed my hair last night, so it feels oh so soft and fresh. I don’t wash it but once a week, or longer if I can stand it. I adore how all the colors are mingling together. It feels healthier than it has in a while.

We had fun prayforming, though I took it easy. The opera is fun to play. I’m finding my melodies. I was thinking, I do take our work very seriously. It is my life. I don’t believe I am owed something from people watching us in the street. I used to feel that way, and it made me miserable. I am humbled and honored by all we are given. I’m not entitled to it, but I work hard for it. The many people who watch us are enjoying themselves. That’s all I can hope for; to brighten peoples days and bring a little magic into peoples lives. Creating magic takes serious dedication. I think if I didn’t take our work seriously, other people wouldn’t.

I let my hair down when we finished. I felt very pretty. My makeup matches my hair!

IMG_20150708_224209856We went to Nood for dinner. Our favorite waiter and friend, Paulo, was there. “I know why we like it here. The people. They’re all our friends.” Thoth said. I’m grateful for all our friends in this city!

When I got home, I got some really good news about my mother. It made me so incredibly happy! Yay!!!!!!!!!

A Fantabulous Final Prayformance of the Week!

IMG_20150705_204132093Sunday July 5th 2015

I didn’t sleep well because I was being bitten again, by a mosquito Thoth said. He got bit, too. I slept until almost 2pm. I don’t like doing that. It makes me groggy all day, which it did.

I watched MIchael Jackson’s “Will You Be There” and “You are Not Alone” and crying while doing my makeup. I made my facial appliqués look like fairy wings. I love these wingy things. They’re so unusual looking and really change how my face looks. I don’t remember what first inspired me to create them. I should sell them. I start by cutting petals from my many fake flowers, then I attach each petal or piece of tulle individually to create a design. When I take them off, they all stick together, but I take them apart so I can’t do the same thing twice. I’m really liking dabbing white shimmery powder on my lips. I used to put color on them, but having pale lips puts all the focus on my eyes. I think I’m trying to create as many looks as possible so I have a lot to choose from for the big show in September. I can do two different makeup looks, since we’re performing 2 nights! That will be fun!

I was SO tired tonight when we were getting ready to prayform. “I don’t think I can do it.” I said. Just thinking of having to sing and dance around for 2 hours made me even more tired. I can’t imagine how people do low paying grunt work jobs when they’re tired. At lease I’m getting to do something I love. I was also worried about my voice holding up, so I told myself to take it easy, and I did. We instantly gathered a big crowd during “Anya” and continued to have big crowds for an hour and a half of playing. I didn’t push myself physically or vocally, and it didn’t matter. I didn’t act as much, I just sang the music, and people clearly LOVED us. One gentleman in particular sat for a long time watching and listening and ended up giving us more than we asked for for two CDs. “You are the stars.” he said when taking a picture with us. That made the whole night worth it. What’s amazing about our “work” is that things can change and get better. Every week, every day is different. Someone can do something unusually generous and make our night.IMG_20150705_204344

We walked up to Barrio Alto to have dinner and sat down next to some people who had just seen us prayform. They loved it and asked how we met, etc. I’m glad our week ended on a high note!IMG_20150706_242514845