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Wedding, Break Dancers and a Party !

Sunday September 4th 2016

Woke up in the night. Spilled water on my computer. Was too tired. Got up around 9am, computer wouldn’t turn on. S*it!

Got dressed up more than I have since we got to NYC. Sunday’s our best day here usually. Got to the Angel Tunnel earlier than usual. The wedding party didn’t all arrive until 3:30pm. We brought them into the center and played “Anya” with them facing each other. We had less time than we thought. They had a carriage coming at 3:50pm. Thoth and I each read the vows and ring exchanges to the couple. It was pretty special. Our first wedding. Amazing actually. First wedding in 7 years! They kissed and we continued playing.

Sean, the Chinese photographer who loved us so much on Friday, came back to see us. His friend said he wanted to invite us to dinner. I was excited. He asked when we’d be finished. “5:30.” we said. “I have a party my house.” he said in broken English. He can’t speak English. “Do you want us to come?” I asked. “Yes!” he said. I could tell he was in a hurry, though he didn’t show it. “I pick you up.” he said. We decided to finish at 5.

Just then a group of break dancers we’d never seen before set their boom box in front of the tunnel and blasted it full volume. I was in shock. Usually I don’t get angry and I act like it’s not bothering me. Today I didn’t. I went into their crowd in front of one of them and yelled at them. I chastised them for setting up on us and told them how rude and disrespectful they were being. It felt amazing. I was fearless. Sean filmed me. I was so glad someone was getting it on film. I could post it to our vlog later. Bad behavior needs to be punished. The reason they do it is because they think they can get away with it!

I was exhilarated, and Thoth was so proud of me. “Don’t get mad.” Sean said patting me on the back. “Are you happy?” he said. “Let’s go drink!” Vlad was suddenly there. He was very sad and need to talk. I listened as best I could, though I was distracted by what I’d just done. We walked with Sean to his fancy apartment on 6th avenue. My mouth dropped. It was so beautiful, and what an amazing view! “This is your home.” he said. All these rich, famous Chinese artists arrived for the party. We played “Scottish Song” for them and they loved it. They wanted us to sing another, so we played “Pentagram.” Sean sang exuberantly with us. I was exhausted after that and ate dinner, sitting with our new friends. We laughed and talked with everyone. Sean sat with us. “My sister.” he said hugging me. He’s so affectionate. It was a lovely, intimate night. We exchanged cards with a few people and I lay down to rest. Sean covered me with a blanket. We got a ride home from Bing and her husband. What a day! Amazing day!

Tribal Baroque performs at Underground New Years Eve Party in SF

Party time.

Party time.

Wednesday December 31st 2014

We usually don’t do anything on Holidays, especially when we have to travel a long distance the next day. So it was unusual for us to agree to go into SF late at night to perform at a New Years Eve party. Since we had to get dressed up, we couldn’t pack up much. Our friend Khalil had wanted to come, so I asked if he would pick us up. He said he would. We were going to have to get a cab to get to BART and take public transit there, then walk several blocks, so I was relieved. We spent the day resting. At 6, Thoth took a nap and I started getting dressed. He was stressed out. His age has made it harder for him to go out late. I don’ t really like it either, but Scott Levkoff had made us feel very welcomed to his party, so I was sure it would be worth it. Once we were dressed, we waited for Khalil to arrive. Thoth started pacing the floor downstairs. He did that years ago when we were stranded all night on the street in France. The longer it took Khalil to arrive, the less I wanted to go. I was very happy when he did arrive. Traffic wasn’t that bad. We tried to give Khalil some money for the bridge toll, but he wouldn’t accept it. “I won’t take money from you.” he said. “I was late.” “It’s not the kind of party we are expected to play at an exact time. It’s more relaxed.” I said. “Oh good. Then I won’t speed.” he said. Khalil is an amazingly kind person. There were tons of people in the city. Magically we found a parking spot right outside to The Great Star Theatre. The gates to the theatre were closed. I called Scott and he came out from a side door to get us. He was dressed in a kind of Victorian style.

It seemed to be a quiet party at first. There were a few couples sitting in tables on the stage talking and drinking. Not many people were dressed up. There was a heater at the front of the theatre, which we stood in front of to warm ourselves. Scott was incredibly welcoming. “Thank you so much for having us.” I said. “It’s a privilege.” he said. We had planned to play at 10:30, but “I want as many people to see you as possible.” he said, so we waited until 11 to play. We went upstairs to check out the tea party. It was very cozy. A few people had seen us perform before at Whobilation. When it was time to play, Scott changed costumes. He was dressed in a bunny suit with white platform boots and large sunglasses. He’s such a chameleon. Over the mic, he invited people to come sit near the stage to see us perform. He’s such a fantastic MC. He gets people to pay attention. He introduced us and we went onstage to play. We only played two songs, but people’s response was incredibly supportive.



Scott’s people love us. They’re all artists. Scott passed a hat and people gave generously. He gave all the money to us. “It’s never enough.” he said. He wants us to participate in The Mystic Midway. That made me happy. We were both in a much better mood. Thoth kissed me very sweetly.

Lots of people talked to us and we took a few cards. These are the people who’s help we need to stage our opera. They loved us. We went upstairs to ring in the New Year. It was wonderful. We kissed passionately when it struck Midnight. We could have stayed much longer, but we had to get up early the next day. Khalil and his boyfriend, who had come to see us, drove us home. He had seen us years ago randomly in Central Park and “was mesmerized for an hour.” he said. I was so happy. We got home at 1:30am. Thoth made dinner and I packed up my suitcase. Nana was asleep already. We got in bed by 2am. What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Tribal Baroque House Concert in San Francisco!



Saturday December 21st 2014

Sunkiss invited us to lunch. “It will be our treat.” she said. Thoth is slowly putting my sister’s dialogue in with our new music for the album. He let me listen to the first 3 he’s finished. One piece gave me chills and made me cry! Thoth and I walked to the Haight with John, Annie, Sunkiss and Bartosz to have lunch. It was wonderful! I felt like I was really with my tribe. Sunkiss had on her long green robe and looked so cool. They bought us organic juices, then we went to Pork Store for lunch. It was very busy, but we got a table for 5 easily. Annie went home and we had a lovely lunch. I got a short stack of strawberry pancakes, but I could only eat one and a half! We talked about relationships. John treated all of us. He’s so sweet! We went home and cleaned the living room and moved the couches for the house concert tonight. John had some lights from Burning Man that he brought downstairs and they put around our performance space. It looked beautiful! We relaxed until time to get ready. I didn’t get ready until about an hour before. I did a clown-like makeup look and put my hair in pigtails. Both of us kept our outfits informal. We made a list of pieces to play. I wanted us to play new pieces.

Nana was one of the first to arrive. She came into our room to say hello. It’s so sweet that she came. At first I didn’t think anyone would come, but they did. More people arrived around 8:30 and we started playing at 8:45. We had over 20 people there. It was the perfect amount. 🙂 Annie said something very sweet. She said she wants this neighborhood to feel welcoming to us. It does. I feel like we have a special community of friend here. We started with some older pieces, then played new ones and eventually improvising some brand new pieces. It’s was kind of hard to sing because there were no acoustics, but I really gave it my all. I went into some interesting places with my expression. I used more of my facial muscles than usual. It’s interesting because I have no idea what I look like. I like practicing my facial expression in the mirror because I can see what I look like. I can’t wait until our new pieces are more mature. It’s always interesting playing baby pieces. That’s what Thoth calls them. Babies. We did pieces of a variety of ages tonight. That felt great. Usually I get very uncomfortable playing new pieces, but I let things flow tonight. No one knows the difference between them. My body was extremely sore because we haven’t prayformed in 3 weeks. I realize now that people really enjoy what we do and they take away from it whatever they take away from it. I like house concerts because they’re more intimate. People talk to us more after we play. I want us to do more house concerts in San Diego. I think our fans would enjoy it. We can easily promote them through our prayformances in the park. After playing, people asked a few questions. We always experience the same thing. People are very quiet when we finish and don’t get up to leave immediately. “You are rewiring people’s brains.” our friend Megan Rose said. She’s seen us now in three different places prayforming. The Angel Tunnel, Whobilation and a house concert. “You melt people’s faces off.” she said. I think our friend Forrest would enjoy seeing us at a house concert. We did one 4 years ago in San Diego when we had an apartment to ourselves. I wish Michael C. had come to jam with us. I talked to a lot of people. One man originally saw us in San Diego at Art Lab and in the park, then he met his girlfriend who lives very close to John’s house. They saw the flyer for our house concert on Facebook and decided to come. It was a surprise for her birthday. She had a very cool style. The boyfriend reminded me of Forrest. Another man had seen Thoth play with Michael 25 years ago. He said their energy was amazing, but ours goes to a whole new level.

Here’s some pictures from after the show…

That's Annie, John's partner, serving tea.

That’s Annie, John’s partner, serving tea.

And here's Thoth talking with Megan Rose and Adam.

Here’s Thoth talking with Megan Rose and Adam.

Here's Bartosz.

Here’s Bartosz.

Here's John, our amazing host.

Here’s John, our amazing host.

Here's Sunkiss talking with the cool couple.

Here’s Sunkiss talking with the cool couple.

People get to our shows through weird ways, and they’re always blown away and really enjoy it. I think it’s our high, operatic voices combined with our spontaneous, theatrical style of performing that surprises people. I also think the humbleness of where we perform (outdoors, people’s homes, small venues etc.) combined with our high quality of musicianship and creativity also catches people off guard. Everyone had a different perspective on it, too. Some people know Thoth from years and years ago, other discovered us through the internet, others stumbled upon us performing in public, others are dating or are friends with someone who saw us perform… It’s amazing. I love it. I can see how I am getting better as an artist and musician. It makes me feel fantastic. To have 20 or so people in a room completely focused on us and giving energy back to us feel so good. “Their music has the power to save people, to save their lives. It’s very healing.” Megan Rose said.