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Thankful for a Beautiful Prayformance

Painting by Joe Seung.

Painting by Joe.

Sunday April 13th 2015

We wanted to start a bit later today, so we got ready leisurely and arrived at the park around 3. We swung by El Prado to say hello to our busker friend Mitch. It’s nice to be around other buskers. I feel like we’re part of a tribe. That’s one thing I used to love about performing up front,. It’s more social. The back is quieter. It’s become more “our” spot, whatever that means. Our friend Tasha had set up a blanket in the grass and a picnic when we arrived. She’d brought a friend with her. He loved us. 2 photographers came to photograph us. Miti and her friend Joe came later and painted us while we played. I LOVE when people are creative with us! We started around 3:30. Bill was watching us as always from the back. I love Sunday’s because we have so many friends who come to enjoy us! I still wasn’t feeling perfect vocally, but I dealt with it better. I just didn’t sing as much. I felt much better by the end. I’m sure it’s a mixture of my chords still being a bit swollen and my ears being clogged. No one can tell but me. I hope I’ll be all better next weekend. I was humbled by people’s love of our work today. We actually got through the entire opera and sold out of CDs. I love when that happen. It means that our music is being spread around more. Joe gave me his painting when we finished. “I’ll put it on my blog.” I said. “You’re going to be famous!” Miti said. “I love reading your blog.” Bill stayed behind and talked with Thoth while we packed up. He was proud of me. I stayed quiet. Thank God I have 4 days to rest my voice.

We biked to Adams Avenue Grill for dinner and stuffed our faces with food. Thoth was feeling fantastic. I felt happy, too, but my throat didn’t. I’m really proud of myself for getting through this weekend. It is such hard work to sing when I’m sick. I biked home too fast so my stomach didn’t feel so great. I got in bed and was sure I would be sick, but it eventually subsided. I got up and watched some of “Jurassic Park.” My sister called. We were talking about her at dinner. She said she was feeling lonely. I was glad she called me. We talked for a while and I made her feel better. She actually apologized for all the times she’s been mean to Thoth and I. That was so sweet. Thoth had gotten up when I got off the phone. I wrote my blog and fell into bed. What a hard, yet successful, weekend.

I have Unicorn Hair!!!

Wednesday January 21st 2014

I have Unicorn Hair! YAY! Finally! It came our beautifully subtle. I love it!

We got some lovely photos from Heather Allen of us performing in Balboa Park.I got some beautiful photos from Dan Rubin. He edited them to look like paintings. Aren’t they lovely?
We had a really good rehearsal/practice session today. We worked in the yoga studio out back. It was wonderful. Worked on bunch of new pieces. We’ll try them out in the park this weekend. Exciting!


Finished My Hand Painted Bike and had a Productive Practice Session!

Wednesday January 14th 2015

I spent the day continuing to paint my bike. I worked on it for probably 4 hours. It was incredibly fun. I painted rainbows on various parts of the bike, then painted, “Love Create Believe” on the side. I finally love how it looks! It gives me such joy to paint. By the time I finished, I was finally less concerned with it being perfect. Perfection and creation has always been hard for me. I am so thrilled with how it looks! “It’s trippy.” Jim commented.

labike(1) We rehearsed for 2 hours on our music after I finished with my bike. It was a productive practice session. At first, I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of writing another opera, as I did when we wrote Esh and Ee-ay. It’s a tough job. We had much less time with the last one, though. We have 7 months to write this one. I was expecting for us to go through each scene and create new music that way, as we did with the last opera. But we realized that isn’t necessary at the present time. What’s most important is to create ostinatos, which we did. As we collect ostinatos, we can then plug them into the story. Thoth came up with a really exciting counter obstinato for the seven. We recorded all of them on Thoth’s tape recorder. We’ll write them down later. It felt immensely satisfying to have done good work. Getting into the creative headspace to write music is always difficult, but if we keep moving forward, my brain gets more lubricated and things start flowing. I just have to keep trying. It works really well how we’re creating, but it’s not easy. We have to find our own way of doing it. I used to think creation was supposed to be effortless. Now I know differently. It still scares me when we first start working. I feel like a fool, but as I continue to try, it gets better. I just have to keep on going!

Being Creative!

Tuesday January 14th 2014

I had another very nice day off. I got up earlier than usual and put my hair up. I like how it looks with my bangs pulled back! I went outside and continued painting my bike. It was really fun. When I finished, I took some pictures of my paint covered hands.

I love being creative! The painting behind me is something Jim is working on. I like the colors! I listened to some music and had a lovely time just relaxing outside. I really love it here in San Diego. Later redyed my hair and tried a few different makeup looks, then took more pictures.
Makeup is a powerful tool for creativity. I can make myself look like whatever I want! I can’t wait to prayform on Friday! I’M SO INSPIRED!!!