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Wednesday April 23rd 2014
I was hoping to get a message from Paul saying we’d have a place to stay in Edinburgh and an email from Joan saying she’d make my hoop skirt. Neither were there when I checked my email this morning. Why does everything have to take so long? Why can’t it just be done? I checked my messages all day waiting for someone to write back. I got a craving for sweets so I had some raspberries. I desperately want those cranberry granola cookies from Senior Mangos, but they’re still out of stock. I hope they’ll have some before we leave on Tuesday. Jenn and her husband came over at 5. She took my measurements and I gave her my prayformance skirt to sew. They’re going to L.A. tomorrow to get flowers to sew on the dress. I finally got a message from a woman on Etsy who makes hoop skirts. She said it won’t work for her to make it the length I want. I placed my order anyway and asked her to make it 27 inches. She agreed. So, Jenn is making the overlay skirt and the woman from etsy is making the hoop skirt. I hope everything works out and it looks the way I want. Thoth made the most amazing caesar salad for dinner and I made salmon. I got distracted and didn’t eat it though. Instead, I glued my drawing onto a canvas board and started painting it. When I went to scan it, though, it didn’t come out so good. I tried peeling the drawing off the canvas. Not a good idea. I got really upset and tried cutting it off with a straight razor. Another bad idea. “I’ve ruined it!” I said crying. Thoth tried giving me ideas how to fix it. He’ll resize the scan tomorrow and I’ll print it off on some better paper. I’ll never do that again. The past few paintings I’ve done have hit some major snags that have gotten me really upset. When am I going to learn my lesson?!

“Inspiration Creativity Fantasy”

Wednesday March 19th 2014
Up at 10am. Slept in a bit later today. I spent the morning organizing my blog and dating all my drawings to post on Facebook. It was very mind numbing, but I’m obsessive compulsive when it comes to putting things in order. Everything must be just so. That’s how I’m able to be creative, though. After some breakfast, I scanned my new artwork and posted it in Facebook in the correct order. It took forever. My 3D art wasn’t translating well on the scanner, so I took some pictures instead. Much better. It’s good to learn how to problem solve! Thoth has taught me that. I settled down and painted a background for my little model, then took a bike ride to the store. I continued working when I got home.

I love how my art piece turned out! I’m really getting into mixed media art. Drawing for me is more about precision. I’m trying to get the correct expression and proportions to convey an emotion. That requires technical skill. Mixed media isn’t technical, I’m just being creative and having fun. I like using drawing and mixed media together. I allow myself more freedom and judge myself less harshly.

Thoth made us salmon and I continued watching “The Neverending Story II.” When I finished that, we had dinner and I watched “Jumanji.” it’s fascinating to watch old movies from my childhood. I have quite a different perspective now. While I was scraping some paint off a lid with an x-acto knife, I stabbed myself in the finger. Ow! That hurt! Thankfully it’s wasn’t a deep cut. I cleaned it and wrapped it up. Thoth said his hearts gets hurt when I’m in pain. He went to bed and I backlogged my blog for a little while. I’m almost finished updating from December 2013 until now! It’s a lot of work, but I should have done it earlier. Thank goodness I have a good memory. Better write it all down before I forget! If not for me, than for someone to read in the future. Who knows. It’s good to have it all written down. Then there’s no misinformation. You can get it all from the horses mouth, so to speak!