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Steadfast Amongst the Ebb and Flow

Saturday October 1st 2016

Yesterday we stayed home from the park. Thoth was getting over a cold and it was too rainy and cold to go out anyway. I practiced violin in the hallway. It was too busy out there, so I continued practicing in the apartment. Our housemate Amy loves our music. I found some backing tracks on Youtube, which I sang and played with. It was fun. I’m trying to get better at improvisation on violin. In the evening, I dyed my bangs pink, purple and blue.

Today we went out to play. I expected nothing. Saturdays are like that. I did myself up and loved my look. The tunnel was wet so Thoth found a mop and cleaned up so we could set up and play. Our LA friend Ross, who’s known Thoth for years and years, showed up out of the blue to see us perform! “I didn’t want to tell you I was coming and then not show up. I know how you don’t like people to do that.” he said. He got situated in the corner leaning on a pillar. Paul was there, too and an artist friend of his who sat next to Ross to draw us. All three of them watched our entire show. Ross put a dollar in our case after every song, trying to get people to do the same.

It was a tough day. The break dancers were downstairs almost the entire time. We got the first three songs in quiet and of course had big crowds, but once they started up our crowds went to watch them. I don’t take it personally anymore. There was an event upstairs and they always come downstairs when there’s something happening at the Bandshell. It’s annoying, but there’s nothing we can do other than play. At least they’re not playing a boom box loudly anymore. They could turn it up at anytime though.

We had times playing today with almost no audiences, which is hard for me. I try to remember that we’re not doing it for the audiences and the money, we’re doing it for a much more spiritually and artistically significant reason. We’re doing it because we must. It gives us our life purpose and meaning. It directs us and focuses us. It keeps us going no matter what happens. It is what gives us strength and pride. Money and audiences come because of our dedication to doing it. A miracle in our lives. I am so grateful to have prayformance.

Some people said some wonderful things at the beginning. When we finished, Ross reflected what he experienced. “It was actually more inspiring when you were playing to very few people. You were this thing that stayed steadfast as everything ebbed and flowed around you.” he said. He said especially when we were playing “Plucking Song” up front and the break dancers were doing their big spiel. “There’s this beautiful gem here for anyone who passes by.” he said. It was so nice to have that reflected to us. I felt that way, too.

We talked with our friends. Paul recited a poem he wrote about Thoth as we stood around him. It’s a poem he wrote about a magical thunder storm that happened back in 2009 at the tunnel. A big thunder clap came crashing down as Thoth sang and hammed on the foot drum. It was an amazing moment, perfectly captured by Paul’s poem. He’s a brilliant poet. His friend, the painter, recited another poem by Paul he had memorized. Paul recites his poems quietly and reverently. We treated ourselves to Santos Anne for dinner.

Such a Successful Weekend in Central Park!

Sunday September 25th 2016

Today would be a good day. There was nothing happening in the park, nothing at the Bandshell to bring the break dancers downstairs. It would be peaceful and quiet. I was sure of it. I did myself up for a Sunday prayformance, the best day of the week for us.

3 4I was right. As we walked through Strawberry Fields, we passed Josh, Dan Rubin’s brother. He was coming to see us perform. Dan showed up too! Yay. We got to start early because Cover Story wouldn’t be there. It was quiet and peaceful for our full 2 hour performance! It seemed kind of slow at first, but we ended up doing really well. We packed up while talking with Dan and Josh. Marcela arrived and began singing. She came over to ask if we were finished before starting. Much better! I’m glad.

We took the L train to Lorimer St. and had dinner at Santos Anne. Long day. Long week. Glad it’s over, but so glad it was so successful!

Saturday September 24th 2016

I slept 12 hours too offset my jet lag. Despite still being tired, I got made up and we went out to prayform at the Angel Tunnel. We knew there would be a big concert in the park and were unsure if we’d be able to play at all. Doing our best and having no expectations is the best way to live life I’ve found. You’re never disappointed, always pleasantly surprised. I’m not entitled to anything. When we get to prayform and have a successful day, it is a blessing. It is never a given!

2 1Sarah Kernochan said she’d stop by at the beginning to see us. That was motivation enough to go out. When the time rolled around, there she was, hugging me as we stretched on the pillars. She watched three songs “Anya” “Esh” and Ee-ay” and then left. She’s treating us to dinner on Thursday, so we’ll have more time to talk then.

People were super complimentary of my makeup and of our music. An Irish woman was adoring us. She waited for us to start and then bought a CD. “It’s magical what you do.” she said. I love when people call me or our music or what we do magical. That’s a great compliment. Just what I’m going for!

We played for less than an hour, being tired from flying all day yesterday, plus the concert started up. The opera singer girl, Marcela, arrived as well and asked if she could sing. She actually apologized for setting up on us on Sunday. It was a big misunderstanding actually. We packed up and left the tunnel with Dan.

Our friend Mega Flash was upstairs so we said hello. He told us that he told Marcela to talk to Thoth. “You have to respect that man. He’s been here longer than any of us.” he said, referring to Thoth. Damn right. Of any person I know, Thoth deserves peoples respect!


Fairy Alien Creature

Saturday November 7th 2015

Another magic day. The weather was great, again. November is such a great month for us. It happens every year, even when it gets cold. I know it’s because we play during the sunset. Sunset is our special time. Prayformance was made for sunset. It’s the world’s death dance.

My hair contrasts my makeup in a striking way. I love it. I feel like an weird fairy alien creature from a far off world. IMG_20151107_145724592

It was super busy at the Angel Tunnel. A group of children sat down to watch us while we were still setting up. Thoth told them we weren’t starting yet. There were lots of people in the tunnel all the time we played. Very noisy, but it quieted down as the sun set.

Many of the people who watched us were mesmerized. “Beautiful.” “You guys are amazing.” they said in awe.

IMG_20151107_170159421 IMG_20151107_170214977 We went to our favorite sushi place near home for dinner. A man came up to our table while I was away. “You have an otherworldly energy about you.” he said when I came back. “I needed to acknowledge you. Most people aren’t as clear as you.” he said to us both. He hasn’t even heard our music or seen what we do!

I believe that even though hundreds of thousands of people will see us prayform before we’re dead, it will only be after our death that people will really become aware of what we created and how special it was. We would be very lucky if it happens in our lifetime . Life is very short, but our music and art is timeless and will live on forever. IMG_20151107_205630

Performance at the Mystic Midway at the Red Victorian in SF! ! !

Friday May 15th 2015

It’s hard for us to do midnight shows. We’re used to getting dressed at noon and playing around 3, then having the whole evening to ourselves. When we perform late at night, we have to worry about staying up late and stuff. It also requires a lot more energy because we can’t eat dinner.

We had lunch at 2:30 and got a bunch of things at the market on Height for dinner later. I wanted to get bubble tea, but I was too tired. Thoth and I took a nap at 5. We headed to the Red Vic to rehearse a piece with the dancers.

Reheasing for the dance.

Reheasing for the dance.

Scott and our friend Megan were there, but everything was really chill. People clapped when we finished. We only went through the piece once so as not to injure our voices.

We went home to take showers and get dressed up. I stuck my new cabochons to my face and put lights in my headdress. I felt very pretty!

Without lights.

Headdress without lights.

We went back to the venue at 10:30. It was hopping! Lots of people in cool costumes. Some people asked when we’d be playing.

The party.

The party.

We went upstairs to relax and get our bells on and violins out. The girls who were going to dance with us were hanging out. I took some pictures in the bathroom with the full mirror.

With lights.

Full costume with lights.

We had about an hour to wait. I started getting really excited when the time came for us to perform. I only get nervous when we’re being introduced at a gig like this. It’s like my body’s realizing “Hey, this is really happening. We’re really doing this!” but once I start to play I use all that energy for the prayformance. They did this funny routine and Scott (the founder of the Mystic Midway) came out in this bizarre costume. “I come from the realm of Hot-Glue-Landia. You will recognize me from the hot glue burns on my fingers.” he said. Hysterical! People were packed pretty tight to the “stage” so we had to move people aside to get through. People are very responsive to us in this crowd. They’re our kind of crowd. They react to what we’re doing. I could look in their eyes without fear. Everyone was really in the zone with us. I think something Scott said about “The language of the Midway” got me to really try out some more syllables and consonants when I sang. People laughed and cheered and cried with us. They were right there with us. They were so ready for us. I can’t really explain it in words. It’s fucking awesome, let me just say that. 🙂

Photo by Dennis Hearne.

Photo by Dennis Hearne.

We had to move people back in order for the dancers to get around us. Scott stood behind us with his arms outstretched as if he was enchanting us into life. It was such a magical presence to feel. The girls danced around us as we sang. I felt so joyous and happy and free. I can’t believe this is the life I get to live. It’s a magical life. I felt like we were fairy warriors from the far reaches of the galaxy set upon the earth to enchant people with our music. What a perfect art form for us to fully express ourselves! This is the life I always wanted to lead, and here I am, living it!!!!!!

Photo by Dennis Hearne.

Photo by Dennis Hearne.

After playing our songs, we went back upstairs to unwind. Thoth didn’t want to put his violin down. We went back downstairs and were besieged with praise from every single person in the audience. It’s such an amazing feeling to know that every person we encounter is going to say something so kind and complimentary to us after an indoor performance. That’s what I like most about performing indoors. People stay and talk to us about their experiences. In the park people wander in and out and some people say something to us, but not everyone. It’s a good balance to do both.

I took pictures of some people’s costumes.

Amazing costume.

Amazing costume.

More amazing costumes

More amazing costumes



And more.

And more.

We were both famished and tired, so we packed up to go home. Scott gave something to Thoth. “We got a surprise.” Thoth said to me. “I can guess what it is.” I said. We left the venue and walked down the street home. “Scott gave us money.” I said. “I wasn’t expecting it.” Thoth said.

Thoth made a quick and delicious pesto salmon pasta for dinner and we both fell into bed.