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A Tiring, Difficult Week

Wednesday June 9th 2016

Tribal Baroque’s Wednesday vlog:

We had lunch at Ink. I’m filming everything all the time now. It was hard getting ready to play today. I was talking to my sister on Skype and she was sad and lonely. It’s hard to see her like that when I’m half way around the world from her. Poor baby. I didn’t really like my look either. It felt like it was going to be slow at our spot, and it was, but Victor came again and brought two friends. We played for an hour and a half and Victor and his friends stayed the entire time. I wasn’t feeling good because, low and behold, I got my period! We dropped our things at home and went out for pizza for dinner.

Lila’Angelique’s Sunday Vlog:

Thursday June 10th 2016

Tribal Baroque Thursday vlog:

We were emailed by Rose, telling us to move to another apartment this morning. It completely ruined our day. We were angry and uncomfortable all day. I sent an email back saying we didn’t want to move again. No response all day. The prayformance crowds were as slow as molasses. I got so frustrated at one point I wanted to cry after one audience took almost half a minute to clap after a song, and even then most of them didn’t clap. A couple sat for the entire prayformance and clapped. The girl was a big fan. “I’ve waited for 3 months for you to come.” she said. That cheered me up. We had burgers for dinner.

Friday June 11th 2016

Tribal Baroque’s Friday vlog:

Rose called and said we had to move out because 12 people were arriving in a half hour. She didn’t get my email. We were pissed as we packed up our stuff and it was brought downstairs. It was the LAST thing I wanted to do. Rose’s husband and Rui brought all our things downstairs, put them in their van, drove to the other apartment and brought it upstairs for us. We bumped into our friend Jorge and he took us to lunch at Ink down the street. That made us feel better. He reminded me I needed to make sure I get a response before assuming someone is going to do something. “Accountability.” he said.

Prayformance was rough for me. Audiences were again like molasses. I couldn’t smile. “Are you focused? I’m here. I’m your husband.” Thoth said. I accidentally dropped my new bow and it snapped.  I wanted to throw my violin on the ground and give up I was so frustrated. I was able to get through it and it got a bit better as it got later. We had Nepalese food near home for dinner. The guys who work at that place treat us so respectfully. I wish everyone in the world treated us like that.

Lila’Angelique’s Sunday Vlog:

Saturday June 12th 2016

Tribal Baroque’s Saturday vlog:

I had a better day today. We had lunch at Ink Farm Food Cafe and I edited vlogs all day. We didn’t play at 56 Rua Garrett until 9pm. It got better last night as it got later, and it did tonight. We had the best night we’ve had in a week. I realized I haven’t smiled during prayformance all week. I smiled tonight, a lot. We were both full of energy and I improvised a lot more and had fun with the music. It makes such a big difference when people are focused on us. We were brimming over with energy and went to Nood for dinner.

Lila’Angelique’s Sunday Vlog:

Sunday June 13th 2016

Tribal Baroque’s Sunday vlog:

Sunday was St. Anthony’s Day here in Lisbon. I didn’t eat anything all day, saving myself for a sushi dinner at Miss Jappa after prayformance that night. There were tons of people out and vendors selling fish and sangria and beer. Nuts. A guy tried to kiss me, or something. We played at 56 Rua Garrett from 8:30 to 10pm. The entire night people were walking past us, headed to the parade or up to the square to get drunk. They were immensely unfocused. A man who had seen our show on Saturday night came and sat and watched us for most of the prayformance. If we had not had a good night on Saturday, I wouldn’t have felt so great about the night, but I managed to have fun. We were both tired when we finished. We dropped our things off at home and went to dinner at 11pm.

Lila’Angelique’s Sunday Vlog: