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Protected: Getting Sick, Playing at Tourettes and Golden Gate Park Update

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Saturday and Sunday In Golden Gate Park (+ a Vlog!)

Sunday May 15th 2016

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting often the past two weeks. When we’re upended, I don’t have scheduled time for writing and editing vlogs. I’m sorry. It will get back to normal soon, I promise! This past weekend was fantastic. My sister spent Friday afternoon with me, spent all Saturday with us and all Sunday and Monday too before we leave Tuesday morning. I’ve been thinking about and planning this trip for 3 months. I can’t believe it’s happening the day after tomorrow.

Saturday’s prayformance in the park was OK. Someone was playing in the tunnel before we started, but graciously let us play. He knew Thoth. Sis was with us, but no one stopped to watch us for the first two songs. I let Thoth sing a piece alone. “You look like poor little street performers when no one is watching you. When people are watching, you’re famous and special.” sis said. That’s how I feel. “A crowd gathers a crowd, but no crowd gathers no crowd.” I said. A woman and her husband sat down next to us. She gave me a bag with a card and a gift pinned to the back. It was Susan, a woman who always leaves comments on my blog! I embraced her and suddenly wanted to play again. We played a few more songs, but a group playing at the Conservatory was bugging me, so we stopped. “I’m proud of you.” Thoth said.

Sister’s friend Sophia arrived just as we were packed up. “Damn! I missed you again!” she said. I invited her to come over to the house and hang out for a bit. She did. Thoth and I changed clothes and walked down to Indian Oven for dinner with Summer and her partner Ken. They treated us and the food was delicious. Afterwards we went to Summer’s apartment to see her garden, then went home.

On Sunday morning, sis and I went to hang out around Bay to Breakers, it’s a crazy race that going on right outside the house. We walked through the revelers and couldn’t stop smiling. It’s such a fun event. Everyone’s in costume. We came home and she went to an audition while we got dressed for prayformance. We walked to Golden Gate Park. Thoth was nervous about police rousting the revelers. That happened last year and it was disappointing. There were tons of costumed people on the lawn, but lots of police and rangers on bikes. We set up and Thoth went to meditate.

A sax player came in the tunnel and started setting up to play. “Hey man, we’re going to play soon.” I said. “Cool. What do you do?” he said. “We sing and play violin.” I said. “Cool.” he said, and he started playing. I turned to Christine, a girl who had come to see us and said “What the fuck?” Thoth came down the stairs and asked me what was happening. “He just started playing.” I said. “I’m gonna go tell him we’re starting.” I did. Thankfully he stopped and we didn’t have to battle him.

The first half of the prayformance was hard. Thoth had a lot of energy he had to get out when singing. He had been preparing to sing the sax player out of the tunnel, which is never fun. He got his energy out and Christine came into the tunnel to dance. After that, sissy danced. I felt great. We had a big group of people sitting on the grass watching us, including a few friends from my sister’s workplace.

We had to finish at 5pm to get to our gig at Summer’s restaurant. We got a cab (which drove horribly) and got to the restaurant in time. Once we were ready, Ken introduced us and we played two songs. People loved it, but the space was really small. Summer sat us down at a private table with a few friends and fed us dinner. Ragi, Thoth’s childhood friend, joined us for dinner. What a lovely way to end our stay on the West Coast! Now I feel like we have a reason to come back!


1 Year Wedding Anniversary Prayformance in Golden Gate Park!

Sunday May 17th 2015

This morning I woke up to the sound of BOOM CHA BOOM CHA BOOM CHA BOOM CHA. It sounded like it was coming from an apartment next door! “How long has that been going on?” I asked Thoth. “It’s been coming up the street for the past 15 minutes,” he said. He made smoothies for us and I got dressed up for prayformance in Golden Gate Park. 

Michael, the drummer, called saying he was coming to our anniversary dinner tomorrow night and would try to come play with us today. We biked to the park and sat in the grass to get ready. There were a bunch of Bay to Breakers up in the grass partying, but a cop made them disperse. He asked us to move, too. “We’re clearing this area.” he called to us. “OK.” Thoth said, but we stayed where we were and he went away. The experience unnerved me and put me in a bad mood. We got ready slowly so the cop would leave. He did, but the park felt very empty. There weren’t any people in costume on the grass. “It feels like they’re really shutting down Bay to Breakers.” Thoth said. 4 years ago there were tons of people in costumes sitting on the grass having fun. This year there were a bunch of signs in the grass saying “Keep off the Flowers.” It’s because people don’t clean up after themselves.

I wasn’t sure we’d even be able to play. I called Michael and left a message saying I didn’t want him to go through so much trouble to come here when it felt so dull. Once we started, people sat in the grass to watch us and by the end we had a big crowd of people watching us and clapping and buying CDs!  I was so happy!! These two young people who absolutely loved our music sat and watched us for a while. It turned out they were both singers.  IMG_20150517_171247889“You’re an angel.” the boy said. They took some pictures of us and we talked with them about singing while packing up to go home.
The happy anniversary couple!

We biked back to John’s house, I fed the kitties and we packed up to go back to Nancee’s house. We were both very tired and hungry for dinner!  Waiting for the bus and drinking a Kombucha. 🙂It was a wonderful weekend for us.

We got back to Oakland and had dinner at a burger place and Nancee picked us up.

2 more days until we fly to Lisbon!

A Lovely Prayformance in Golden Gate Park!

Saturday May 16th 2015

“I’ve been having a nightmare morning.” Thoth said when I woke up. He got in bed with me. I knew he would feel better after we played in the park. It’s so cozy when he does that. I took a shower. Thoth got smoothie stuff for us and tried to make a smoothie, but the blender wasn’t strong enough. “I’ll do it better tomorrow.” he said.

I put on warm clothes and did my hair and makeup. I wasn’t expecting anything from our prayformance in Golden Gate Park today, but I was feeling so good from last night’s show, I wanted to look pretty.

We got to the park and a hang drummer was playing quietly in the tunnel. We sat down in the grass and put on our bells. The man came out. “I just wanted to hear what it sounds like in there.” he said. He wasn’t a busker. I was wondering why there was no tip case in front of him. He hung out to see what we’d do. He was curious. We set up and a couple came over. “We haven’t seen you in years.” they said. The man said I had written something under one of Thoth’s Youtube videos and he asked where we’d be playing in SF and I told him, so they came!

When we first started playing, people sat sort of far away from us. We invited the couple and the hang player to sit in the grass patch closer to us and they did. “We can hear the acoustics better.” the couple said. Having people sit close to us helps gather a crowd, which always helps us. 🙂 The day turned out much sunnier and nicer than we expected! We were very happy.

Relaxing after the prayformance. What a life!
We biked home and I fed the kitties. John has two, Tasha the boy and Penelope the girl. Penelope was born feral so she’s really skittish. I’ve been feeding them the past few days so she’s been getting used to me. Tonight she came downstairs and came into our room and let me pet her. She has never done that before. She did it 5 times! I was in heaven.

We went to thai on Haight for dinner. We stuffed our faces we were so freakin’ hungry. We both love having dinner after prayforming. There’s something really special about paying for our dinner with money we just made from singing in the park. People really like us on the Haight. “You both look like something out of a story book.” a man said on the street. “Why do people say that?” We weren’t in costume. “I think it’s our energy.” Thoth said.

Final Prayformance in Golden Gate Park! Goodbye Bay Area!

Monday May 26th 2014

What an amazing stay in the Bay Area! The best we’ve ever experienced! Thank you West Coast friends for making it so magical!

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI slept and slept and slept this morning. I’m so tired! We got ready and biked to the park. A woman named BJ came all the way from Vallejo to see us! She came and said hello to me while I waited for Thoth. I went into the bushes and two people were talking about us. “I’ve seen them before. They’re amazing.” was all I heard. When Thoth came back, we started. We did three new pieces today. Our new waltz with in C Minor, and it was really beautiful. People don’t know when we’re creating completely new pieces. People sat in the shade mostly today as well as yesterday. I’m actually getting more excited to improvise. It mixes things up and gets me thinking on my feet. John came to see us half way through the prayformance. I’m always happy when he comes to see us. I was surprised and thrilled to see his girlfriend Annie come near the end. She got to see us play 3 pieces. I don’t think she’s ever seen us perform before! It was so nice. When we finished, the battery to the camera was low, but I got a few pictures before it shut off.

Our lovely friends John and Annie. John’s the one we stay with when we’re in San Francisco. He always comes to see us prayform.

We sat with John and Annie in the grass while we packed up. Annie said she had a vision of a wonderful event with us. She wants to put on a Baroque Tribal event with us someday. She loves to put on underground events. We mentioned the lovely tunnels in the Marin Headlands would be a good place to do one. She puts on psychedelic parties. It was very exciting. Me, John, Annie, and Thoth biked home and we packed up to go home. John said he would bike with us towards BART and have dinner with us! How sweet. We convinced Annie to come along.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAWe all biked The Wiggle. It’s all downhill so it’s really fun. I said “Weeee!” all the way down. Thoth’s backpack fell off at the bottom. John went back to help him while Annie and I decided where to go eat dinner. She though of the opera diner. “It’s just glorified diner food.” she said. We all biked there and locked up our bikes. The place was so cute. There was a pianist playing standards in the corner. I got some honey glazed chicken. Yum. We talked about our travels and where we’d like to go next.

After dinner, we hugged and said goodbye. Thoth and I biked to BART and took it to Rockridge and biked up the steep hill to Nana’s house. She was happy we had a good final weekend. We dropped our things upstairs and Thoth had some champaign with Nana before bed. I tried syncing songs to my iPod, but it wouldn’t work. I wrote my blog, took a shower and collapsed in bed.