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Protected: Last Week in San Diego, Show in the Dome and Last Prayformance in Balboa Park (Plus Videos of the Performance!)

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More Filming for Our Upcoming Documentary!

Friday March 25th 2016

I’ve been having a great time ever since we started playing up front (in front of Casa Del Prado) in Balboa Park. There are a lot more people who watch us and the acoustics are so much better than in the back. It’s more social, too. In the back I was getting really depressed. Yesterday we only played two song because the hair on Thoth’s bow broke, but it didn’t matter. Thursday is our practice day. Our friend Ali came to see us and watched the two songs we played. She’s one of those big fans who cheers and applauds after every song. We love that. Having her in the audience means it’s going to be a good day for us. Anytime we have fans in the audience we have a good day, because it means at least one person is truly paying attention to us.

Today I got all dressed up again and David (Barbarella’s husband) came to get some pickup shots for the documentary. We played “Anya,” then did a shot of us dancing around our GoPro on the ground for David. We gather a crowd when we’re performing in public, no matter what we’re doing. I was imagining what people might be thinking when they’re watching us. Not anyone in the audience has seen what we do before, unless they’ve seen us. A woman came to see us. I don’t know who she was or how she knew us, but she stayed until we finished. We had, big, big audiences for a Friday and I was on fire. I’m inspired to improvise every day these days. We did another improvisation today. What a lovely day it was.

Here’s our vlog for the day:

I love being inspired. Who knows when or if anything will change for us, but we will always, always be improving and getting better. Maybe this documentary will be something very special for us. It’s going to be released and screened at the end of April before we leave for Oakland (and our big trip to Europe!) We make our life amazing because we do the work needed to make it so.

Here’s my personal vlog from yesterday:

Final Day of Filming at Wing’s Castle for “ANYA”!

Monday November 3rd 2014

Today’s filming was even harder than yesterday. I slept much better, though. Thoth let me sleep until 8:40. I actually woke up on my own and looked at the clock. Thoth had said he’d get me up at 8, so I was confused. “We let you sleep in.” he said. “That’s sweet.” I said. I got up and got dressed, then went upstairs. Summer was there. “Sal went to get the van from Home Depot.” she said. When Sal got back, he said his uncle was coming to drive us to the castle. “You can sit in the front seat.” Sal said. “Yay!” I said. His uncle arrived and drove us to the castle behind Sal’s van. Sal got turned around a few times. 🙂

Thoth and I went into the guest room when we arrived. I was so tired I had to lay down, but Sal needed me to be ready in an hour. I put on my makeup and listened to “Jeckyll and Hyde.” I know it’s a cheesy show, but Anthony Warlow is incredible in the title role! Sal came to get me and we did a pickup shot, then spent a lot of time filming the running away scene. That was the hardest for me, in the catacombs. I was freezing, and starving. I hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday. Poor Sal had to do everything by himself. We had no one helping us today. Everyone had to go to work. Charles, the son of the late Peter Wing, offered to get us food down the street at a sandwich shop. The food arrived around 3 when Thoth and I started filming together. Thoth actually isn’t in a lot of the cinematic scenes. I was starving, so I noshed on my sandwich in the middle of takes.

We had to rush to beat the sunset so we could get on the train at a decent hour and go home. We finally finished at 5. Thoth took a shower and we packed up our stuff and said goodbye to Sal and Summer.

Charles drove us to the Ploughkipsee station and we said goodbye. We bought our tickets and waited for the train. It arrived a little before 7. I lay down and listened to music while Thoth rubbed my feet. We arrived at Grand Central at 8:30. I peeped some super high notes and Thoth whistled them back to me. We took the subway back to Williamsburg. Thoth was hungry, so we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. I wasn’t so hungry, so I gave Thoth the rest of my salad. It makes me happy when he eats my food. We went home. I couldn’t write my blog I was so tired, so we both hopped into bed and cuddled.

Behind-the-Scenes Filming at Wing’s Castle for “ANYA”

Sunday November 2nd 2014

Thoth woke me up at 7:30. I slept horribly, so I really, really didn’t want to get up. I’m not a morning person. I dressed in 3 layers. The high was in the 40’s today. It was freezing and windy when we went to the car. We drove with Sal’s mother to the castle with Sal leading us. We arrived at the castle around 8:30. Toni, the wife of the late Peter Wing who owns the castle, got our room ready. I didn’t know we’d have our own room! It was so warm and had a comfy bed.
“Are we spending the night here?” I asked Sal. “No. But you could. I didn’t think about it.” he said. Thoth and I rested in the bedroom until 11am when Sal had set up the shot. We filmed me for about an hour or so, then Sal ordered pizza and the crew ate in our room where it was warm.
Sal did Thoth’s makeup and we did shots inside with lighting as the sun went down. That was really cool. The sunset was amazing. The castle looked more amazing as the sun peaked behind the trees, but it got creepy once it was dark. It takes a long time to set up shots. Poor Sal is doing a lot by himself. He has people helping him, of course, but he’s filming it himself. I’m amazed by the crew’s generosity. Sal is a great director. I think the film is going to look beautiful. It’s amazing how long it takes to do a simple shot of me sitting up or walking. I can’t imagine how long it would take to film scenes with dialogue! Filming movies is hard because there’s a lot of waiting around and the hours are. The actual filming is easy. Prayformance is hard in a completely different way. We have to use a lot more energy ton of energy. Filming seems more luxurious, but I hate getting up so early. I can never fall asleep when I have to wake up early.

We finally finished filming at 8pm. 12 hour day. We drove back to Sal’s parents house. I was squished between two people in the back seat. I had to stare at the road so I didn’t get car sick. No one had eaten dinner, but we were all feeling sick so we decided to get home. Sal looked at the footage while we snacked on leftovers, then I went downstairs to write my blog and go to bed. I am so tired and my abs hurt. I did a lot of sitting up and lying down today. Ow.

Good night.