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An Intimate Day Off

Monday February 29th 2016

My sister stayed an extra day. We went on a bike ride to the coffee shop, then drove down to go shopping and had lunch. It was so nice. I treated her to some clothes and she treated me to lunch! So sweet! I have a lovely sister. She drove me to get soft serve ice cream and we went home. She got us some grape juice because she had been drinking ours over the weekend. What a sweet sister.

We came home and I edited all of our vlogs from the past four days while sissy and Jim watched a movie. Thoth went in the back to relax and at sunset I took out the camera and went to film him. He was in a wonderful mood, and so was I. We’re one big happy family here!


A Weeks Worth of Behind-the-Scenes Birthday Weekend/Prayformance Vlogs and Blogs!!!!!!!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a whole week! I’ll be back to normal now! My sister and mother were in town this weekend for our 28th birthday and I didn’t want to miss a moment of it. Enjoy!


Sunday Prayformance with Friends and Lovely Dinner

Sunday February 28th 2016

What a magical ending to our magical birthday weekend! I can’t believe we prayformed 4 days in a row, two hours a day, plus had a party and everything else!!

We got dressed, picked mom up and drove to Balboa Park for the fourth day in a row. It seemed quiet at first, but sis and mom would be there for the entire prayformance. Forrest came, too, even though he was sick! I was touched that he came anyway. “It’s good for me.” he said. Tasha couldn’t come. 🙁 🙁 :(. Forrest gave my sister his chair. The first hour for the second day in a row was hard because my voice and body were tired, but I perked up when our other friends Miti and Bassemah showed up. I wasn’t expecting to see Bassemah, so I completely lost track of the piece we were playing. It was an interesting day in terms of audience interaction. My sister is always trying to distract me, so I’m always trying to tell her subtly to be quite, but also I wanted to hug and talk to our friends, but at the same time I have to be professional and sell CDs and talk to the audience.

We finished, packed up and I got to hold a snake. Then we went to Osaka with sis and mommie for dinner. She’s leaving tomorrow morning for Nashville. Thoth is going to drive her to the airport. We drove her to her place and hugged her goodbye. “Thank you mommie for making this weekend possible.” I said.

Sis is staying an extra day tomorrow with us. We’re going to hang out.

Saturday Prayformance with Friends and Lovely Dinner

Saturday February 27th 2017

Today I slept in a bit late. I was pooped from the b-day party. Thoth, too. We got dressed up and went to pick up mom for another prayformance at Balboa Park. I had no idea doing four prayformances and doing all this other stuff with mom and sis here would be so tiring! That’s the reason we usually do nothing else but prayform and rest. We got to the park and set up on Patio B to play. Mom and sis went to have lunch at the Balboa Park Restaurant.

The first hour of prayformance was hard. My voice and body was really tired, but by 4pm, Sister Ida arrived IN FACE and Becca came with two of her friends! They both sat right up front. I instantly feel better when our friends come to see us! They stayed for the rest of our show and stayed to talk with us. Sis and mom had gone to the museum. They came back when we finished. Sister Ida sat with us while we packed up and we laughed together. I love, love, love our friends. Ida told us she had come dressed up especially to see us. I was flattered beyond measure.

Mom, sis, me and Thoth drove to Bleu Boheme for a wonderful candle lit dinner!

28th Birthday!!!

Friday February 26th 2016

Today is our 28th birthday!!!!!!! What a wonderful morning it was! Thoth got in bed with me and Sis came in the room and snuggled with us. Thoth wasn’t feeling so good, but he had the Babes (our stuffed animals) sing happy birthday to us. Sis said it was the cutest thing she’s ever seen. It is so cute. I wish Bunny would let me film it. 🙂

Sis played me happy birthday for me and Jim put on some stupid happy birthday music before sis and I went to the coffee shop for breakfast. I saw our busker friend Chet and said hi. Sis and I talked about my inability to talk to people when I don’t want to. “It’s important to talk to people and have friends.” she said. She challenged me to call up one of my friends this week. I said I would. We biked home and started doing makeup. Sis actually did makeup with me, by herself! I was quite impressed with her skills. Her blending was very good! She’s never done that before.

Mom met us at the house and we drove to Balboa Park for a birthday prayformance! Sis went with Jim who came, too. Our big fan Ali was there as was mom’s host Kathleen, so we had five people waiting for us to play before we even started. I love when that happens. We played and had big applause all afternoon. Thoth and I were on fire and really sang our butts off! It was so much fun. I’d told myself I wasn’t going to sing too much before our party, but I couldn’t help myself. We played through the opera and played some from the old set, too. That was the first time mom and sis saw the opera! They were very impressed. We played from 3-5pm, then packed up and went home to prepare for the party!

People started showing up at 6. We had about 10 people, all close friends and fans from the park. Forrest and his girlfriend Tasha dressed up especially. I’d never seen Forrest dressed up before. He looked fantastic! Yay! Once everyone arrived, we got every to go to the studio to perform two songs. I was so tired. My sister did a mime piece when we finished. It was so funny. It was called “What I Love” and she was miming putting on makeup and performing onstage, then seeing me afterwards and being stupid, like we are. The only word she said was “Sis.” I was touched. We went back in the house and ate dinner. Sister Ida and Mitch were the last to leave. Sis took a liking to Ida, as I did when he came to our b-day party last year.

It was such a lovely birthday!

Mom Sees Prayformance, Sissy Arrives

Thursday February 25th 2016

Today I got all dressed up for prayformance. It would be the first time my mother has seen us prayform in a LOOONG time. I actually don’t remember the last time! We went and picked her up and she loved how I looked, I mean loooved. She was doting on me, as all mothers do. We drove to the park and I got car sick. Thoth dropped us off and I sat down with mom while he parked the car. What a good husband. I felt better and Thoth came back. We walked to our spot in front of Casa Del Prado and set up.

It was a slow day for us, but mom sat in her lawn chair watching us the entire time. I was kind of nervous actually. It was the first time she’s ever watched us like that. I’m always nervous when close family members watch us. Prayformance is a very intimate, exposed and vulnerable thing. It’s easier to do it in front of strangers. It was wonderful to have mom there, though. It was like she was seeing us for the first time, though she’s seen us perform a few times before. She’s never sat and watched an entire prayformance before though. I was surprised. I was not expecting her to watch us. “I’ll see you guys three more times.” she said. I wasn’t expecting that either. She was incredibly complimentary, and genuinely so. My mom has always been supportive of me, but this was the first time she was supportive of us.  Thoth’s mom has never ever watched him prayform, let alone us. She said we looked like twins, but opposites. Even though it was a slow day, I was so happy mom was there to support us. Now that she is sober, it’s like her mind has been cleared. She said some wonderful things. She’s always been supportive of my gifts, but not of Thoth’s. Now she’s a fan!

We went to dinner at the Smoking Goat and then went to pick up my sister at the airport! She was SO excited to see me she was jumping around and shouting, like she does. We drove back to the house and opened birthday presents, then danced around to music in the living room. It was transformative for me actually. I’ve never done that before.

Birthday tomorrow!!!

Mommie Arrives

Wednesday February 24th 2016

My mom arrived yesterday! We dropped her stuff off at her AirBnB, had lobster rolls for lunch, then she took us heavy duty grocery shopping at two grocery stores! It was a lot of fun, and she paid for everything. :o) Mom is in much better shape now being sober. I am so happy for her, and for us. Thoth had been worried about seeing her, but I knew she would be doing much better. We hung out with her at home and Thoth made artichokes for dinner. We lit some candles and ate at the table together. I never thought I would have a mother again, let alone one who would talk with Thoth and be kind and social. We drove her back to her AirBnB place and went home.

First Time Working on the Opera

Tuesday February 23rd 2016

Hey everyone! We started working on the new opera for the first time today! We got the first 3 pieces sketched! I was very proud of us. We don’t have to write new music, we want to.


A Wonderful Going Away Dinner with Friends

Monday May 18th 2015

Thoth got in bed with me this morning and snuggled with me for an hour. It was wonderful.

We spent the day packing our suitcases and cleaning up our room. We’re flying to Lisbon tomorrow. Thoth took the entire day to pack. I was happy he got it done. He even helped me bleach my roots!

Michael came over to hang out and change before taking us to our wedding anniversary dinner with Nancee, Deborah and Rodger. He brought out his drum and a singing bowl to play for us. We took out our violins and played a little with him, then I sang  while Thoth rang the bowl and Michael played drum. It was so nice! I wish we could bring Michael everywhere!
We drove to the restaurant. The sun was just setting. “It’s your last sunset in Oakland!” Michael said.
We got to sit in the back. It was very busy. I got to sit in between Thoth and Michael. I told him how much it meant to us that he came to dinner and that he is in our lives. We love him so much. Everyone at the table was a dear friend who had known both of us for years. They feel like family, a very loving, very supportive tight knit family who loves and cares about us. “Happy anniversary!” everyone said when we clinked glasses. “How have things changed for you since being married?” Nancee asked. “We did all the work before.” Thoth said. “We feel more connected than we ever have.” I said. I fed Michael some of my food and he shared his with me. I feel so happy for my life and my friends. I am so grateful for what I have. 
Our flight is tomorrow at 4pm. We’re going to have lunch with our friends Chris and Khalil and then they’ll drop us at BART.

Thoth’s Family Visits!

Monday December 29th 2014

I got really excited this morning when it seemed we were going to TWO New Year’s Eve parties (I’m writing this the next day and it didn’t work out.) We ARE going to Scott Levkoff’s low key invite only party in SF to play. I’m excited. It’s been years since we were invited to play at a NYE party. So, yeah. That happened. Maybe we’ll do the other party next year.

Thoth’s family (which is now mine also) arrived at 1pm to visit. Cheryl (Thoth’s sister) Cheryl’s daughters Grace and Hyacinth and Hyacinth’s two boys Zach and Ben came. We talked about Thoth’s mom, ate and then played a fun game. They’re so sweet and have completely embraced me as part of the family. That feels so good. Cheryl said she loves reading my blog. I love when people say that. Hyacinth calls me Lilabug. 🙂 She loves me. I love my new family.

Hyacinth and me.

Hyacinth and me (taken by Cheryl.)

I was working on a drawing all day, but I still don’t like how it looks. Grace showed me some of her drawings. She’s a great artist. Around 5, everyone went home and Nana took us to the sauna in Piedmont for our hot tub. She gave us a gift certificate to go there for Christmas. I was a limp noodle when we finished. Nana picked us up and took us home, then went out dancing. I wrote to Chris and Khalil to see if we’re still having dinner tomorrow night. We planned to meet at Plearn for dinner. Nana will come, too. Thoth is going with Nana to get a massage tomorrow, which she also gave him as a Christmas gift. She’s so sweet. I drew and watched Titus into the evening. What a nice day! NYE in 2 days!