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Last Day in Amsterdam!

Monday August 31st 2015

We got all our chores done. We did our laundry last night and Thoth helped me bleach my roots, too. Today we went grocery shopping (so we have food on tomorrow’s flight), returned the bikes and had lunch. It was all rainy and cozy. It was nice walking arm in arm. We were worried we’d have trouble making our bus connection to the ferry once we arrive in Boston tomorrow night. If we miss the bus to Woods Hole (to catch the last ferry to Martha’s Vineyard), a friend will pick us up and drive us there. It’s good we have a backup plan, and our people in the Vineyard have a plan C if we miss the ferry. I’m glad we got that all sorted out! I wrote down our travel itinerary and was even able to print off our boarding passes and bus tickets, thanks to Marja. I can’t believe we’re going to be in Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow night! “I hope you can come back next year. You’re always welcome.” Wim said.  “Thank you! You are so sweet. It’s good to feel welcomed!” I said.

Goodbye Amsterdam!
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Traveling to Lisbon

May 19th-21st 2015

Hey everyone! We’re in Lisbon!!!!! 🙂 Our friends Chris and Khalil picked us up before our flight on Tuesday to have breakfast. To our surprise, Khalil paid for our food and dropped us at the Oakland airport! There was a long line to check in. We took that time to each weigh our bags. Mine was exactly 44 lb. but Thoth’s was 6 lb. over. He took out the thing that was heavy (the tripod) and put it over his shoulder. The gentleman who checked us in was very nice to us. “Hello pink princess!” he said. That immediately put me at ease.

Waiting to get on the plane.

Waiting to get on the plane.

On the plane with the Babes.

On the plane with the Babes.

Our first flight (to Oslo) was fine. We took off at 4pm and arrived the next morning at 10am. I never try to sleep on planes. Thoth does. He conked out for a couple of hours. Instead I watched a couple of movies. Once we landed, we went through border control and waited for our flight to Lisbon, which was at 2. I wanted to lay down so badly! That 4 hour flight wasn’t so nice. We were on this very small, cramped plane and they didn’t give us water freely. It was only accidental that they gave me a free bottle. They didn’t even feed us. I got dehydrated and was very hungry of course. My nose was coated with dried blood and my throat hurt. Fun!

Our friend Nuno and his girlfriend Sarah picked us up at the airport. We didn’t even have to call them! They drove us to Pensao Atalaia in Barrio Alto and Sarah helped us bring our bags in. The house keeper gave us keys to a room upstairs and explained we’d pay Vonda tomorrow. She’s the only one who speaks English. Maria, her mother, is the sweetest woman. It’s taken a long time for her to warm up to us. When she saw us, she kissed us both and said in Portuguese, “Is everything cool?” Neither she nor the house keeper speak a lick of English.

We put our stuff in our room then went back out with Nuno and Sarah to have dinner. They took us to a really cool area in a market where there were tons of food options. First we got some chicken, then decided to have sushi. We were both starving. Nuno already started talking about his idea to do a documentary. We’ll see what happens. We got dessert and met Nuno’s cousins and uncle who helped him make our music video. I got my first traditional kisses on each cheek. 🙂

Nuno took us home, I took a much needed shower and we got in bed.

I woke up at 4:45 am and Thoth was up working on his computer. I was so discombobulated that I couldn’t fall back to sleep for a few hours. Finally I did, but I woke up again at 2:30 in the afternoon. Oh well. “I don’t want to stay in this room.” Thoth said. “Do you want to go downstairs?” I asked. “Lets go talk to Vanda.” he said. We went downstairs and Vanda greeted us with hugs. She showed us a few rooms and we chose one downstairs with a double bed that we liked. We were both so hungry we went out to have lunch. The place we liked to go that has scones was closed and under different management. It looks like its a burger joint now. We’ll go there sometime and check it out. Instead, we went to a cafe down the street. The same woman still works there. We went down to the park to look at the view, then we went home.

We took everything from upstairs to our new room downstairs and got organized. I like our new room. It’s very cozy, and we can sleep together. IMG_20150521_124754296 IMG_20150521_124550104We’re going to the Brasserie for dinner tonight! It’s one of our favorite restaurants in the world. They old serve two dishes: a salad with salmon and the tenderest steak imaginable with french fries!!!!!

Dinner was so much fun! The waiter recognized us and served us well. What a fun evening out! IMG_20150521_154138664 IMG_20150521_143450640 IMG_20150521_145537890#1IMG_20150521_144815982We saw some buskers who recognized us and asked if we’d be playing tomorrow! We looked at our old spots in Chiado. I think we’ll try playing there tomorrow night.