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A Phantom’s Monologue

Saturday December 19th 2015

Hey guys… Soo…. For some reason I got inspired to make this quick video about something very personal to me…

My “Erik” voice. I’m nervous as I listen to it. It’s very intimate. I’ve never shared it with anyone before, now I’m sharing it with the whole world.

You could say I’m inspired by the other Erik monologues I’ve listened to on Youtube, namely a friend of mine’s and by Benedict Cumberbatch live action vocal performance of Smaug on Youtube. Look it up if you haven’t seen it already. He really goes for it. It inspired me to go for it with this voice. I hope you enjoy.

A Day in the City with My Sister + Vlog about What Inspires Me

Wednesday December 10th 2015

Such a wonderful day! Thoth went to visit his mom, so I got to spend the entire day with my sister! We met at BART at 11am and took it to the Embarcadero. She got a bike to rent and we biked along the Embarcadero to Pier 39. We parked our bikes and watched at the sea lions, all of whom were barking and sleeping on the pier. I’d never seen them there before! We then biked to Joe’s Crab Shack for lunch and I got a chocolate strawberry at Garadelli Square. We were tired from eating lunch, so we lay down on the grass and took a nap all snuggled together. I didn’t want to get up after a half hour.  but it was starting to drizzle so we biked back to the Ferry Building and returned her bike. We took BART home and I walked my bike up the hill to Nancee’s house. I was home at 6, Thoth got back at 9 from his mom’s. I was glad he got home tonight. My father is arriving from Nashville tomorrow and we’re going out to dinner with everybody! I managed to make a video. I’m wondering if my videos are too short. I edit down 12-15 minutes of footage to a minute or 2. I don’t want to bore anyone! What do you think? What’s a good length?

Finishing Lon Cheney Drawing

Tuesday January 14th 2014

Today I watched “Candide” and tried to draw. I got distracted. We biked to the grocery and bought a bunch of food. It was so hot! We biked home, put things away and biked back out to a coffee shop to meet with Dat Phan. He gave us 6 tickets to sell. I told him we wouldn’t be able to, but he gave them to us just in case. The show we’re playing at only has 36 people attending so far and the venue holds 121. Oh well, at least we’ll get some money. I made tuna salad for lunch. Thoth got moody in the evening and didn’t want to make dinner. I took a shower and acted in our room. It was really nice. I made myself a caesar salad with the leftover dressing.


Finishing Erik and Starting on Lon Cheney Drawing

Monday January 13th 2014

I continued watching “Sweeney Todd” while drawing, than “Company.” Thoth made pancakes and bacon for us. I continued drawing while I listened to “Pacific Overtures.” Jim helped us move Audrey’s bed into the living room and our bed into her room. We started the laundry and Thoth made us a chicken caesar salad. It’s so nice how little Jim is charging us. I started watching “Candide” and finished up my drawing.