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Staying in a Hotel + Dinner with Dan and Josh

Monday December 1st 2014

So today was moving day, and it was pretty painless!

We moved all our stuff out of the room when I got up and Thoth cleaned the whole room and the bathroom. I went around the corner and washed our bedsheets. I made a smoothie with the rest of the frozen fruit. Thoth was planning on taking the G train one stop to TD bank to change our change. I suggested we do it on the taxi ride to the hotel. “Good idea.” he said. Once the laundry was done, we went to the post office to mail some things to my mother, then we took our suitcases downstairs and hailed a cab. He took us to the bank and parked one block away. I had to carry the heavy bag of change to the bank, but there was someone in front of me who had a lot of change and didn’t know what they were doing. I waited for a while, but it took way too long so I ran back to the cab. “Can’t do it. It takes too long.” I said. “When can we do it again? We have to do it before we leave.” Thoth said. “Josh can drop us at one before we fly out on Wednesday.” I said. “That’s true.” he said. We arrived at the hotel an hour early, paid and were brought to our room. It had a full king size bed, which was oh so cozy. Thoth organized the room and set up his desk and I got in bed and listened to music on my computer. Dan called. He’s send me an email saying the place we were planning to have dinner is no longer open, but there’s a similar place 20 minutes from there. I found a message from his brother Josh saying he’d pick us up and bring us there. I called him to confirm. “I’ll come get you at 5:30.” he said.

Thoth and I took a shower together. It was so nice. We got dressed and I listened to music before Josh arrived. I’m obsessing on all things Phantom again. 🙂 It was cold and rainy when we ran to his car from the hotel. We picked up Dan at his apartment and drove to the restaurant. It was similar to the place we used to go to, but they had more sushi. “You’ew beautiful!” the waitress said. I chowed down. I hadn’t eaten all day. They treated us. Josh really admires Thoth, so does Dan, but he expresses it in a different way. What sweet friends they are. I miss them the most when we’re away from New York. I feel more of a sense of community here than I’ve ever felt before. That’s nice. I look forward to coming back, and maybe our housing situation will be better, too! I gave Dan a big hug before he went home and Josh drove us back to the hotel. We were all very tired from eating. It was such a lovely meal! We hugged Josh and went up to our room. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing until bedtime. Ah.