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Clearing the Rain!

Sunday October 9th 2016

It was going to rain all day. I called my dad, who we’d meet for dinner later that night around 72nd St. He was surprised we were going out to play in the rain. “It can be good for us.” I said. We got ready as usual. It was pouring with rain as we walked to the train. My shoes got soaked. It was really cold too. Our first cold day in NYC.

We got to the park and the tunnel wasn’t too wet. Our guitarist friend was playing. I called dad to tell him where we’d meet him for dinner. The rain had stopped. We began and despite our first inclinations, we were able to play for almost 2 hours. It was really cold and we both wanted to stop, but we didn’t. Playing when it’s cold is hard, and we were both under-dressed.

We finished and I called dad to let him know we had a great day. The sun had come out. We walked to 72nd and Columbus to have dinner with him. He came in the restaurant just as we sat down. It was so nice to see him. I have great parents! I’ll see them both in Nashville in December. He treated us to dinner and we listened to how he was doing. He lives a very different life than us. We walked him to his car, which was parked in a parking garage nearby. He has a little sports car. Drove here from Nashville in it for his 50th high school reunion. We took the train home, stuffed from dinner.

Feeling So Loved!

Tuesday July 14th 2015

Neither of us slept well last night. Unfamiliar bed. Thoth was up at 6am. I was up at 11:30. No one was up yet. We wanted to go to Parede to get scones. I told Nuno when they got up. They wanted to go with us, but his grandmother was making lunch for us. We both forgot. She lived right next to them. Her home was full of old relics. “Welcome to my home.” she said in broken English. She speaks Porteguese and French. Nuno and Sarah helped translate for us. “You are so beautiful.” she said to me in Portuguese. “Your eyes are so blue.” She had seen Nuno’s music video and tried to see us play in Chiado last week, but she came too early. Nuno played us an old phonograph. Wow. It sounded so odd. My great grandmother’s house in Mississippi used to look like that.

To our surprise, she had the dining room all set for lunch! We had appetizers and then a main dish and even dessert! We were full, AGAIN. I was so touched. “It’s an honor.” she said. Gosh! To have someone we’ve never met before cook for us and love us so much shows me we are affecting some people in a good way.11721204_10155746996970697_472732777_n 11739546_10155746996720697_48044226_n

We took a walk and stopped at Nuno’s uncle’s store. He wanted to see my eyes. His mother had told him they were beautiful. I took off my sunglasses and he jumped back dramatically. 🙂 We went home and rested until dinnertime. Tonight we’re going to Lisbon to have dinner with some friend’s of Sarah’s from Chapito, then they’ll drop us at home. What a lovely weekend it’s been!

In the evening, we drove to Lisbon. We met some of Sara’s old friends on the street and walked to dinner. It was an unusual place. There was an open kitchen and everyone went to get food together when it was ready. It was like being at a house party. 11741780_10207173291081710_725025063_nA young man eating with a bunch of friends at another table knew us. “I saw you performing last Friday. It’s really beautiful.” he said. “Thank you.” we said. Sara played Nuno’s music video of us for the table. When it finished everyone at both tables clapped.I felt so loved. I was so tired after eating I slept a bit on the couch. Thoth came at sat with me and the young man asked to take our picture. He really loved us. 11733369_10207173290761702_892479537_nAll photos by Nuno Sa Pessoa and Sara Moura.