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My Sister Is Here

Monday October 7th 2016

We had a special brunch today. The big marathon was taking up the entire park (Central Park) so we don’t play on that day. It’s really difficult to get into the park, and then playing for a bunch of marathon runners and their friends is like playing to a bunch of molasses. We went to 8 and 1/2 for brunch. It was wonderful. We act like newly weds! We walked back and forth 5 times to get food holding hands. So sweet. When we eaten all we could (not a lot for me) we snuggled in our booth and talked. I wish sis was there with us, but she would be arriving later that night.

We went home and took a nap together. I usually don’t take naps. It was ever so sweet. I watched a movie and waited up until past midnight for sis to arrive. When I first saw her, we both cried. It’s too long between visits! I forget I have a twin when she’s gone. I’m so independent from her. I have a work and and husband and a life completely separate from her. We went to bed around 1am.

Sunday October 6th 2016

I got up before 9:30am and acted a little in the bathroom before waking sis up. I went into wake her and she was still tired, so I acted a little more. She got up and dressed and we got dressed up and took the subway to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We spent less than three hours there looking at the art (and singing) and then went to have lunch at a diner. It was so lovely! “I want to go see Phantom.” sis said suddenly. “Let’s do it!” I said. After eating, we went on the subway to 42nd St and I kissed Thoth goodbye. Sis and I walked from Grand Central to the Phantom theater on 44th and 7th and got box seats for tonight’s show! I couldn’t believe we were going. We had three hours to wait. It would be my 8th time seeing it I think! We walked to Bryant Park and watched people ice skate. I got a smoothie and we went back to the theater. We were tired, but excited!

The show was great. We had seats where we could snuggle up together so we could see the entire stage. First time not being in the orchestra. We both know the show so well it didn’t matter. I left to pee every time Christine had a solo. We’re only there to see the Phantom, and he’s only onstage for 30 minutes in a 2 hour and 30 minute show. It was an understudy tonight, but he was great. Sadly he didn’t ad lib during the Angel scene at the end of the first act or at the end of Final Lair in the second act. That’s my favorite part. He had a fantastic voice though! It was 11pm when we got out. We got home and in bed after midnight. We’d been out for 12 hours!

Creativity Cheers Me Up (Making My Own Crown!!)

Monday October 24th 2016

I woke up and Thoth was in a very bad mood. We both know no one cares about our work, accept our few close friends, and that destroys us sometimes. Don’t say it, that more people love us than we think or that we affect people more than we know. If it was true, we’d have more support, instead of it just being us two alone most of the time.

We went to have lunch at Sushi and Noodles. We went there on Saturday when we took the day off (threat of rain all day on the weather radar, but no rain actually happened.) Lunch was really good, but Thoth was sad and bitchy. I don’t like when he gets like that, but I sympathize deeply with his feelings of isolation from the world. We are not part of anything. We are a tribe of two. Only our friends, who we see rarely see, make us feel less alone. I got grumpy, too because Thoth was so sad.

14826444_1303290346372273_1889602457_nI decided to go to 23rd St. to get things to make a crown. Thoth went into a secondhand store to look for a skirt. I’d meet him at home later. I got a bunch of jewels and wire for my crown, got an electric razor for Thoth from the beauty store, got some frozen fruit at Trader Joe’s and went home. I’m happy we can buy what we need and want without needing to ask anyone for help. I lived here in New York end of 2008 to 2009 without any money all alone and it was horrible. It was magical, too, but so lonely and full of longing for Thoth. (I’m working on the book of our life.) I wish I’d been blogging and vlogging back then. Imagine! That’s why I keep at it.

When I got home, Bunny took a nap next to me while I opened and organized my jewels. It took me 6 hours to make the crown, but I loved how it turned out!

14872654_1303295249705116_1479552472_n14874910_1303294076371900_1091273203_nscreen-shot-2016-10-25-at-8-26-03-am14256601_1303576686343639_70692967_n14877638_1303577183010256_488988382_n14872699_1303577933010181_735134873_nHere’s my vlog of how I made it, if you’d like to see. What a lovey day off it ended up being. Creativity is a balm for my soul.

With Ours Hearts We Can Live

Monday June 20th 2016

We had a wonderful day off! We went to Sintra and had lunch on the terrace. A woman who’d seen us perform on Sunday night stopped and talked to us. Wow! She LOVED us. I never expect people to recognize us, especially when we’re away from the city we’re currently prayforming in. She said something amazing.

It’s when I’m feeling bad I wish we had a different/better life, but when everything’s great I couldn’t be happier and I feel stupid for wanting more. I have a great f’ing life! It’s never always going to be easy no matter what! Sometimes I say I want us to always have big, appreciative crowds, but if we always had that I’d want something else. Thoth thinks that even if we had a regularĀ  indoor show I wouldn’t always be happy. I would have other things that bothered me. I need to be grateful and happy for what I have now, not wishing for more. It’s ridiculous and selfish to do that. I have my adoring husband. I won’t have him forever. I need to enjoy the time we have together. I really need to have a mantra or something to repeat when I get frustrated or sad. I have so much to be grateful for. So many loving and supportive friends who care about us. So many amazing things have happened to us. Our 7th year anniversary is November 17th. Thoth says it’s important because 7 is the number of steps it takes to get through a process. 8 is the octave, a jump into something new he says. He believes strongly in that stuff. Me too.

Tuesday June 21st 2016

We went to Miss Jappa for a delicious lunch together. I love their sushi! We’re going to miss it when we leave. At least we have until the end of July to enjoy it. We lay in the park and talked. I am so grateful for my Bunny. He is so sweet and loving and cute to me. He loves me a lot. I love him a lot. Even though we spend all of our time together we love each other more every day. I was thinking about when I used to be alone in New York and now 7 years later I have my sweet boy with me. I’m so blessed and so lucky. There was no guarantee whatsoever we’d be together as we are no back when I first met him. He was with someone else! So many things happen that tested our relationship in those first few years together. I had to grow up a lot. I still have leftover issues with entitlement and stuff I still deal with. Thoth is so patient and kind to me, even in my worst times. He always treats me with kindness and respect and he will never ever abandon me. He is my rock and I am his.

Wednesday June 22nd 2016

This morning Thoth jumped up to get in bed with me when I woke up. He said he cried watching me sleep. He get up super early (5am) so he has a lot of time to himself, especially here. “Were you thinking about when you won’t be with me anymore?” he shook his head and snuggled. We need to try and not thing about the future. That’s what scares us the most. We need to be grateful we have each other and our health and our work now. F— the future.

The housing situation in New York is looking much better. We now need a place for the first two weeks of September, and the rest of the time we will most likely be staying at a friend’s place while she’s out of town. That’s making me feel much more relaxed. It’s in a great location, too. If anyone has something for those two weeks, hit me up! We’re lucky to have even just a few friends in New York who are trying to help us. I’m always wanting more, more, more. I need to chill and be grateful.