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Protected: Last Week in San Diego, Show in the Dome and Last Prayformance in Balboa Park (Plus Videos of the Performance!)

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A Review Of Our Final Week in Lisbon

Sunday July 29th 2016

I dreamed about a person it’s painful to dream about. They don’t want me to write about them. I always dream that we are friends or becoming friends and then I wake up and realize we’re not. It’s hard. I talked to Thoth about it when I woke up. He believes that I have a preminition that we’re going to be friends, be closer and work together in the future. That’s a nice thought.

It was our last prayformance in Lisbon tonight. We went out to sushi at Miss Jappa for lunch and sat in the park. It’s always wistfully sad when we have a last day. It will be 9 months until we play at 56 Rua Garrett again. We always have 9 months between when we’ll be in a city again. That’s a long time to miss friends, restaurants and our performance spot. It’s good for us. Good for our work and good for everybody. It’s tough sometimes, but I’m pretty used to it by now, after 7 years. ūüôā

We went to lunch at Miss Jappa. My sushi wasn’t as good as I’m used to. Our favorite chef, Rui, was on vacation. Oh well. We’ll be back next year. The waiter who’s been serving us once every week for 2 months was there to say goodbye. He was genuinely sad to see us go. “Oh my god.” he said sadly.

We walked over to sit in the park for the last time. It was so cool and breezy. I’m pleased it was comfortable for our last week here. I love Lisbon when it isn’t hot. We only had two heat spells. Not too bad, and only near the end of our stay. I love sitting in the parky with my Bunny-kins.

We went home and I bleached my roots for tonight’s prayformance. I did myself up more than usual tonight.

IMG_20160731_204130575IMG_20160731_204240894It’s one of my favorite looks I’ve done for months, in terms of my makeup. The camera didn’t capture it well. IMG_20160801_245030952

A man waited for an hour for us to play and then sat and watched us for an hour. He cheered and was majorly focused on us while we played. I was hoping he’d talk to us, but he didn’t. He got up and stood in the doorway watching us for a bit longer, which changed the energy of the night completely. Once he left, the night wasn’t as good anymore. It was actually a disappointing prayformance to end our stay here, but overall it was a great season, so I wasn’t very affected by it.

Our friends Jake, Elisa and Sergio came by when we finished and I asked if they’d like to come to dinner with us. A man who’d been watching us play stopped by when we finished and said, “You guys are fucking awesome.” in a really casual but sincere way. He was a New Yorker. He gave us a tip, which cheered us up. We asked if our friends wanted to come have dinner with us at Indreni. They did. Jake had this great thing about alien encounters. We were talking about if we thought they were real or not. Jake said animals in sanctuaries sometimes get picked up by humans to be checked and looked at, then they’re released back into the wild. Their experience with humans is something they don’t understand, like we don’t understand aliens. Jake was talking from the perspective of the rhino saying, “Hey guys, you won’t believe it, but I got abducted by aliens!” It was hysterical. I couldn’t stop laughing. Elisa and Sergio went to catch the ferry home and Jake walked us home. He works at the hostel right near us. “When we get famous someday, the people who loved us before we were famous will be famous too. Our friends who love us now love us because of who we are, not because we’re famous. ” I said. “But you are famous.” he said. “No we’re not!” I said laughing. “You are to me.” he said. What a great thing to say. Thank you Luke.

Saturday July 28th 2016

I had a dream about someone I try not to think about. It made me very sad. I dreamed we were friends, when in real life we’re not. Whenever I dream about this person it hurts me.¬† I talked to Thoth about it when I woke up. He thinks I have a premonition. That’s nice to imagine. It’s nice I can talk to my husband about anything. He’s so understanding and compassionate. He never judges me or takes things personally. I love him so much for that. He always tries to make me feel better when I’m feeling down.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.53.48 PMI didn’t wear any makeup, since the night before had been pretty slow. Instead, I put tons of flowers all over my top and skirt. We had a fun prayformance tonight. A woman watching us last night came again tonight and invited us to Paris! We’ll put that into our plans for next year! We’ve always wanted to go back there. We can revisit the place we were on the street for one night 6 years ago. That will be interesting.

We had our last dinner at Sacramento.

Friday July 27th 2016

We had another slow night tonight. A woman talked to us about halfway through our 2 hour set and said, “You guys should be famous.” It made my night. We had a nice dinner at Cultura Do Hamburgures (which ended up being our last dinner there.) I was watching the waiters running around and the chefs making food and it made me feel grateful I don’t have to do something so repetitive as that.

Thursday July 26th 2016

I don’t want more money. I don’t want to sing more than I do. I don’t need bigger crowds. I don’t need a different life. I love being a street performer.

What I do want are places to live that are beautiful and private or to live with hosts who are attentive, respectful and supportive towards us and our work. I want to live in places that are within minutes of our performance spots.

I want each audience member who watches us to openly and enthusiastically appreciate what we’re doing and give back as they truly should.

I want us to be more comfortable when we travel.

I am incredibly appreciative of what I have, despite my complaints and frustrations.

I do expect too much of people.

My husband is most perfectly suited for me. I am so lucky to have him. I knew he would be when I first met him, and he was. Not only do we sing perfectly together, we are perfect for each other. We compliment each others personalities. It’s truly astounding. I am very lucky. You only find something like that once in a lifetime I think.

We had a great play tonight. Each prayformance immensely affects my mood. I’m a very moody person. I probably seem like a basket case to people who don’t know that. It was really fun to play tonight. It made us both really, really happy. We’ll leave here with very happy memories. ūüôā

Saturday and Sunday In Golden Gate Park (+ a Vlog!)

Sunday May 15th 2016

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting often the past two weeks. When we’re upended, I don’t have scheduled time for writing and editing vlogs. I’m sorry. It will get back to normal soon, I promise! This past weekend was fantastic. My sister spent Friday afternoon with me, spent all Saturday with us and all Sunday and Monday too before we leave Tuesday morning. I’ve been thinking about and planning this trip for 3 months. I can’t believe it’s happening the day after tomorrow.

Saturday’s prayformance in the park was OK. Someone was playing in the tunnel before we started, but graciously let us play. He knew Thoth. Sis was with us, but no one stopped to watch us for the first two songs. I let Thoth sing a piece alone. “You look like poor little street performers when no one is watching you. When people are watching, you’re famous and special.” sis said. That’s how I feel. “A crowd gathers a crowd, but no crowd gathers no crowd.” I said. A woman and her husband sat down next to us. She gave me a bag with a card and a gift pinned to the back. It was Susan, a woman who always leaves comments on my blog! I embraced her and suddenly wanted to play again. We played a few more songs, but a group playing at the Conservatory was bugging me, so we stopped. “I’m proud of you.” Thoth said.

Sister’s friend Sophia arrived just as we were packed up. “Damn! I missed you again!” she said. I invited her to come over to the house and hang out for a bit. She did. Thoth and I changed clothes and walked down to Indian Oven for dinner with Summer and her partner Ken. They treated us and the food was delicious. Afterwards we went to Summer’s apartment to see her garden, then went home.

On Sunday morning, sis and I went to hang out around Bay to Breakers, it’s a crazy race that going on right outside the house. We walked through the revelers and couldn’t stop smiling. It’s such a fun event. Everyone’s in costume. We came home and she went to an audition while we got dressed for prayformance. We walked to Golden Gate Park. Thoth was nervous about police rousting the revelers. That happened last year and it was disappointing. There were tons of costumed people on the lawn, but lots of police and rangers on bikes. We set up and Thoth went to meditate.

A sax player came in the tunnel and started setting up to play. “Hey man, we’re going to play soon.” I said. “Cool. What do you do?” he said. “We sing and play violin.” I said. “Cool.” he said, and he started playing. I turned to Christine, a girl who had come to see us and said “What the fuck?” Thoth came down the stairs and asked me what was happening. “He just started playing.” I said. “I’m gonna go tell him we’re starting.” I did. Thankfully he stopped and we didn’t have to battle him.

The first half of the prayformance was hard. Thoth had a lot of energy he had to get out when singing. He had been preparing to sing the sax player out of the tunnel, which is never fun. He got his energy out and Christine came into the tunnel to dance. After that, sissy danced. I felt great. We had a big group of people sitting on the grass watching us, including a few friends from my sister’s workplace.

We had to finish at 5pm to get to our gig at Summer’s restaurant. We got a cab (which drove horribly) and got to the restaurant in time. Once we were ready, Ken introduced us and we played two songs. People loved it, but the space was really small. Summer sat us down at a private table with a few friends and fed us dinner. Ragi, Thoth’s childhood friend, joined us for dinner. What a lovely way to end our stay on the West Coast! Now I feel like we have a reason to come back!


A Weeks Worth of Behind-the-Scenes Birthday Weekend/Prayformance Vlogs and Blogs!!!!!!!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a whole week! I’ll be back to normal now! My sister and mother were in town this weekend for our 28th birthday and I didn’t want to miss a moment of it. Enjoy!


Sunday Prayformance with Friends and Lovely Dinner

Sunday February 28th 2016

What a magical ending to our magical birthday weekend! I can’t believe we prayformed¬†4¬†days in a row, two hours a day, plus¬†had a party and everything else!!

We got dressed, picked mom up and drove to Balboa Park for the fourth day in a row. It seemed quiet¬†at first, but sis and mom would be there for the entire prayformance. Forrest came, too, even though he was sick! I was touched that he came anyway. “It’s good for me.” he said. Tasha couldn’t come. ūüôĀ ūüôĀ :(. Forrest¬†gave my sister his chair. The first hour for the second day in a row was hard because¬†my voice and body were tired, but I¬†perked up when our other friends Miti and Bassemah showed up. I wasn’t expecting to see Bassemah, so I completely lost track of the piece we were playing. It was an interesting day in terms of audience interaction. My sister is always trying to distract me, so I’m always¬†trying to tell her subtly to be quite, but also I wanted¬†to hug and talk to our friends, but at the same time I have to be professional and sell CDs and talk to the audience.

We finished, packed up and I got to hold a snake. Then we went to Osaka with sis and mommie for dinner. She’s leaving tomorrow morning for Nashville. Thoth is going to drive her to the airport. We drove her to her place and hugged her goodbye. “Thank you mommie for making this weekend possible.” I said.

Sis is staying an extra day tomorrow with us. We’re going to hang out.

Saturday Prayformance with Friends and Lovely Dinner

Saturday February 27th 2017

Today I slept in a bit late. I¬†was pooped from the b-day party. Thoth, too. We got dressed up and went to pick up mom for another prayformance at Balboa Park. I had no idea doing four prayformances and doing all this other stuff with mom and sis here would be so tiring! That’s the reason we usually do nothing else but prayform and rest. We got to the park and set up on Patio B to play. Mom and sis went to have lunch at the Balboa Park Restaurant.

The first hour of prayformance was hard. My voice and body was really tired, but by 4pm, Sister Ida arrived IN FACE and Becca came with two of her friends! They both sat right up front. I instantly feel better when our friends come to see us! They stayed for the rest of our show and stayed to talk with us. Sis and mom had gone to the museum. They came back when we finished. Sister Ida sat with us while we packed up and we laughed together. I love, love, love our friends. Ida told us she had come dressed up especially to see us. I was flattered beyond measure.

Mom, sis, me and Thoth drove to Bleu Boheme for a wonderful candle lit dinner!

28th Birthday!!!

Friday February 26th 2016

Today is our 28th birthday!!!!!!! What a wonderful morning it was! Thoth got in bed with me and Sis came in the room and snuggled with us. Thoth wasn’t feeling so good, but he had the Babes (our stuffed animals) sing happy birthday to us. Sis said it was the cutest thing she’s ever seen. It is so cute. I wish Bunny¬†would let me film it. ūüôā

Sis played me happy birthday for me and Jim put on some stupid happy birthday music before sis and I went to the coffee shop for breakfast. I saw our busker friend Chet and said hi. Sis and I talked about my inability to talk to people when I don’t want to. “It’s important to talk to people and have friends.” she said. She challenged me to call up one of my friends this week. I said I would. We biked home and started doing makeup. Sis actually did makeup with me, by herself! I was quite impressed with her skills. Her blending was very good! She’s never done that before.

Mom met us at the house and we drove to¬†Balboa Park for a birthday prayformance! Sis went with Jim who came, too. Our big fan Ali was there as was mom’s host Kathleen, so we had five people waiting for us to play¬†before we even started. I love when that happens. We played and had big applause all afternoon. Thoth and I were on fire and really sang our butts off! It was so much fun. I’d told myself I wasn’t going to sing too much before our party, but I couldn’t help myself. We played through the opera and played some from the old set, too. That was the first time mom and sis saw the opera! They were very impressed. We played from 3-5pm, then packed up and went home to prepare for the party!

People started showing up at 6. We had about 10 people, all close friends and fans from the park. Forrest and his girlfriend Tasha dressed up especially. I’d never seen Forrest dressed up before. He looked fantastic! Yay! Once everyone arrived, we got every to go to the studio¬†to perform two songs. I was so tired. My sister did a mime piece when we finished. It was so funny. It was called “What I Love” and she was miming putting on makeup and performing onstage, then seeing me afterwards and being stupid, like we are. The only word she said was “Sis.” I was touched. We went back in the house and ate dinner. Sister Ida and Mitch were the last to leave. Sis took a liking to Ida, as I did when he came to our b-day party last year.

It was such a lovely birthday!

Mom Sees Prayformance, Sissy Arrives

Thursday February 25th 2016

Today I got all dressed up for prayformance. It would be the first time my mother has seen us prayform in¬†a LOOONG time. I actually don’t remember the last time! We went and picked her up and she loved how I looked, I mean loooved. She was doting on me, as all mothers do. We drove to the park and I got car sick. Thoth dropped us off and I sat down with mom while he parked the car. What a good husband. I felt better and Thoth came back. We walked to our spot in front of Casa Del Prado and set up.

It was a slow day for us, but mom sat in her lawn chair watching us the entire time. I was kind of nervous actually. It was the first time she’s ever watched us like that. I’m always nervous when close family members watch us. Prayformance is a very intimate, exposed and vulnerable thing. It’s easier to do it in front of strangers.¬†It was wonderful to have mom there, though. It was like she was seeing us for the first time, though she’s seen us perform a few times before. She’s never sat and watched an entire prayformance before though. I was surprised. I was not expecting her to watch us. “I’ll see you guys three more times.” she said. I wasn’t expecting that either. She was incredibly complimentary, and genuinely so. My mom has always been supportive of me, but this was the first time she was supportive of us. ¬†Thoth’s mom has never ever watched him prayform, let alone us. She said we looked like twins, but opposites. Even though it was a slow day, I was so happy mom was there to support us. Now that she is sober, it’s like her mind has been cleared. She said some wonderful things. She’s always been supportive of my gifts, but not of Thoth’s. Now she’s a fan!

We went to dinner at the Smoking Goat and then went to pick up my sister at the airport! She was SO excited to see me she was jumping around and shouting, like she does. We drove back to the house and opened birthday presents, then danced around to music in the living room. It was transformative for me actually. I’ve never done that before.

Birthday tomorrow!!!

Mommie Arrives

Wednesday February 24th 2016

My mom arrived yesterday! We dropped her stuff off at her AirBnB, had lobster rolls for lunch, then she took us heavy duty grocery shopping at two grocery stores! It was a lot of fun, and she paid for everything. :o) Mom is in much better shape now being sober. I am so happy for her, and for us. Thoth had been worried about seeing her, but I knew she would be doing much better. We hung out with her at home and Thoth made artichokes for dinner. We lit some candles and ate at the table together. I never thought I would have a mother again, let alone one who would talk with Thoth and be kind and social. We drove her back to her AirBnB place and went home.

First Time Working on the Opera

Tuesday February 23rd 2016

Hey everyone! We started working on the new opera for the first time today! We got the first 3 pieces sketched! I was very proud of us. We don’t have to write new music, we want to.


An Absolutely Wonderful Valentine’s Day Prayformance! + Behind-the-Scenes Vlog!

Sunday February 14th 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And what a wonderful day it was!!!

IMG_20160214_150159411We biked to the park. It was hot. Even when there seem to be lots of people in the park, we never know if we’ll have a good day. Today was wonderful. We got all set up and Thoth wen to do his thing when I heard him cry out in joy. I knew he’d seen someone we knew. Sure enough, Tasha came around the corner. “Forrest’s parking the car.” she said. We hugged and talked, and our housemate Jim showed up with his friend! I’m always surprised to see him. He hasn’t come to see us at the park since one time last year.

As Forrest, Tasha and Jim sat down, suddenly a bunch of people were in the hallway waiting for us to start. It’s the best thing to have an audience gathered before we start. That only happens when our friends come to see us (usually.)

I think we played for 2 and 1/2 hours, maybe 3. Jim and his friend stayed for less than half of the prayformance, but Forrest and Tasha were camped out for the entire show. They had a blanket, a chair¬†and everything. They’re hardcore fans/friends. ūüôā Every song gained¬†humungous applause and cheering. I filmed a lot of it.

We finished and packed up at 5:30 and drove with Forrest and Tasha home. He stashed the bikes in his trunk. We put the bikes away at home, then drove to Osaka for dinner! It wasn’t too busy, despite being Valentine’s Day. They are such good friends to us. I love them so much. We get along with them so well. We do have some very good, and very solid friends here in San Diego. Forrest treated us, despite us insisting to split the bill. He always does that. ūüôā He drove us home. What an amazing day for us. Thank God, Finally!