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One of the Best Nights Yet

Saturday August 1st 2015

I had to do pig tales again…IMG_20150801_203423It makes me feel so childlike…
IMG_20150801_203002698…so sweet…IMG_20150801_203518338…so playful!
IMG_20150801_203612618 I feel so freakin’ cute with pig tales! I’m like a little elfin fairy!IMG_20150801_203717614 IMG_20150801_204109751 What an amazing night it was. It started out pretty average, but it got better. I snapped a picture of Thoth doing his solo right before people started sitting down. IMG_20150801_213853987In the middle of the opera, tons of people suddenly came in and sat down along the wall to watch us. There must have been 20 people sitting watching us in the space, and a ton more hanging right in the doorways. We were surrounded on all four sides! That used to happen all the time when we were here in 2010. When we finished, almost everyone who was sitting got up and bought CDs. They all stayed for most of the show. I was impressed at peoples focus tonight. I don’t look people in the eyes, but I can see them energetically. I know when people are really in the zone with us, so to speak. There’s a certain feeling I can’t explain. People cheered and clapped so heartily and boisterously. I have no idea who they were or if they knew us. Some of them might have been fans. Some pointedly asked for our new album.IMG_20150801_225356138

It was an incredibly magical night!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Third Great Day in a Row!

IMG_20150518_195824751 IMG_20150518_200155484 IMG_20150518_200234815Friday June 12th 2015

I am having a lot of fun focusing on my makeup for a few hours every day and creating something a little different from the last time. Same theme, different variations. This look took a bit more focus than usual. Getting the swirls on each side symmetrical was tricky. My face is my canvas. I find that I tend to focus on one aspect of my prayformance fashion. Sometimes hair, sometimes makeup and sometimes costuming. If I spend a lot of time on one thing, I do everything else simply. I was really feeling the need to take the next step with my makeup. I was tired of sticking random jewels to my face and I was wanting more color. Now I have that. It takes a long time, but it’s so much fun and it’s worth it. I wish I had Dan Rubin with me to take pictures all the time! I’d stick him in my suitcase if I could! Dan is such an amazing photographer, and so dedicated to us. It’s very special. I think his photographs of us will be very famous someday.

We got to Rua Garrett a bit early. There was a DJ playing for a party at the top of the stairs. It was louder than the music coming from the speaker downstairs. It was a big Lisbon holiday today so there were tons of young people wearing silly sardine hats marauding around. We helped the two women who run the Fruit Bar to clean up. We brought them the tables and chairs and swept the floor. One of the woman asked in Portuguese if we’d start before they leave because she loves our voices. 🙂 That made us happy. We’re making friends with them. It was another good day. Not as fantastic as Wednesday, but it was great. We made good CD sales. That’s the thing that really helps us both emotionally and financially, selling CDs. Everyone who bought a CD today was adoring of our work and complimented us a lot. That makes us feel good! We played a bit later than usual.

Happy after prayformance smile. .

Happy after prayformance!

My sweet boy.

My sweet boy.

People gather to stare at us even when we're finished playing.  :)

People gather and stare at us even when we’re finished playing! 🙂

We walked to our favorite Indian place for dinner. Thoth was very silly and happy when we got home, but he collapsed in bed soon after and fell asleep. 🙂 Bunny was so sleepy!

Another Really Fun Prayformance!!

Thursday June 11th 2015

This weeks prayformances have been going well thus far! Two weekdays and we’ve had big audiences both nights! That makes us happy. Last week the weekdays kinda sucked, so I was hoping we’d have a better time this go around.

So, we had lunch at our favorite spot near home around 2:30pm and I started doing my makeup at 5. We start playing at 9pm. That tells you how long it takes.

From this....

I go from this….

…..to this in 2 1/2 hours!


I think I’m gonna stick with brighter colors tomorrow. I wanted to see how the blue looks around my forehead, eyes and nose, but I like pink better. I’m really learning how to contour my face with colors. It’s really fun to create the look as I go along. I can’t wait to get to New York so Dan Rubin can photograph me. 🙂

We played our old set today. We’ll play “Esh and Ee-ay” tomorrow and through the weekend most likely. I had a lot of fun. There’s something about doing my makeup the way I am now that is allowing me to be more theatrical. Oh! We did an improv that was really beautiful. I have no memory of what it sounded like. We should probably film ourselves doing improvs. They can be a good framework for new pieces.

I think our workflow of creating new music works really well. We write the story, create the ostinatos, record it with the band, then work on learning it as a duo and take the pieces in public as soon as we can to help it become cohesive. It takes 6 months for new music and movements to really start sinking in. It pleases me so much that “Esh and Ee-ay” is finally taking off. I’ve had so much doubt about it!

We went to Honorato for dinner. I had a veggie burger. It was yummy tummy!

I'm a creepy alien....

I’m a creepy alien in the bathroom. 🙂

Thoth waiting for food.

Thoth waiting for food.

Ah! Food!

Burgers! Yum!

Playing “Esh and Ee-ay” Again and Feeling Proud of What We’ve Created

Wednesday June 10th 2015

I wasn’t expecting anything from today’s prayformance. It was a holiday, so a lot of places were closed. That included our regular lunch place. Instead, we went to the Indian place. We were going to go there for dinner, too. At 5 o’clock I started doing my makeup. IMG_20150516_173905863

It takes me 2 1/2 hours. IMG_20150516_201846119 I felt beautiful, theatrical, and fantastical, like a mystical creature from a far off world. I take a lot of pride and joy in my creative makeup designs.

I’ve gotten so much better at makeup. I want every day to take time to do beautiful, creative makeup no matter what happens during prayformance. It makes me feel happy.


When we got to our prayformance space in Rua Garrett, the Fruit Bar was still open. The worker said they’d close at 9, but she started shutting down at 8:30. We helped bring the table and chairs to her. As we set up and got ready to play, an audience gathered on the sidewalk to see what we’d do. They could tell we were about to perform. I guess it was going to be a good holiday!

We had great audiences the entire time we played. People came into the space to sit and watch us. We played the opera, Esh and Ee-ay, for the first time in a week. It went fantastically well. It was good we took a break from it. Wearing really theatrical makeup helps me. I feel like Ee-ay. It helped us work out a few kinks. This was the first time I really felt like we had something I’m proud of and I enjoyed playing. We added lots of new things, like new movements or Thoth playing an ostanitos instead of me. The transitions felt more natural and comfortable for both of us, and it will just get better! It’s helpful for us to not think of telling the story too literally. Our work needs big, focused audiences to truly reach it’s full potential. Even though people come and go, those who stay are really focused on us and are mesmerized. There is nothing physical holding them there, no doors holding them in. They stay because they are transfixed. I think it’s beautiful. IMG_20150516_203702479

I wish I could take pictures of our audiences. People were very generous. I love prayformance so much! It’s really amazing how big they are. I was so happy when we finished. One of the security guards, who I’d never seen before, stayed and watched the end of the opera. I was worried he’d bother us, but he was loving us. We finished up and packed up outside the space. He came over and said hello. “Your voices are beautiful.” he said. He said they love having us there because it brings lots of attention to the space. We’re good for people’s businesses. IMG_20150516_222613506

We walked back through our neighborhood, Barrio Alto to go to dinner. I saw this painted on the wall. I agree. IMG_20150516_224021599

If people knew how dedicated we are to a restaurant when we like it, everyone would be vying for our patronage. The food at this place is delicious, inexpensive and the waiter are as sweet as all get out. They love us and they love our change. 🙂IMG_20150516_225218458 IMG_20150516_230547854 IMG_20150516_230552992 IMG_20150516_230611017 IMG_20150516_230823952 IMG_20150516_230829188

IMG_20150516_232246398IMG_20150516_225221330We were both so happy and thankful to have such a wonderful evening prayformance. This is what makes life sweet.