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How I Felt Today: Legendary!

Wednesday October 19th 2016

Today I felt something really amazing. I felt beautiful, like the inside of my heart and soul was on the outside, visible for others to see. It was as if I knew we are destined to be famous and loved throughout the world and respected as great artists in history. I knew from deep within myself that the people of this time who see me will someday say, “I saw them back when they was only performing in the parks.” I know that Dan Rubin’s pictures of us will be famous too because they will have documented us before our fame. By fame I don’t mean paparazzi following us around and being in stupid tabloid newspapers, I mean famous as in being legendary people who create music, art and live a creative life that many, many people respect, admire and love. We are already legendary. People say that to us. We are recognized in every city we perform in by people who have seen our work and love it.

People are afraid to let their truth shine. I am a loved and respected artist living an incredible live of inspiration and creativity. That is my truth. I inspire everyone who sees me. I either inspire them or challenge them. Today I was so inspired I had a blast getting ready to prayform. We had such a great two days off I felt happy, refreshed and beautiful! It was 80 degrees outside so I only wore my new floral top, my new floral panties and my new baby pink sneakers. I felt like a little pixie. I don’t really feel “feminine” with the way I dress, especially when I dress skimpily. I feel like a sexless Puckish pixie fairy alien angel creature.

12 3Getting to the park took longer than usual. People stared at me the whole way to the park. A family of women got on the train after us. The younger daughter saw me first and told her mom to look behind her. She did and then turned all the way around to stare at me. No one said anything. There I was, a little 28 year old girl walking around New York City in floral panties and painted hair. I felt very bold. Who walks around in their panties? The outfits I wear are as outrageous as anyone I’ve seen. I’m the person I want the world to be. Creative, open and free, which it is anything but!

We got to the park just in time and had a great prayformance for our first. We went crazy for our first four songs and the crowds were very responsive and supportive. A group of people had been waiting for us to begin and were the biggest applauders. Who knows how they knew us. Probably had seen us play at the Angel Tunnel before. By the end of playing Thoth was really tired. Dan and I did a photo shoot and we took the subway with him, got dinner and settled down for the evening. 4 5 6

Here’s a little vlog from my channel for you, too!

A Fantasy Dream Life Singing and Forever Frolicking Free

Sunday November 15th 2015

IMG_20151115_123755479 IMG_20151115_132531 IMG_20151115_132032 IMG_20151115_132227709 IMG_20151115_132801706 I’m challenging myself to do different makeup and try different improvisatory things every day. There’s no telling who we’ll meet or what will happen!

Today Dan Rubin came to see us at the tunnel. I wasn’t expecting to see him. “You’re makeup is really cool today.” someone said. A man stared at me while I was warming up in the corner. In his eyes were a mixture of fascination, curiosity and amazement. I was singing pretty high and I had on my crazy makeup. _IGP5164 _IGP5174 _IGP5179

Someone else took me by surprise today. My old church choir director Murray Somerville appeared in my view after a song. I was completely flabbergasted to see him. It’s been 10 years! He was the one who gave me the soprano solo in the Allegri Miserere when I was 17. (There’s a recording of it somewhere.) “I’ve heard about what you’re doing, but I had to see it for myself to fully understand. I’m reminded of the Allegri, only two octaves higher.” he said. He stayed for three pieces. “I wish I could stay longer.” he said before leaving for another appointment. He took a picture with us and I gave him a CD of our opera. Wow. He was one of the people who accepted me for who I was when I was young. I used to wear crazy clothes to choir practice and had pink hair when we sang in church. He gave me a good deal of solos, too even though I was only 17. He not only allowed me to dress how I wanted, he was very accepting and nonjudgemental, even though he’s a conservative Oxford grad. I’ve told Thoth about him over the years. It felt like a full circle for me. Pretty amazing. Thank you Murray. _IGP5219_IGP5325

Vlad came again, as did Sarah Kernochan. She waited until we’d finished and packed up then we talked outside the tunnel. Sarah is always on top of things. She’s always there for us, like Dan is. “What you do is beautiful.” she said. Dan walked to the train with us.


One of the Best Nights Yet

Saturday August 1st 2015

I had to do pig tales again…IMG_20150801_203423It makes me feel so childlike…
IMG_20150801_203002698…so sweet…IMG_20150801_203518338…so playful!
IMG_20150801_203612618 I feel so freakin’ cute with pig tales! I’m like a little elfin fairy!IMG_20150801_203717614 IMG_20150801_204109751 What an amazing night it was. It started out pretty average, but it got better. I snapped a picture of Thoth doing his solo right before people started sitting down. IMG_20150801_213853987In the middle of the opera, tons of people suddenly came in and sat down along the wall to watch us. There must have been 20 people sitting watching us in the space, and a ton more hanging right in the doorways. We were surrounded on all four sides! That used to happen all the time when we were here in 2010. When we finished, almost everyone who was sitting got up and bought CDs. They all stayed for most of the show. I was impressed at peoples focus tonight. I don’t look people in the eyes, but I can see them energetically. I know when people are really in the zone with us, so to speak. There’s a certain feeling I can’t explain. People cheered and clapped so heartily and boisterously. I have no idea who they were or if they knew us. Some of them might have been fans. Some pointedly asked for our new album.IMG_20150801_225356138

It was an incredibly magical night!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Feeling Inspired Today

Thursday July 23rd 2015

I went on a walk down the hill to get some things. It was so hot, but I had fun listening to music. I love my new hair color(s). It’s nice walking around with my hair down and no makeup on. It takes so much effort to get my hair this way, but I feel so pretty when it’s done, so it’s worth it. I’m actually liking having my bangs longer. I can wear them down or up, see?

IMG_20150723_161523049IMG_20150723_203702481I look totally different for prayformance. I’m always surprised when people recognize us out of costume. I really went to town with my makeup, hair and costume today. IMG_20150723_203800900 IMG_20150723_204220912 IMG_20150723_205409233The manager of Gardenia started putting the tables and chairs away at 8:20 and they turned the music off. We saw Victor, the owner and he said hello. It’s so nice that they are supportive and accommodating of our work in their space. We wouldn’t have been able to play here if it wasn’t for them. I’m so happy things worked out. One of the workers at the Fruit Bar told us in Portuguese that lots of people have been asking about us. “Play now!” she said encouragingly.

We had big crowds while we played, but people just aren’t generous on weekdays. Too bad. This weekend will be better. We sang our butts off anyway and I was really inspired after taking three wonderful days off. The opera has really come together. We get better every time we play it. The music has coalesced beautifully. Theresa came at the very beginning with a friend. She stayed at watched the entire prayformance. She absolutely adores us, though she barely speaks any English. I love having her there with us. 
IMG_20150723_223628131We walked back towards home. The place we were planning to eat at didn’t have much on the menu, so we went to the Indian place. Second time this week! They were gracious and kind and fed us and talked with us. They can tell when we’re tired, which we were tonight. \