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Wedding, Break Dancers and a Party !

Sunday September 4th 2016

Woke up in the night. Spilled water on my computer. Was too tired. Got up around 9am, computer wouldn’t turn on. S*it!

Got dressed up more than I have since we got to NYC. Sunday’s our best day here usually. Got to the Angel Tunnel earlier than usual. The wedding party didn’t all arrive until 3:30pm. We brought them into the center and played “Anya” with them facing each other. We had less time than we thought. They had a carriage coming at 3:50pm. Thoth and I each read the vows and ring exchanges to the couple. It was pretty special. Our first wedding. Amazing actually. First wedding in 7 years! They kissed and we continued playing.

Sean, the Chinese photographer who loved us so much on Friday, came back to see us. His friend said he wanted to invite us to dinner. I was excited. He asked when we’d be finished. “5:30.” we said. “I have a party my house.” he said in broken English. He can’t speak English. “Do you want us to come?” I asked. “Yes!” he said. I could tell he was in a hurry, though he didn’t show it. “I pick you up.” he said. We decided to finish at 5.

Just then a group of break dancers we’d never seen before set their boom box in front of the tunnel and blasted it full volume. I was in shock. Usually I don’t get angry and I act like it’s not bothering me. Today I didn’t. I went into their crowd in front of one of them and yelled at them. I chastised them for setting up on us and told them how rude and disrespectful they were being. It felt amazing. I was fearless. Sean filmed me. I was so glad someone was getting it on film. I could post it to our vlog later. Bad behavior needs to be punished. The reason they do it is because they think they can get away with it!

I was exhilarated, and Thoth was so proud of me. “Don’t get mad.” Sean said patting me on the back. “Are you happy?” he said. “Let’s go drink!” Vlad was suddenly there. He was very sad and need to talk. I listened as best I could, though I was distracted by what I’d just done. We walked with Sean to his fancy apartment on 6th avenue. My mouth dropped. It was so beautiful, and what an amazing view! “This is your home.” he said. All these rich, famous Chinese artists arrived for the party. We played “Scottish Song” for them and they loved it. They wanted us to sing another, so we played “Pentagram.” Sean sang exuberantly with us. I was exhausted after that and ate dinner, sitting with our new friends. We laughed and talked with everyone. Sean sat with us. “My sister.” he said hugging me. He’s so affectionate. It was a lovely, intimate night. We exchanged cards with a few people and I lay down to rest. Sean covered me with a blanket. We got a ride home from Bing and her husband. What a day! Amazing day!