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A Review Of Our Final Week in Lisbon

Sunday July 29th 2016

I dreamed about a person it’s painful to dream about. They don’t want me to write about them. I always dream that we are friends or becoming friends and then I wake up and realize we’re not. It’s hard. I talked to Thoth about it when I woke up. He believes that I have a preminition that we’re going to be friends, be closer and work together in the future. That’s a nice thought.

It was our last prayformance in Lisbon tonight. We went out to sushi at Miss Jappa for lunch and sat in the park. It’s always wistfully sad when we have a last day. It will be 9 months until we play at 56 Rua Garrett again. We always have 9 months between when we’ll be in a city again. That’s a long time to miss friends, restaurants and our performance spot. It’s good for us. Good for our work and good for everybody. It’s tough sometimes, but I’m pretty used to it by now, after 7 years. 🙂

We went to lunch at Miss Jappa. My sushi wasn’t as good as I’m used to. Our favorite chef, Rui, was on vacation. Oh well. We’ll be back next year. The waiter who’s been serving us once every week for 2 months was there to say goodbye. He was genuinely sad to see us go. “Oh my god.” he said sadly.

We walked over to sit in the park for the last time. It was so cool and breezy. I’m pleased it was comfortable for our last week here. I love Lisbon when it isn’t hot. We only had two heat spells. Not too bad, and only near the end of our stay. I love sitting in the parky with my Bunny-kins.

We went home and I bleached my roots for tonight’s prayformance. I did myself up more than usual tonight.

IMG_20160731_204130575IMG_20160731_204240894It’s one of my favorite looks I’ve done for months, in terms of my makeup. The camera didn’t capture it well. IMG_20160801_245030952

A man waited for an hour for us to play and then sat and watched us for an hour. He cheered and was majorly focused on us while we played. I was hoping he’d talk to us, but he didn’t. He got up and stood in the doorway watching us for a bit longer, which changed the energy of the night completely. Once he left, the night wasn’t as good anymore. It was actually a disappointing prayformance to end our stay here, but overall it was a great season, so I wasn’t very affected by it.

Our friends Jake, Elisa and Sergio came by when we finished and I asked if they’d like to come to dinner with us. A man who’d been watching us play stopped by when we finished and said, “You guys are fucking awesome.” in a really casual but sincere way. He was a New Yorker. He gave us a tip, which cheered us up. We asked if our friends wanted to come have dinner with us at Indreni. They did. Jake had this great thing about alien encounters. We were talking about if we thought they were real or not. Jake said animals in sanctuaries sometimes get picked up by humans to be checked and looked at, then they’re released back into the wild. Their experience with humans is something they don’t understand, like we don’t understand aliens. Jake was talking from the perspective of the rhino saying, “Hey guys, you won’t believe it, but I got abducted by aliens!” It was hysterical. I couldn’t stop laughing. Elisa and Sergio went to catch the ferry home and Jake walked us home. He works at the hostel right near us. “When we get famous someday, the people who loved us before we were famous will be famous too. Our friends who love us now love us because of who we are, not because we’re famous. ” I said. “But you are famous.” he said. “No we’re not!” I said laughing. “You are to me.” he said. What a great thing to say. Thank you Luke.

Saturday July 28th 2016

I had a dream about someone I try not to think about. It made me very sad. I dreamed we were friends, when in real life we’re not. Whenever I dream about this person it hurts me.  I talked to Thoth about it when I woke up. He thinks I have a premonition. That’s nice to imagine. It’s nice I can talk to my husband about anything. He’s so understanding and compassionate. He never judges me or takes things personally. I love him so much for that. He always tries to make me feel better when I’m feeling down.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.53.48 PMI didn’t wear any makeup, since the night before had been pretty slow. Instead, I put tons of flowers all over my top and skirt. We had a fun prayformance tonight. A woman watching us last night came again tonight and invited us to Paris! We’ll put that into our plans for next year! We’ve always wanted to go back there. We can revisit the place we were on the street for one night 6 years ago. That will be interesting.

We had our last dinner at Sacramento.

Friday July 27th 2016

We had another slow night tonight. A woman talked to us about halfway through our 2 hour set and said, “You guys should be famous.” It made my night. We had a nice dinner at Cultura Do Hamburgures (which ended up being our last dinner there.) I was watching the waiters running around and the chefs making food and it made me feel grateful I don’t have to do something so repetitive as that.

Thursday July 26th 2016

I don’t want more money. I don’t want to sing more than I do. I don’t need bigger crowds. I don’t need a different life. I love being a street performer.

What I do want are places to live that are beautiful and private or to live with hosts who are attentive, respectful and supportive towards us and our work. I want to live in places that are within minutes of our performance spots.

I want each audience member who watches us to openly and enthusiastically appreciate what we’re doing and give back as they truly should.

I want us to be more comfortable when we travel.

I am incredibly appreciative of what I have, despite my complaints and frustrations.

I do expect too much of people.

My husband is most perfectly suited for me. I am so lucky to have him. I knew he would be when I first met him, and he was. Not only do we sing perfectly together, we are perfect for each other. We compliment each others personalities. It’s truly astounding. I am very lucky. You only find something like that once in a lifetime I think.

We had a great play tonight. Each prayformance immensely affects my mood. I’m a very moody person. I probably seem like a basket case to people who don’t know that. It was really fun to play tonight. It made us both really, really happy. We’ll leave here with very happy memories. 🙂

Second to Last Week in Lisbon (A Week Reviewed)

Sunday July 24th 2016

Another hot day. We have to be careful about what we eat on a prayformance day. I was exhausted by the time it was time to go out to play. It was so hot!

To my shock and surprise, there were three young amateur guitarists playing at our spot when we arrived. That never happens here. We didn’t hear them until we entered the spot they were so quiet. My heart started beating fast and I was ready for them to do anything. We began setting up as usual. When they stopped, I told them we are booked to play in this spot. “We’ve seen your show. You’re great.” they said and began to close up. “How long have you been performing together?” they asked. “7 years.” we said. “It shows.” they said.

I talked to Thoth about it when they left. “They said ‘The professionals are here’ when they saw us.” Thoth said. That surprised me. It’s so interesting to see amateurs playing in our spot and know they’re only playing there because they saw us play there. Nobody can make money in the spots we play because we play in spots that are suited for us. We also stand in a specific spot and when we see others standing in the same spot in a place we play, we always know they’re copying us. Buskers rarely stand in the center of a space or really choose their spaces for specific reasons. Most all buskers just set up where they see people and they don’t dress up or perform with passion or originality. It’s rare to non-existent to see buskers playing original music. When I see other buskers, it’s only then that I really understand how brave it is what we do. We stand in the center with a light on us in costumes and we play our own music to passers by. That could be seen as incredibly presumptuous. Who are we to think people will enjoy our music enough to gather and give us money? But that’s what happens, because we are incredibly talented and work really hard. I make no assumptions of our audiences, but I know we are giving something special to people.

We played for almost 2 hours and had big crowds all night. All of the chairs we full. Even though I was tired, I pushed through it. It ended up not being the best night, but I had fun anyway. We went back to Cultura for dinner.

Saturday July 23rd 2016

It was hot today. We went to Cultura do Hamburguers for lunch, but we didn’t need to stay there for hours. It’s much cooler in our new room. It’s painful to play in heat for me. It was a slow night at first, but it got better by the end. I was very tired. Literally I felt like I was falling asleep the entire time we played. I had trouble getting my breath, too. I guess it was because I had slept very badly the night before. We saw a girl who we met at the park last year. She had a friend with her who was also very moved by our music. People love our music here.

We went to Sacramento and had two salmons with pea puree. It’s delicious. I love that place. The waiters are kind. We go out to eat so much in this city. There’s no way we can cook in the kitchen where we live, so we take full advantage of going out to eat when we’re in Lisbon. I love going out to eat!

Friday July 22nd 2016

In the morning, Thoth made a loop on Reason and started to play his violin with it. He’s been making some cool loops. We’re gonna use them to make our new album. It’s a great tool for writing music. We can make loops that we can show to musicians to play, or just use the loops to play over. We can score our music this way. It’s exciting.

We went to FNAC to return the Bose speaker we’d bought to try our with the music loops. We’re going to buy one when we get back to New York. It’s too expensive here. We had some salmon sushi wraps for lunch and then rested at home until time to play.

It was a comfortable evening. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the upper 90’s. Ugh. It was a night of big crowds, and some irritating distractions. Three men stood behind us during our solos and were acting stupid. They started “singing” during Thoth’s solo. I filmed them. So rude! People mock us here more than other places, and yet we are more famous and successful here than anywhere else. Last night some drug dealers we passed on the way to dinner did the same thing. They started singing in this ugly, mocking falsetto as if to say “This is what I think you do.” or “See, I can do what you do too!” It’s so idiotic. People sometimes start singing when they walk away from watching us, but we can tell they’re just trying stuff out because they’re inspired. They’re not doing it to try and insult us. Why do people do that you think? I think it’s envy. The other night we had a big crowd and people across the street did it. They were envious of our big crowd. I guess they don’t understand what great singing is.

A man with a tambourine came into the space when we finished and were selling a CD to a newly engaged couple who was adoring us. The man started banging his tambourine and yelling, which at first scared me. A drunk man came in and started yelling too. That’s what happens when you’re a public performer. We’re lucky it doesn’t happen that much. I’m used to it. While we were packing up, a group of drunk men came in a stared at us. I stood up and they dramatically backed away as if I was scary or something. So stupid! I’m so used to it. A huge group of people can stare at me and I can just stare back. I don’t care. Someone can talk to me I don’t want to talk to or do something stupid and I don’t react. I’m fearless. People can start yelling or “singing” or dancing or acting like an idiot while we’re playing and I don’t react. That doesn’t mean it isn’t annoying, but I have the skills to deal with it. I’m strong and brave and fearless.

We had dinner at a place where the waiters knew us. One of them said they’d seen Thoth in Barrio Alto over 7 years. Yup. Three young people stopped in the street and waved at us. They’d seen us play several times. I love that. It was almost 1am when we got home.

Thursday July 21st 2016

We had a really nice day today. We moved into the cooler room next to ours. It was another incredibly cool and temperate day so we could stay in the house and relax. I acted a little and we went to get sandwiches at Ink Farm Food Cafe down the street from home. The manager is so nice to us. He asked where we’d been. We haven’t been there in over a week because it’s too hot. We like Cultura’s air conditioning. I got an apple and some fruit bars at the corner store. The owner doesn’t speak any English and has been teaching us Portuguese words over the years. He loves us because he saw us play once. We hung out and relaxed at home, working on our various projects and then got dressed to play. I’m only wearing white face these days.

It was a much better play tonight. Very cool and breezy. The couple that’s come so many times to see us came again. We were so tired that we finished early. The woman was sad (I’m sorry, I don’t know her name!) Two girls that were watching asked, “How did you get to where you are?” I love that question. We went to Cultura for din din. The waiters are so sweet! They made a fresh key lime pie for us.

Wednesday July 20th 2016

I acted a little today. I was so grateful for the cool temperatures! I HATE hot weather. It really makes me sluggish and tired and sad. We had sandwiches and juices at Ink Farm Foods Cafe for lunch around 2 and rested all day in the house. I was very happy and feeling good. We got dressed and went to play at 8pm, as we usually do. Our first day out after two very busy and fun days off is kinda weird.

A man and his friends came into the space with a strange, space-ship-looking thing and put it on the ground. He instantly recognized Thoth and said he’d seen the documentary. He asked if he could put his friends art piece in the space with us and see how people reacted. We were fine with that. It’s funny how people don’t think of putting their art with our music. I love when people draw us or make art around our work. It’s so rare though. I was flattered.

It was a Wednesday like the Wednesday’s of last year. Lots of people, no CD sales. I had fun anyway. The artists stayed the entire time and watched us. The couple who comes almost every night came to see us again. They always come halfway through and sit in the same seats. To the left of us. Neither of them can speak English, but they LOVE our music! I love it. We went to the Nepalese place and had a yummy, cheap din din.

Tuesday July 19th 2016

It was another fantastic day off for us. It was cool and comfortable out too, a blessing after it was so hot and uncomfortable all last week. We took a walk to Miss Jappa for our weekly sushi lunch. The chef, who’s made sushi for us several times now, made us a platter with brand new combinations we’d never tried before. It was delicious and made me very happy. We then walked to the park with a beautiful view of Lisbon and had drinks. We then went home and had a relaxing afternoon in our cozy room and went to Cultura do Hamburguers for dinner. There was a line, but it didn’t take long. I love their food! It took me a few years to accept the changes. It used to be a tea house, but now I love it. The staff is super friendly to us and I just love their key lime pie! We go there too much and we’ll miss it when we leave in less than 2 weeks! I wonder how they’d treat us if they knew what we did!

Monday July 18th 2016

We had the most wonderful day off today. We made a point to go to the Moorish castle after a lovely lunch together in Sintra. I’d gotten some motion sickness pills for the bus ride up there and a man knew us. He was very casual with Thoth at first, but when he talked to both of us he said we are amazing. He was really impressed how big our crowds are.

I love Sintra. It’s beautiful and quaint and just so cute! We’ve been there so many times since 2010, but it never gets old. Sintra is a world heritage sight, so it’s full of old castles and relics. We took the bus all the way up to the castle, and there was a castle BEHIND that castle that was all red and yellow, called the Pena Palace and was built in the 19th century. We’d never seen it before. The Moorish castle was built in 8th and 9th century. We walked up to the beautiful view at the castle and stood breathlessly watching the sky. It was truly breathtaking. The view of the Pena was stunning. A castle of yellow and red surrounded by green. The view from the Moorish castle down to Sintra and beyond was elegant. All the houses topped with orange roofs. You always know you’re in Lisbon when you seen those roofs. They’re specifically a Portuguese thing. Even the islands of Portugal are all dotted with orange capped houses. It’s cool to see from the air. I felt like we were in an airplane up there. We were so high up, at least a thousand feet. I will never forget it. It was completely and 100 percent worth it. We’d been eying that castle for years before we had the energy to go see it. Next year we’ll go to Pena and explore the park and palace.

God, I would love for us to live in a palace! Thoth and I and our music is perfect for palaces, don’t you think? We’d play music and prance around all day, having concerts and fancy dinner parties all year long. People would come from far and wide to see us. Not that we’d ever be able to afford to buy a palace, but I can dream, can’t I?

A woman recognized us at the castle. It’s always amazing when that happens. I filmed her. I’m always surprised. That happens more in this city than anywhere else. The best compliment people give is “I’ve never seen anything like it before.” That is the truest compliment anyone can give.

Pushing through the Heat

Friday July 15th 2016

It felt much hotter today. It was 90 degrees. Oppressive! Again, we escaped to the air conditioned sanctuary that is Cultura for a leisurely lunch and work on our computers until late afternoon. It was still sizzling at 6pm. When we played at 9pm, again sans makeup, it was about 85 degrees. It’s a horrific temperature to prayform in. Friday’s are notoriously and oddly slow, and it was again this time, but we pushed through it.

A group of four girls sat in the chairs before we started. I took it as a good sign, but they jumped up and screamed when Thoth did his classic yelp at the beginning of “Anya.” Thoth got me through it. He pushes hard on the more energetic songs, even when it’s as hot as it was tonight. We got through 2 hours, and had made our big circles around each other three times over all. I pushed hard for the final one, and was very proud of myself.

Thoth had gone earlier to make a reservation at Sacramento, where we had dinner tonight. We were both more tired than usual. We sat there depleted of energy and exhausted eating our yummy dinner. The manager is so nice to us. We’ve been there many times in 6 years.