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We Were Recognized Twice on Our Days Off!

Tuesday September 6th 2016
I woke on my own at 8:30am. We got out of the house and to the computer repair shop on 23rd St.. They said it would cost a lot to fix, so I decided to buy a new one. We bought a hard drive so they could transfer all my data for me. We walked to Chelsea Market. On the way a man hung out of a taxi and said, “Thoth, I love you man!” I love when that happens. Thoth deserves some recognition! We got lobster rolls and then Thoth asked if I’d like to have sushi. Even though I knew it’d be expensive, I said yes absolutely.
The bar was open at noon, so we waited 15 minutes and were the first to be seated. I got a chirashi bowl. It was so delicious I was crying! The pieces were so thick and creamy. The rice was so soft and buttery tasting. Oh my goodness me. I love me some good sushi. It’s my vice. “Why are you spoiling me?” I asked Thoth. “Because you lost a friend today, your little computer.” he said. “You’re not spoiled. We work hard.” he said. I love when he spoils me. I don’t feel guilty about it in the least.
We went into the subway to go home and a man came up to us. “Are you still playing at the tunnel?” he asked. “Yes. Only in the Fall.” we said. “I haven’t seen you there in a while,” he said. “I thought they’d chased you away.” Well they kind of did, but not in the way he’s thinking. It was time to start traveling. I ordered a computer on Ebay. It would arrived by Friday, hopefully.
I decided to go back out around 5pm to buy a Bose speaker for us. We had been planning to buy one when we got back to NYC. I got a call from the computer shop who said my backed up hard drive was ready to pick up. I went back to 23rd Street, got the speaker and picked up my hard drive. We got a lot done today.
The phone rang the moment I put the keys in the door to the apartment. It was Meli’s number, but I knew it was Thoth. He was terribly worried about me. I’d been gone for 2 hours. He’s so cute. We both get worried about each other. So sweet. I had the rest of my lobster roll and we went to get deli sandwiches for dinner.

Monday September 5th 2016
My computer turned on in the morning, but when I closed it again it wouldn’t turn on. It was well and truly dead. Ah well. Time for a new computer. We left the house at 3pm and had lunch at Toast. It wasn’t the best meal. Not as good as we remembered it. They got Thoth’s order wrong, too. We hadn’t been there in three years.
I called mom to say hello and tell her what’s going on in our lives. I gave the phone to Thoth so he could say hello, too. It’s a damn miracle they can talk to each other now. It’s taken so long. I’m so proud of us. I can’t really believe this is my life.
Stopped at 34th St and went home. My computer still wouldn’t turn on. Thoth found a place online where I could maybe get it fixed. I spent the night trying to get it to turn on again. No such luck!

Such a Busy and Fun Final Weekend in San Diego + Our Trip to and Adjustment Day in Oakland

Sunday May 1st 2016

What an amazing final weekend we had in San Diego!

We had a busy day on Saturday (April 30th). David (Barbarella’s husband) picked us up and dropped us off in Balboa Park so we could play for a bit before a gig at the Balboa Park Club and before the debut of the documentary that night!!

There was a youth Shakespeare event in the park. Students from grade school through high school were competing with various scenes from Shakespeare plays, all of which I recognized. They were rehearsing in the hallway as we walked past. There was a stage right near where we play, but they were finished at 4, so we got to play. We had a lot of fun, but had to get to the Balboa Park Club before 5, so we packed up and walked over there.

Officer Morales, Miguel, was all dressed up and we realized it was his daughter’s quinceanera! I was so flattered he’d invited us to perform! He got everyone to quiet down and we played a song, then played “Scottish Song” for his daughter. She looked beautiful in her white dress! We went to pack up, but he wanted us to play one more song. We did, and he even paid us. I was so honored. “I am honored that you agreed to perform.” he wrote later. We went outside to wait for Eric, Barbarella’s intern, elated at such a wonderful day we were having. Eric picked us up and took us to Bread and Salt.

Here’s the vlog for our prayformance and the gig:

Barb was at Bread and Salt to meet us. David was finishing setting up the projector for the film. People started showing up a half hour before call time. Forrest and Tasha were some of the first to arrive. I had my mouth hung open at the amount of people who began arriving, many of whom we knew, and all of whom sat in the front row. ūüôā

Barb and David introduced us and we played two songs, to cheers and applause. We went off and she asked if we’d do another. “Do you want us to do another?” I asked the audience. Everyone cheered, “Yes!” so we did, to more cheering. It was so exhilarating! We had so much energy. After playing they showed the documentary. We’d never seen it before, and it was incredible. My mouth was hung open the whole time. Literally.

We did a Q&A with David and Barb afterwards. Got some great comments and questions. I filmed it all. After that, a bunch of people talked with us, and got CDs and took pictures with us. We haven’t had such fun since our opera debut in Martha’s Vineyard 8 months ago!

Here’s the vlog about the documentary:

And here’s my reaction to the doc:

Sunday (May 1st) was fun, too! We took an Uber to Balboa Park for our final prayformance. The Uber driver was all interested in what we did. Ruth brought her daughter-in-law to see us, Della came with a friend and Laura came with a friend and Forrest and Tasha arrived later.

I lost the phone in the bathroom, but Della called it several times until the person who picked it up answered. They had walked across the bridge with it, but came back to give it to me. I was so grateful. What good friends we have!

We had another GRRRREAT day! I was ON FIRE with our opera and followed the story more intensely. Tasha came with a pretty hat on and both she and Forrest had little camper chairs to sit in.

After playing, Forrest asked if we had anything planned. “No. You want to have dinner with us?” So we did sushi. Forrest invited our friend Mitch, who’d come to watch us and say goodbye, too. We had a lovely dinner and we have wonderful friends!!

Here’s the vlog!:

Wednesday May 4th 2016

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been able to post lately! Was traveling all day Tuesday and packing on Monday.

Traveling was hard, but we got to pick up Tasha at Forrest’s house on Tuesday after going to get the rental car (which was a major headache.) They were so sweet. Tasha gave me a cute top and Forrest gave us a generous gift. We got to pet the kitties, but hung out longer than we had planned to.

We got on the road by 1:30. I’ll miss Forrest. It was hard watching him walk away. His house is right on the ocean! The ride was so tiring, even though I didn’t drive. We got to our friend Nana’s house 9pm and brought all our stuff into the house. I felt completely upended. The last time I felt that was was 7 months ago. I hate feeling that way.

After bringing everything into the house and upstairs, Thoth and I were so tired and sad we cuddled up and went to bed early without eating dinner or bathing. SO tired.

On Wednesday (April 4th) Thoth had to wake me up early to take the rental car back. I was so tied I couldn’t even. I didn’t sleep well.

We got to the Budget Rent-A-Car place, parked and went in to pay. The price was almost double what we were quoted. The woman at the counter claimed she didn’t know why, so she sent me to another desk to “figure it out.” The woman was unfriendly and short with me. She probably hates her job. No wonder. I went to the other counter and eventually got upset saying they were ripping me off and I would never rent from them again. Suddenly the manager appeared and said “We can take that off for her.” They brought it down to the quoted price.

I went back to Thoth and Tasha (who’d joined us) and told them what happened. They said they had been narrating to each other what was possibly happening while watching me. We BART’ed back to Nana’s neighborhood and Tasha treated us to breakfast. We took an Uber back to Nancee’s house and hung out until time to go visit my sister.

Tasha and I took an Uber to sister’s place. We went into the driveway and jumped rope and then hung out and listened to music. It was fun and relaxing. At 6:30pm, we Uber’ed home for a little dinner party with some friends.

What a long two days it’s been! I was finally able to catch up on all vlogs and blogs! Whew!!

Here’s the trip vlog and stuff:

Tonight (Thursday May 5th) we go into SF to stay at a friend’s house until we fly out to Lisbon on the 17th!

Busy Day in The Vineyard!

Wednesday September 2nd 2015

We had a busy first day in the Vineyard! I got up at 9:30 for our¬†interview with the¬†Vineyard Gazette. Wendy Taucher was there already. The two people who came were very sweet. Both women. One was the interviewer and asked great questions, the other took pictures. It was very relaxed and informal, but fun. I loved her question, “How do you feed off each others energy?” or something to that effect. I don’t know, we just do! ūüėõ Sarah Kernochan came and watched the interview, and the interviewer¬†asked her how the opera commission came to be. She said her husband, James Lapine, was the one to give her the idea. He was at the show we did here last year. It was nice to hear Sarah talk about us. “I want them to be seen as serious artists from now on.” she said.

Sarah invited us to lunch. IMG_20150902_120840846We told her we needed some last minute help with our costumes. She called up a few people and we walked over to a seamster to see if he could help. He’s going to take the sleeves¬†off Thoth’s coat. We had lunch across the street from home. Sarah told us all about the film she wrote called “Learning to Drive.” It’s in theaters now. We’ll go see it when we’re in NYC. She hasn’t been reading my blog for a little while, so she asked how we’ve been doing.¬†She rented us bikes across the street. What a good friend she is!

She went home, but came back because Thoth needed to get some black fabric for the opera. Thankfully they had what he needed. Thoth and I started blocking the opera in the dance studio when Sarah called and said she’d found someone to help me with my skirts. She came and got me and we drove over to this guys store. He was so flamboyant and helpful and fun. He had a good idea what I needed, which relieved Sarah. “I worry for you.” she said.

She took me home and within 10 minutes, Caroline came to pick us up for a dinner party. The hosts had seen our show last year and were happy we’d came. I was so tired I stayed quiet at first, but eventually we talked with some people. A few people knew us and were excited to see our show¬†The sunset was beautiful. The Vineyard is a special place. There’s nowhere¬†like it.¬†IMG_20150902_180356648 IMG_20150902_180413522 IMG_20150902_180426672 IMG_20150902_190126496 IMG_20150902_190135086 IMG_20150902_191145100

God we’re so lucky.

Caroline drove us home and we finished blocking the opera in the dance studio.

No Rest for the Weary!

Monday September 15th 2013

I wish I brought my camera today! Sarah Kernochan called us and asked if we’d be interested in applying for The MacDowell Colony. “You would have 4 weeks or more to focus solely on writing the opera.” she said. “But it would take you away from working, probably in the Spring. Are you ok with that?” she asked. “I am. Are you Thoth?” I asked. “It sounds interesting.” he said. “OK. I’ll move forward with it and get back to you.” she said. “Thank you.” we said.

We got ready and took the train into the city to meet with Alicia Mugetti, a costume designer, at her studio on 28th Street. Dan Rubin’s friend Tina, who made a video of “Plucking Song,” was there, too. I was amazed by all Alicia’s beautiful dresses, especially the white and pink ones. “You both are incredibly talented.” Alicia said. “You’re so inspiring.” Tina said. We told them the story of how we met and about the movie and opera we’re working on, then gave them a synopsis of our opera from memory. They loved it. “So magical.” Tina said. “I want to be part of this.” Alicia said. “Do you know what kind of costumes you’ll need?” she asked. “We’ll be talking with Sal, the director of the film, today and he’ll have some ideas.” I said. We tried on some of her costumes and she even gave us some skirts. Sarah called frantically and left a message. “We just realized the deadline is today. Call me.” she said. I called her back. “We’ll be home in a few hours and we’ll call you right away.” I said. For some reason, she thought we were in San Diego and the time was different. It was funny. “Your stressed.” I said. “Yes I am.” she said laughing. We went up to 72nd Street and met with Neil Zee to look at a top floor penthouse they had rented for the party we’ll be performing at next Wednesday. The acoustics were great, but the view was even better.

We took the train home and called Sarah, then got to work on applying for The MacDowell Colony. It took 5 hours, but we got it all finished. We sent Sarah our synopsis to look over. She loved it and added a few little things. I was so pleased she liked it. “We did it!” I said bouncing up and down. “Time for dinner.” Thoth said. We went back to the same place we had dinner at last night and got steak. Yum! We were both very excited and happy. “Everything seem to be falling into place!” I said. After dinner. Thoth got some cookies and we went home. I wrote my blog and we got in bed. No rest for the weary!