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I Love The Life I Live!

Tuesday August 23rd 2016

We took the train into London Victoria today. It was our first day exploring without any bags or violins. It was amazing. London is a very special city. One of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite. It’s amazing we can come here for weeks at a time. When I was 16 we were only here for 5 days, and we had to rush around like maniacs doing all these pre-planned activities. Though I did like living in a nice hotel in the center of town and eating at fancy restaurants and not having to worry about money back then, this way of traveling is so unique and special. We live like locals, just like I wanted to when I was a kid. No one else in the world lives and travels like we do. Sometimes it is so overwhelming and scary I can’t handle it, but at times like these it is all worth it. The torturous agony of flying and the fear of the future, the frustrations, the depressions… it’s all clear now. Just last week in Amsterdam I was so f**king freaked out about finding us a place to stay in NYC I didn’t know what to do. Now I am actually excited to be in NYC because we’ll be living with artists. I’m not scared, I’m curious what will happen. I know that no matter what happens, we will be OK!

We spent many hours wandering around the city. We had lunch at a cute little place. I treated us. We went to the theater district and got donugts for dessert. We passed through many resonant spaces, which we may try to play in this week. I believe our play spot is in the theater district. There are so many beautiful buildings and resonant walkways there. We stopped by Her Majesty’s Theater where I saw Phantom when I was 16. It was eerie to be back in a place I was at over 10 years ago. My life was immensely different then, and I was a completely different person. We came upon a billboard with MICHAEL CRAWFORD’s face on it. I freaked out. He’s in a new musical called “The Go-Between”. Michael played the original Phantom, my favorite character of all time. That’s who I “act” as sometimes. I want badly to go see it. Maybe we will! We took the bus back to London Victoria station and took the train back home to Sutton. It was a truly lovely day for us. I am so happy to be a grown up and to be independent and free to do as I wish, within reason and with responsibility and forethought. I am so grateful to be able to be here in this city.

Monday August 22nd 2016

We took a walk in Sutton. Went into the supermarket and then found a place to have a big English Breakfast. We went home and stayed in our room for the rest of the day. In the night we went outside to the picnic bench where Kaja and Emil were playing a video of us for their friends. Grandma had made dinner for us, which I helped him bring outside. Thoth went back inside to work more and I stayed with Kaja and Emil and talked for a long time. We are so blessed. So, so blessed.

When You Look Interesting…

Friday January 30th 2015

We decided not to go out to play today. It was overcast and rainy. I got dressed in my galaxy skirt and took a bike ride to put our check in the bank. I love taking bike rides! It was rainy. Listening to music (in one ear of course) while biking is so much fun! Some people were giving thumbs up and staring at me. When I was stopped at a light, a man came over to me and acted all weird. He liked how I looked, and tried to give me something. I think it was pot or a piece of candy. He was really creepy. He kissed my hand in a creepy, sloppy way. Gross. I wasn’t scared, though. Most people are harmless, and I do feel I can take care of myself, but I wish people wouldn’t do that. In New York one night I was hanging out with my sister and this really awesomely dressed guy ran over to me and hugged me. It was fantastic. He was friendly, with no ulterior motives. At least I don’t get cat called. To my memory that’s only happened to both me and Thoth in Lisbon, but it was funny and kind of sweet. They were construction workers and I think they thought Thoth was a girl! I was bothered a few times by guys in New York when I first moved there in 2009, but I took care of it just fine. Being a unique woman in the world teaches you how to be assertive and not take people’s bull shit. I remember last when Thoth and I were talking to a woman on the street in NYC on Halloween and a man just blundered his way over to me and tried to touch me. I immediately pushed him off and walked away. No problem. I don’t need to be rude, I just stop the behavior and get away from the person. Oh and one time I was hanging out in Union Square and a guy started following me. I sat down, and when he sat down, too, I asked him very bluntly why he was following me. He was so embarrassed, and that was that. Assertiveness! I would say prayformance has also taught me that, too. People have always (thought not too often these days) gotten in our way during prayformance. We area making music in a public space. I’ve learned to be discerning and a peacemaker. I know how to deal with assholes, get away from them as fast as possible! Thank god most people I’ve met are very kind and respectful. When someone is rude or disrespectful towards Thoth, on the other hand, he becomes a monster. It takes a real dumb ass to get him going, though. When I got home, we practiced for a few hours. It feels so good to practice. I got a galaxy top in the mail.
 We will be prayforming tomorrow! Yay!