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Dark, Rainy Play Days

Friday October 21st 2016

I got all dressed up as usual in 1…..

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-3-25-54-pm2…..screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-3-26-23-pm3!screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-3-24-40-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-21-at-3-25-22-pmand we headed to Central Park as usual. It was pouring with rain. We hesitated, but went out anyway. The tunnel was soaking wet and we couldn’t put anything on the ground. Marcela was there and was also wondering if she should sing. Thoth and I stood together talking about it and eventually decided to go home. I knew it would clear up and I’d wish we’d stayed. If only we’d brought some plastic bags to put our things on the ground. The floor was much too wet anyway. It would have been dangerous to play. Imagine someone pouring water all over a stage and then saying, “Now perform.” We wouldn’t. Same thing, accept for when the tunnel gets wet from rain it’s full of grime and dirt, which makes anything that touches it dirty. It will be very cold tomorrow, but we’ll be prepared! It was important we tried.

We went home and of course the f**king sun came out. Oh well! I hate loosing a prayformance day. We got something to eat and relaxed until time to have dinner. I love where we live. It’s so homey and safe and cozy, completely the opposite of last year!

Thursday October 20th 2016

I was inspired again today so I went for it with my makeup.

1 2 3 4I’m having fun vlogging again. Sometimes it gets so hard. I notice no one has commented on my blog for over a month. We need to find a way to drive traffic to my blog and our vlog channels. I think we’ll make brochures or something to give out in the park. Most people take pictures and videos of us and don’t bother getting our names before walking away. We have to find a way to draw more people to Tribal Baroque after they’ve seen us. I’ve always said if someone wants to look us up, we’re very easily accessible but today I saw how most every person watching us left without knowing who we are. The other thing is I don’t want to be giving away more free shit to people who are already taking our music, pictures and videos for free. There needs to be some kind of compensation. We should be getting hundreds of dollars per person for what they’re experiencing from us, but we get %1 of that. We do attract a huge amount of attention to ourselves when doing what we do. If people want to know who we are, they can easily do that. We can’t force them to. I kind of like making it a little more difficult. A lot of people recently have told us they came looking for us and didn’t know our name.

We had a fine play. Not the best. I got a bit discouraged when people weren’t so into clapping or coming forward, but some people were very moved and talked to us and bought CDs eventually. Our friend Jessie showed up out of nowhere and cheered me right up. She’s my favorite person (other than ourselves) who sings in the tunnel, as far as classical singers go. Not only does she have a pure, pleasant, she is a pleasant and genuinely respectful and loving person! We need more people like that. I love Cover Story, too because they are also genuinely friendly, talented and hard working. I made some vlogs and we went to 23rd St. to get salads. I saw two girls, one with light blue hair and one with light pink hair. Unusual.

Another Amazing Day Hurray!

Playing in the hallway.

Playing in the hallway again!

Saturday April 18th 2915

We played up front again today! It was much busier. More people out. Thoth was nervous we’d bother some other busker, but I wasn’t concerned. “He’ll move.” I said, which he did. It’s cute that Thoth is so immensely concerned about everyone around him. It’s amazing he can sing the way he does. He’s so fucking loud. It’s like he’s singing “I don’t give a fuck! I don’t give a fuck!” and he doesn’t. 🙂 Like a said, that man is the master of not giving a fuck. We had another great day. I can’t really explain how amazing it is to hear my voice again. It’s so fucking amazing. Finally my high voice is working like it effortlessly does. I get so freaked out when my high voice isn’t working when I’m sick. It’s so much a part of who I am.

I didn’t care if people were listening to us I was enjoying myself so much. As the day went on, our crowds got bigger and bigger, and no one bothered us. Hurray! I was so freaking happy. Playing in the front is different than playing in the back. It’s more about the sound than the performance. The hallway up front is so resonant, but we have more space to dance in the back. In the front we’re pressed against a wall. Sometimes I like not having to worry about performing. Well, by any other standard we are still performing, but for me not as much as we do in the back. I don’t feel like I have to move around as much because the sound is so beautiful. It’s funny how anyone watching us doesn’t experience the same thing I experience when I’m performing. Wait, does that make sense?

 Look at all the people!

Look at all the people!

A man who bought a CD said, “I see a future of opera in you.” He was a once trained opera singer, so he was very knowledgeable about the subject. “I want to see you guys get discovered!” his wife said. I wonder what people mean when they say that. I don’t really know if they know what they mean. “Not to insult what you’re doing now.” she continued. “I want to see you performing in Las Vegas.” Hmm. I don’t know if I would like that. Would I make more money? Most definitely. Would I be overall happier and without a care in the world? I don’t know really. Fame, success, whatever you call it is a double edged sword. Sure, I’m not happy all the time now, but I’m only responsible to myself and my husband. I have no responsibilities other than that. There is no pressure on me from my millions of fans to make a number 1 album and have an exhausting tour schedule. I do what I want. You could say we do things the old fashioned way, eye to eye. We give freely and people give back freely. No one is forced to give us anything. We’re free in every way.  Not that I’m against us being more successful. We’re more successful than we were 5 years ago, but I no longer believe in overnight success.

Finally, a Full Prayformance!

Sunday July 20th 2014

The Rijksmuseum Tunnel

A much better day! I slept until noon and Thoth cuddled with me. I got up and watched some funny Youtube videos before getting ready for prayformance. We left the house in the afternoon. It was much cooler and not sunny. Thank goodness! At the Rijksmuseum, there was one of the violinists playing and only two others waiting. That meant we’d start before 5pm. Yay! We waited and the violinist finished and came to say hello to us. He was going back home tomorrow, so we hugged him and his friend goodbye. We wouldn’t see him again. “It was a privilege to meet you.” he said. “You are true art.” the other violinist said. I love being around friendly, talented buskers who are able to support and compliment each other and aren’t competitive. It’s a great atmosphere. After sitting and waiting for an hour, we got out things set up. We saw a few security guards, one we recognized, which made us nervous. I was scared they’d call the cops on us or something. We let the accordion player play about an hour so we could start when we had planned to.

Happy Sveetie Boompie!

When we started to sing, I was really nervous. I’m only nervous when I think someone is going to stop us from playing. No one did! We were both very happy. Three women dressed in kimonos came up to us after “Anya.” They were from Japan and bought a CD. One was a famous fashion designer and gave us her card. “If you come to Japan, get in touch with me. You could play at my fashion show.” she said. “That sounds lovely!” I said. A woman with long blonde hair gave us much more then we asked for for two CDs. I was grinning at Thoth from ear to ear the rest of the prayformance. I adore when people are especially generous to us. It really shows me how much they respect and admire and appreciate what we’re doing. When we played an hour, I wanted to wait and play again. The accordionist was waiting to play, and a saxophonist, so we’d only have to wait an hour. I didn’t mind. We didn’t really need to, but I wanted to sing again in the space. The acoustics are amazing!

Happy Boompies!

As we waited, a woman said she saw us in San Diego and got to watch us perform yesterday. Someone stopped on their bike yesterday and said the same thing. “We saw them in San Diego!” It made me sad, though, because we had just been stopped from playing by security. People recognize us from everywhere! We talked with one of the performers, a girl, while we waited to play again. She loved us. She called what we do “volcanic opera.” That made me laugh. I love when people are creative! We got to do our second set at 7pm. Though the museum was closed, we still had a great crowd. A woman came up to tip us with tears in her eyes. “I was crying.” she said and started tearing up again. We packed up, took some pictures and said goodbye to the other performers. We won’t see them again until Wednesday.

We took the 5 tram and walked to Wok to Walk to get dinner. It was busy. I felt so relaxed and happy, Thoth did, too. I love Amsterdam when we’re doing well, but I hate it when we’re not. Now we can rest for 2 days. We’re going to have pancakes tomorrow. After eating, we went in a corner store and got something to drink. At home, we gave Wim and Marja our new CD and signed it for them. We put our drinks in the fridge and went upstairs. The kitty came in. He loves when I rub his belly. He purrs so loudly! I sat down and relaxed for a little. Thoth got our drinks and I wrote my blog. I love this city when we’re doing well. It makes me want to live here. I love any city when we can prayform.