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Sissy Arrives and Art Lab Show

Friday March 28th 2014

My sister arrived early this morning and went back to bed. I got up at 9:30 and started drawing faces on my sketch I did yesterday. Marianne commented that one of my drawings looks a bit like Gustav Klimt’s art. I looked him up, and was immensely inspired. It doesn’t matter if anyone appreciates my art or music in my lifetime, but it could affect people positively in the future. Kind of how my mother’s music had affected me. I just need to make as much art and music and writing as I can so there will be something left when I’m gone. I want to leave good works behind. Thoth does, too. Our music will exist forever.

We received an email from a London fan . She said we could stay with her! That makes it a lot easier to visit there. My friend James is in a Philippe Glass opera called “In the Penal Colony” in June. I want to go see him. I’ll be in the UK, and I should take advantage of it. Who knows when we’ll visit there again!

I woke my sister up and we cuddled for a bit before taking a bike ride. I saw a cover story about the Evangelists taking over Balboa Park. It made me angry. Why would they publish an article about something ugly happening in the park when they is something beautiful happening just a few yards away? Why couldn’t they do an article about us? We stopped at Art Lab. It’s being remodeled.

We went to a coffee shop and had breakfast and talked. When I was young, I used to go to a Christian camp called Camp Desoto. I hated it. All of my cousins went there, too, and none of them liked me. I was too out-of-the-box for them. They were cliquey, and my sister was a goody two shoes, not a good combination. One summer, my cousins blamed me for reading my cousin Paige’s journal and spent the entire month ganging up on me. It was the most horrible month of my life. Paige read from her journal about how much she hated me saying, “Well, you’ve read it anyway.” My cousin Olivia cornered me on my trunk telling me how much better my sister was than me. I ran out of the cabin crying. I was 10 years old. No one sympathized with me, not even the older councilors. They all thought I had done it. My sister admitted to me a few months later that in fact she had done it. I’ve forgiven her, but I’ve never been able to forgive my cousins. They never apologized. That’s one major reason I no longer go to family gatherings. Anyway, sis and I talked about that. I was wondering how she felt about it. “I was scared to loose my good girl reputation.” she said.

We biked home and I worked on my drawing. Sis went to Art Lab to help clean up. When she came back, we listened to music and danced around the house. I come out of my shell more when my sister is around. She’s the only person I like hanging out with besides Thoth. She makes a lot more noise around the house than I do.

I got ready for our performance. Sissy sold tickets at the door. Only 10 people showed up! I was upset, as I always am when a lot of people don’t come, but I let it go. The acoustics were so beautiful, we had a great performance. The space was bigger and the stage was lower to the ground. Even though it was only 10 people, they were completely there with us and clapped so generously after every piece. We had fun talking in our language and my sister laughed a lot. We even played a piece we haven’t played in a long time! Forrest was there. He comes to every one of our shows. We had a talk back with the audience afterwards. Everyone stayed. Thoth was very philosophical. He gets that way after prayformance. My sister said, “That was the best show you’ve ever done. You didn’t let the lack of audience affect you. You were on fire!” Forrest brought me a bag of canvases I can use to make paintings! I hugged him about 6 times. He is one of the most generous, loving people I’ve ever known. We are so lucky to have a friend like him.

We went home and Thoth made a bunch of zucchini pasta for us. Sissy liked it! She wanted more! I wanted to draw, but I was too tired so I wrote and went to bed.

Rainy Art Lab Show

Friday February 28th 2014

It rained like mad today. It was actually really nice. I drew and listened to music until it was time to get ready for the show. I talked to my sister on Skype and she asked if I’d bring my computer so she could watch. I let some of my pretty pink hair show under my headdress. We never have big crowds at our shows when it rains so I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Jim drove us to Art Lab. Damn! I promised to bring Forrest some cupcakes but I forgot. Thoth set up the camera while I set up my computer. My sister wasn’t online. I called her a few times but she didn’t pick up her phone. It was a half hour before the show and no one was there. I started getting depressed. “No one’s coming.” I said to Thoth. He hugged me and tried to make me feel better. He gets worried about me when I’m sad. The place started filling with people, about half full. Jim introduced our show as “a full opera with no intermission.” He’s never said that before. We went onstage and I saw Forrest in the front row with a friend. I did some really cool things vocallduring “Anya,” but when we finished- silence. No one clapped or did anything. Again, after “Sea Expressions”- nothing. So weird! We always have to drink water in between songs and when there’s no audience interaction it can be pretty awkward. We spoke in our language, but people just weren’t responding. Finally people clapped after our third piece, but it was hesitant, very much like it is in the park sometimes. I went to the back during Thoth’s solo and told Jim how weird it was. “They’re mesmerized.” he said. When we finished with “Tango,” I didn’t even want to go back up for an encore. The rain makes people weird here. We sang “Scottish Song” and then brought up some chairs for a Q&A. That was fun, but it was so hot on the stage! Thoth told a really awesome story of when he was at the Academy Awards. He’s told me before, but not the way he told it this time. When we finished, people bought CDs and talked to us. A woman asked me about our diet. I told her we have something light for breakfast like a smoothie, then we fast during the day. After prayformance, we eat whatever we want, though we tend to eat light anyway. She said, “You’ve change the way I see the world.” That was a nice reflection. After we packed up and were walking to the car, Dave said we should go in depth about our world. “This is not your shtick. This is your way of life. You need to show people how deep this goes.” he said. We went home with Jim and I took a scan picture and a shower before eating dinner. We worked a little before going to bed.

We brought our camera to the show but forgot to make a video so I took a scan picture instead.


First Art Lab Show

Friday January 31st 2014

Rested all day. I ate lunch late and got in my makeup. We biked to Art Lab and got ready. Almost 50 people came! They were laughing as Jim ¬†introduced us! We were planning on speaking in our language the entire prayformance. As Thoth was drinking water after “Anya,” I took the plunge and spoke to the audience. “Ay-yoo teza menz? Voce la coco do vas men za?” I said. It was fun! I spoke to a woman sitting in the front row. People laughed and really enjoyed it. “Such joy!” one audience member expelled. Afterwards we had an hour talk back. Practically everyone stayed! Thoth almost lost our money on the way home! It was lying right outside the gate, thank goodness! He made caesar salad for us again. Jim loved our language. He had suggested that we speak to the audience explaining what we do and what the songs mean. I called my sister last night asking if we should speak. “No. It’s better when you don’t. It makes it more like a theatre piece.” she said. I took her advice. And it was really good advice! I can trust my sister for good advice in that regard. We forgot to bring the camera so we didn’t get to make a video today.