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Such a Successful Weekend in Central Park!

Sunday September 25th 2016

Today would be a good day. There was nothing happening in the park, nothing at the Bandshell to bring the break dancers downstairs. It would be peaceful and quiet. I was sure of it. I did myself up for a Sunday prayformance, the best day of the week for us.

3 4I was right. As we walked through Strawberry Fields, we passed Josh, Dan Rubin’s brother. He was coming to see us perform. Dan showed up too! Yay. We got to start early because Cover Story wouldn’t be there. It was quiet and peaceful for our full 2 hour performance! It seemed kind of slow at first, but we ended up doing really well. We packed up while talking with Dan and Josh. Marcela arrived and began singing. She came over to ask if we were finished before starting. Much better! I’m glad.

We took the L train to Lorimer St. and had dinner at Santos Anne. Long day. Long week. Glad it’s over, but so glad it was so successful!

Saturday September 24th 2016

I slept 12 hours too offset my jet lag. Despite still being tired, I got made up and we went out to prayform at the Angel Tunnel. We knew there would be a big concert in the park and were unsure if we’d be able to play at all. Doing our best and having no expectations is the best way to live life I’ve found. You’re never disappointed, always pleasantly surprised. I’m not entitled to anything. When we get to prayform and have a successful day, it is a blessing. It is never a given!

2 1Sarah Kernochan said she’d stop by at the beginning to see us. That was motivation enough to go out. When the time rolled around, there she was, hugging me as we stretched on the pillars. She watched three songs “Anya” “Esh” and Ee-ay” and then left. She’s treating us to dinner on Thursday, so we’ll have more time to talk then.

People were super complimentary of my makeup and of our music. An Irish woman was adoring us. She waited for us to start and then bought a CD. “It’s magical what you do.” she said. I love when people call me or our music or what we do magical. That’s a great compliment. Just what I’m going for!

We played for less than an hour, being tired from flying all day yesterday, plus the concert started up. The opera singer girl, Marcela, arrived as well and asked if she could sing. She actually apologized for setting up on us on Sunday. It was a big misunderstanding actually. We packed up and left the tunnel with Dan.

Our friend Mega Flash was upstairs so we said hello. He told us that he told Marcela to talk to Thoth. “You have to respect that man. He’s been here longer than any of us.” he said, referring to Thoth. Damn right. Of any person I know, Thoth deserves peoples respect!


Loving Hubby Helps to Relieve My Stress

Friday August 12th 2016

Much better day today. It didn’t rain. We made a good choice and got ourselves out of the house for most of the day, from around 11:30am until about 5pm. Wim and Marja were at their studio until after dinnertime. We wandered around, had lunch, and then continued walking. Thoth kept me away from the house and away from my stress and obsession with finding us a place to live in NYC. It was a wonderful day. The kind of day that will stay with us a long time.

Thursday August 11th 2016

A dark day, in more ways than one. It was raining and cold all day long and we didn’t leave the house. I was stressed the entire day about finding a place to live in NYC I could barely handle it. I looked and looked, but people don’t even write back.  I was so obsessed with it I felt like I would be sick. That’s what I do to myself. I get so obsessed with something I don’t have much control over, I make myself crazy. It’s a strong trait of mine, but it also is a weakness that can hurt me. It’s the reason a lot of things have happened in my life. It’s how I got Thoth and am living the life I live, but it’s also how I scare people away.

We went downstairs at night to have dinner with Wim and Marja. It was delicious, I was still depressed and frustrated about us finding a place. Wim gave me some major perspective. He reminded me how we went to Europe the first time and I wasn’t scared. We barely had any money, we had no friends or contacts, just us and our faith in our music, and it all worked out. He asked if I would have done it any differently. Even though it was as times immensely painful and frighting and a total unplanned crap shot, no I wouldn’t have. I wouldn’t because what ended up happening. I am a happily married woman to that same man I began traveling so innocently and fearlessly all those years ago. If I wasn’t brave and I didn’t make such a crazy choice, my life wouldn’t be what it is now. So, I have to take risks and be brave. If we don’t have a place in NYC now, I have to have faith we will when we need it. We flew to f**king Marrakech with nowhere to live and survived there with no money for almost two months, we can survive in NYC now with years of experience, a few good friends, our beautiful work and faith. It’s not going to go exactly as I want, but nothing does. Thanks Wim.

We still don’t have a place in NYC for September-November. Fingers crossed.

Starry Eyes + Vlog

Saturday November 21st 2015

IMG_20151121_190055IMG_20151121_190249We had to run to the train again. I almost fainted after having to run up the stairs with all our stuff. It took me the entire trip to recover from it.

Sal came and film the entire opera. It felt chaotic in the park today. I don’t know how to explain it. The lack of comfort and calm in the tunnel is palpable for us. We’re highly sensitive to it because we’re performing. Sunday’s are usually calmer. There was a group with a cajon playing near the tunnel. It was distracting. We like having quiet, but we’re not always so lucky.

“You guys are my best friends, my favorite thing in the world.” a young man named Joshua said as we were packing up. He was just about to sing at Carnegie Hall. Fascinating. He had been introduced to us by a friend last year and just stumbled upon us tonight. I don’t know this person at all and yet we have affected him in a way we don’t even understand. Amazing.

A fellow busker was complaining about another busker. We try not to get involved. We need to protect ourselves and our work.

Beautiful Galaxy Girl + Prayformance Vlog!

Friday November 20th 2015

I’m inspired by universes these days. 🙂 _IGP5649 _IGP5671

Don’t we have an interesting job? It doesn’t feel like a job. We have no boss and we’re not doing it for the reason most people have jobs. I get up every morning and come up with an interesting, inspired makeup look, then I go to the park and sing for 2 hours with my husband. It’s a great life, for the most part. We are free and able to fully be who we want to be. Prayformance is about taking care of ourselves. Our minds, our souls, our bodies. Everything. I’m lucky to be able to do what I want with my life. Not many are as lucky as I, though anyone could do what they really wanted if they chose to. I made the choice to do what I wanted. I never listened to anyone who said I had to get a job and do what other people said. I always knew I could do my own thing and I found a person to help me do that. Thoth’s commitment to this work has helped me stay committed. He never forces me to do anything. He’s taught me discipline through his own discipline. He’s taught me everything through his good example. He’s a wonderful teacher and husband. I’m very lucky that way too. I found someone who is helping me to make my dreams a reality. It takes patience, commitment and dedication to live your dreams. Nothing comes just because you’re talented. You have to do something for a long, long time to get good at it. I get better at my art every day just by doing it every day. Writing music, playing violin, singing, doing makeup all takes time and a steady work ethic to get really good at. I’m a great deal better than I was when I was 20, but I’m nowhere near as good as I want to be. I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as I want to be. I’ll be improving steadily until I die.

We’re here for such a short time. Our last prayformance is November 29th! I’m cherishing every day. I’m going to miss it, despite how hard this time has been. Dan Rubin took such stunning shots today. We’re so lucky to have him in our lives.
_IGP5708 _IGP5737 _IGP5738 _IGP5764 _IGP5784 _IGP5859 _IGP5862ALL PHOTOS BY DAN RUBIN!