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Another Lovely BareFaced Prayformance!

Sunday May 22nd 2016

I managed to get up around 9am, but it was less because I wasn’t tired and more because I couldn’t breathe with my nose so stuffed up. I was able to stay awake, even though it’s only been 4 days since we got here from San Francisco.

hAgain, I decided not to do makeup for tonight’s prayformance. I’m still a busy little snot factory, so any makeup applied would be more likely to reside on a tissue than on my face. It was better to keep it simple. It’s so freeing to realize I don’t have to wear makeup if I don’t want to. I am still a little Nordic elfin fairy. It’s my hair. I’ve managed to tone it to this beautiful off-white color. It’s the most difficult color to maintain, other than baby pink, but it lends to my unearthly look. Totally worth it.

We weren’t expecting anything from tonight’s prayformance, it being Sunday, but to our delight we were mistaken. It was a wonderful night of applause and crowds. Thank the LAAAWD! I am so thankful! I realize that you the reader have no idea what I’m talking about when I write, “We had big crowds and lots of applause tonight.” Imagine it like this: You’re sitting at the shore of the ocean, singing gently into the waves to yourself. But then, beautiful mystical creatures come up out of the ocean and hand you crystals and diamonds for your songs. That’s how it feels when we’re singing and a supportive crowd gathers. It’s amazing, humbling, and unexpected.

A man sat down with his ice cream and watched us for the entire one and a half hours of our prayformance. I love when people do that. It helps other onlookers feel comfortable. When we finished, a girl asked me, “Are you famous in America?” “Not in the way you’re thinking probably, but people recognize us all over the world.” I said. People have asked me that twice in Lisboa. I wonder why people ask me that. She was loving my look. “Your skin is beautiful. You look Nordic with your pale hair and blue eyes.” she said.