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Thursday September 1st 2016

I got up at 10:40am. I thought it was much earlier. It was dead quiet. I went downstairs and Thoth was there. He’d been up and out of the house for a while. “We live in a great neighborhood.” he said. “I walked around and took the L train back.” he said. We got out of the house by noon so we could go to the park and say hi to the Angel Tunnel (and get my violin fixed.) We got to the park by the subway. It was an easy ride. I was feeling great. So was Thoth. We do live in a great neighborhood!

We got to the park and saw John Boyd and his son Abraham. They were doing their usual thing, like clockwork, in the tunnel. When Abraham saw us he waved enthusiastically. John can’t see well so he couldn’t see us until Thoth went up to him in between a song. He told us what’s been going on at the tunnel. Everything seems great. We get our usual time back, accept Sunday we have to push back a half hour. That’s OK. Our first play is tomorrow. We play a wedding at the tunnel on Sunday.

We took the train down to 34th street to get my sound post put back in my violin. It started raining hard. While waiting, I played the synth and found a really cool organ sound. I want to reproduce it for our new album we’ll record in December in Nashville. After that, Thoth took me to the Brooklyn Bridge where we had lobster rolls. They were so good! We took the train back home and explored the beautiful grocery around the corner. I love when we have a grocery store near home in NYC. We hung at home until we got hungry again, then got deli sandwiches for dinner across the street.

Wednesday August 31st 2016

I slept fine, for the fact we had an 8 hour flight to NYC ahead of us. I got up a little before 11am. Thoth was in the bathroom and told me he threw up his dinner at 5am this morning. “I was a sweating wreck.” He said. I feel horrible when he gets sick like that. Horrible. Thankfully he was OK to fly. We got all ready to go and Emil helped us get our bags to the bus station for our 12:27pm bus. It ended up being an hour late because there was a bomb threat at the airport, but we got to London Gatwick by 2pm. Our flight was a 4:55pm, so we had plenty of time. We checked in, terrified they would charge us for luggage and our violins, but they didn’t. It’s an international Norwegian air flight, so they don’t care.

We went through security and we went to our gate. We boarded the plane and took the 8 hour flight to NYC. It was easy and painless. I napped and watched a movie. We were even served food. We landed at 8pm, went through border control easily and got our bags. We made it to NYC! We tooK the Air Train and subway to Meli’s place, The House of Oops. It was hot outside, but the apartment has air conditioning. Meli was super cool and sweet. I loved the space. Our room is small and cozy, like being in a tree house. I like it a lot. It’s a really awesome artist loft. We went out again to get deli sandwiches for dinner and stayed up until 1am before hitting the sack. We were exhausted.

Tuesday August 30th 2016

Today we went into London for the last time (before flying to NYC tomorrow morning) so I could hopefully meet Michael Crawford after seeing “The Go-Between” again. We got into town at 5pm, 2 and 1/2 hours before the show would start. I got a 25 pound seat in row C and was so thrilled! Thoth didn’t need to see the show again (he saw it last Wednesday with me and loved it.) I wanted to go again because Michael didn’t come out at matinees and I’d wanted to meet him face to face. He’s my idol. Strange that’s he’s a real human being who’s about 50 years older than me.

Thoth and I went to dinner (after having not eaten all day.) Thai food. It was delicious. I couldn’t believe I was going to actually meet Michael. Thoth had a lot of trouble leaving me in the city alone and going back to Sutton, even though I had a phone on me. We walked around for a while and he cried when we got to the theater. As we were hugging, two men recognized us from Lisbon. Pretty cool. I kissed Thoth goodbye and went into the theater.

The show was beautiful, even seeing it a second time. I cried for Michael’s song “Butterfly.” It’s a beautiful song. It was just so astonishing to be just a few feet away from him, a man I had idolized since I was 10 years old! He was there. He was a living person. He was real. Just the same as I am real, and he does something that moves me and has moved me and shaped me into who I am today. I was so looking forward to meeting him and telling him that. While I was feeling all emotional, I was thinking about my Thoth and if he got home safe. I called Emil at intermission to see if he was home. “Not yet.” Emil said. That worried me a little, but I enjoyed the second act immensely anyway.

When the show was finished, I rushed outside and backstage. I turned the phone on to see Emil’s text. “He’s back.” it said. Thank goodness. I always worry about my Bunny when we’re separated. I waited for about 15 minutes for Michael to come out. My heart was racing and I was very shy talking to him for the few moments I got to. He took some pictures with other people and then turned to me, as if expecting. “Hi Michael.” I said stupidly without introducing myself. “I’ve been a fan of your since I was 10. I’m 28 now.” I had my camera so I could film him, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing so. He said I could take a picture with him. He put his hands on my shoulders as he positioned himself next to me. I could barely speak I was so shocked it was really him. “It’s Michael Crawford. I can’t believe it!” I said to the camera. When we finished with that, I said to him, “You are the reason I am a singer and a musician.” and then left. It was a little less meaningful meeting than I’d hoped, mainly because I realized I was a complete stranger to him and anything I said wouldn’t make such a big impact. It was very different from when I first met James, because we knew each other, even if it was only online. I had a lot of thoughts running through my head as I took the bus and train home. Meeting Michael made me instantly grateful for the lives I can and do touch and the friends I have. Isn’t that odd?

I got back to Sutton a little after 11pm and raced home to hug my Bunny boy. I missed him a lot. I told him everything and we got in bed to sleep. Big day tomorrow.

Here’s the Tribal Baroque vlog:

And here is my vlog:


Wednesday August 24th 2016

When I woke up, Thoth asked me, “Do you want to see the show today?” “Yes!” I said. “You want to see the matinee?” I asked. “Sure.” he said. I couldn’t really believe it. I was going to SEE and HEAR Michael Crawford with my own ears and eyes for the first time in my entire life! I couldn’t really believe it. A man I’ve idolized since I was 10 years old. For 18 years, I was going to f**king SEE him. OMG!

We got to the theater with an hour to spare. I was nervous there wouldn’t be any tickets available or they’d be really expensive, but low and behold, they had 25 pound a piece tickets in row E in the orchestra! I was shocked, relieved and happy! We had a quick bite of sushi next door before going into the theater. I was queasy I was so excited. What an incredible moment! I knew I would never forget it. I am so glad I made the choice to go see this show!

We went into the theater a half hour before the show started. It was a simple set. A grand piano in the corner and about 8 chairs with some grass sticking out of the floor. Very moody lighting and a little smoke. Michael was the first to come on stage. He was bent and frail, as all 73 year olds are. The cast of about 8 came around him in white Victorian costumes. He turned on a light above his head and the cast began singing in a Capella. My mouth dropped to the floor. It was so simply and lovingly beautiful. Michael was on stage the entire 2 and 1/2 hours singing in parts and watching the action. His character was the older version of the little boy Leo. It was beautiful. There was a song called “Butterfly” I think, that he sang that almost made me tear up. His low voice was still powerfully moving and his higher voice more frail, but used to great emotional effect. I turned to Thoth many times. He was smiling and laughing along with me. At the intermission he said how much he loved the show. At the end of the second act, Michael was crying and used a handkerchief to wipe his eyes. He was trembling. Not sure if that’s from age or just the character or the emotion he was feeling. Michael is a very emotional person. He cried during “Barnum” and in “Phantom” every night. He has a beautiful voice even now. We both stood up and cheered when he came out to bow. So did lots of others. A man behind me called out to him, “A living legend!”

We left the theater and stood at the stage door for a bit. I was hoping to meet him, but the ticket takers said he doesn’t come out for matinees. Oh well. I had hoped. I did get to speak to another actor I loved. He had a fake scar covering one of his eyes in the show and had a beautiful voice and stage presence. I talked to him, complimenting his singing. He thanked me for cheering and laughing. I couldn’t believe it. When Thoth and I like something, we cheer and laugh loudly! I did that when I was a kid, too. 🙂

We walked around Soho a bit and then went home. I was in heaven.