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A Fantasy Dream Life Singing and Forever Frolicking Free

Sunday November 15th 2015

IMG_20151115_123755479 IMG_20151115_132531 IMG_20151115_132032 IMG_20151115_132227709 IMG_20151115_132801706 I’m challenging myself to do different makeup and try different improvisatory things every day. There’s no telling who we’ll meet or what will happen!

Today Dan Rubin came to see us at the tunnel. I wasn’t expecting to see him. “You’re makeup is really cool today.” someone said. A man stared at me while I was warming up in the corner. In his eyes were a mixture of fascination, curiosity and amazement. I was singing pretty high and I had on my crazy makeup. _IGP5164 _IGP5174 _IGP5179

Someone else took me by surprise today. My old church choir director Murray Somerville appeared in my view after a song. I was completely flabbergasted to see him. It’s been 10 years! He was the one who gave me the soprano solo in the Allegri Miserere when I was 17. (There’s a recording of it somewhere.) “I’ve heard about what you’re doing, but I had to see it for myself to fully understand. I’m reminded of the Allegri, only two octaves higher.” he said. He stayed for three pieces. “I wish I could stay longer.” he said before leaving for another appointment. He took a picture with us and I gave him a CD of our opera. Wow. He was one of the people who accepted me for who I was when I was young. I used to wear crazy clothes to choir practice and had pink hair when we sang in church. He gave me a good deal of solos, too even though I was only 17. He not only allowed me to dress how I wanted, he was very accepting and nonjudgemental, even though he’s a conservative Oxford grad. I’ve told Thoth about him over the years. It felt like a full circle for me. Pretty amazing. Thank you Murray. _IGP5219_IGP5325

Vlad came again, as did Sarah Kernochan. She waited until we’d finished and packed up then we talked outside the tunnel. Sarah is always on top of things. She’s always there for us, like Dan is. “What you do is beautiful.” she said. Dan walked to the train with us.


Fantasy Pixie Goddess of the Galaxy

Saturday June 6th 2015

Another great day. I’m enjoying the whole process of prayformance. Doing my makeup while listening to music, walking to the space, setting up, gathering crowds, and the like. It’s all delightful. Sometimes it feels like drudgery when we haven’t been having good crowds for a while. I’m taking my makeup really seriously. I want to do things that I’m proud of. When we go out to play after I’ve been working on my face for 2 hours, I feel pretty fantastic. I was going for an alien, but sis on Skype said I look like a Cirque Du Soleil character. “You’re like a magical creature from the outer reaches of the cosmos.” she said (or something like that.) 

I felt great going out to play. While we were getting ready, a little pomeranian puppy was sniffing around. I of course had to pet her. Her owner came into the space and eventually the puppy was hopping on me and didn’t want to go away from me. “We hear you every night.” the man said. I didn’t want to know if he meant that in a good way or bad, so I didn’t inquire further. “We live right above you and we hear you every night.” he said. OK, I thought. Does that mean we’re bothering him? “Luck tonight.” he said and left. Interesting…

We didn’t have as big crowds as yesterday, but I was having a great time. I sang my butt off. So did Thoth. He always sings his butt off though. A young woman came by to watch us. “I saw you when you were here last year. I can’t believe you’re here again.” she said. “I can’t either.” I said, and we all laughed. The old woman who sat down and listened to us the first weekend we were here came to see us again. I was surprised to see her. She stayed until we finished and talked a long time to Thoth. She wouldn’t stop talking. I brought everything out of the space so we could pack up and she followed us out and continued talking. “I wanted to compliment you.” she said to me. “Since I last saw you, you’ve gotten better. Last time he was better then you. Now your energy compliments each other.” she said and finally left. I turned to Thoth gritting my teeth. “I hate when people give backhanded compliments like that!” I said. “Grrrrr!” I am ALWAYS a great compliment to Thoth! I am amazing, stunning and amazing no matter what! Like our friend Forrest said, “Even if you are having a bad day, you are still blowing people’s minds.” Yup.

Pink Angel Alien Princess from Outer Space

Friday June 5th 2015

Today was awesome! I was inspired to do an alien look today for my makeup. Not sure why… Sometimes inspiration hits me for no apparent reason. I was on Skype with my sister while I did it. “You’re a make up artist!” she said. I guess I am. I have a vision of something I want to do, and I find a way to do it, or not, but today I did! I was proud of myself. When I look awesome, I feel awesome-r. I’ve learned that I can get away with a lot more than I think in terms of how I make myself up. I stuck a bunch of tulle on my head when we got to our space. It looked cool. We helped the woman who runs the Fruit Bar clean up. We moved all the tables and chairs and swept the floor. “You have a beautiful voice.” the woman said in her heavily accented English. She’s nice to us now. That always happens. Last night two of the guards said hello to us. One even said “See you tomorrow.”

Prayformance was awesome. We’ve been playing our old set the past few days. It’s helped a lot. I was sick of having small audiences, so we MADE us have big audiences today. Looking outrageous with my painted face and tulle covered head helped I think. We sang and danced our f’ing heads off, too. When I go the extra mile in prayformance it can really pay off sometimes. Today it did. I want every day to be like today was. I want the opera to be as fun to play as our old set is. I don’t know how to do that. I think coming back to it fresh is a good step. We’ll figure it out in time.