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Final Days with Sis and Back to Prayformance

Wednesday November 16th 2016

First day playing at the Angel Tunnel in what feels like forever! I did some strange, experimental makeup today. Sis hugged and kissed us goodbye. It’s been a very long 10 days since she got here.

The park and tunnel were dead silent. Not many people around. The fountain had been switched off, which added to the stillness. We played to very thin crowds. After “Sea Expressions,” no one clapped at all. They didn’t even move. Just stood there. I’ll never understand it, nor will Thoth. As the darkness came, it got better for us. I left to use the restroom while Thoth did his solo and a woman said she was amazed by us and our music. Even when I’m not in the best mood and not in my best form, people are still blown away by us.

Thoth is the best husband. He takes good care of me and loves me and kisses me. I love him more than anyone else. He sits on the thrown in the center of my heart. He took me to sushi dinner and got me lemon cake and chai tea for dessert. Tomorrow is the 7th year anniversary of the formation of Tribal Baroque. It was really nice to have a day just to ourselves.

Tuesday November 15th 2016

Sis woke me up around 10am. She was anxious to go out again and see another show tonight. I wasn’t so much. I went into the tent while she and Thoth worked on computers and acted for three hours. It was wonderful. I’m really wanting to act these days. After that, we three left the get lunch. I was in a bad mood. Sis had gotten a ticket to see a show I didn’t want to see. I was hoping we’d see Phantom again (which I found out doesn’t play on Tuesdays.) We got food at the grocery store and went home. The internet died and sis went out to see her show. I joined her in town afterwards to have dinner. It was nice. She’s leaving tomorrow. I’ll be glad to have my life back.

Monday November 14th 2016

Sis and I spent the entire day together. On the train into the city, a woman asked if I’d performed in Central Park last night. She was fascinated by us. We got off at 4th Street and walked through Washington Square Park. A couple also recognized me and asked me lots of questions. It was amazing. Two times in one day, who’d seen us the same night, within an hour of each other! It made me realize we need new business cards.

We had lunch and walked to 8th Street. We sat in a park and then walked back to get tickets for Blue Man Group for tonight. I called Thoth, who had just gone to see a movie. “I look so cute.” he said. We walked around more, and had a snack at Whole Foods before heading to the theater at 7pm. The show was great. I laughed a lot and the Blue Men stared at me. I love interacting with performers. After the show, we had dinner at Whole Foods and went home. It was a wonderful day.

Sister is Here!

Tuesday October 21st 2014

Around 3, Thoth and I went out to get lunch. We usually don’t eat during the day, so this was a treat. As we walked arm in arm, a woman walking ahead of us said, “Is this for Halloween?” “No, this is how we dress.” I said. The woman was embarrassed. “Everyone says that.” I added. We got Chinese food to go, some cupcakes and San Pelegrinos (The pomegranate and orange flavor. I’d never seen it before.) We went home at ate at the table in the kitchen. We’d never eaten in the kitchen before. It was nice. Our roommate Aaron was home from work. “We have a guest tonight, yes?” he said. “Yep. She’ll arrive around 9 tonight. I’m so excited!” I said. “Excellent.” Aaron said. I lounged in bed the rest of the day watching movies and waiting for the phone to ring. Sis texted us around 8. “I’m here. I’m taking a cab. I’ll be there within the hour.” She landed at LaGuardia, which is about an hour and 3 transfers away. That was a good choice to take a cab. She called me soon after. “I’m downstairs.” she said.

I ran down and opened the door. There was my twin sister! I hugged her and kind of started crying in happiness. I brought her and her suitcase upstairs and she got to meet Aaron and the two kitties. She loves kitties. Then I brought her into our room and she hugged Bunny. They kind of bounced around in this cute way. She really likes my husband now. It’s taken a long time! All three of us went to the diner near us. Thoth and I didn’t eat much because we had a big lunch. When we finished dinner, sis and I took the train into the city and Thoth went home. Sis and I went to Times Square. We always do when she first arrives to visit me in New York. She took some pictures of me. We passed where “The Elephant Man” is playing and went to the “Phantom” theatre. There is an African American playing the Phantom! I was shocked! “Good for them,” sis said. “I’ve been wondering when they’d do something like that.” We went and sat on the red steps on 42nd Street. We always do that when she’s here. I would never do something like that with Thoth, but I love doing it with sis. We got sleepy, so we took the train home. Sis and I took a shower and I made up her bed in the living room. She wasn’t tired, so we gave her some sleeping pills. She’ll be jet lagged tomorrow morning.