We Were Recognized Twice on Our Days Off!

Tuesday September 6th 2016
I woke on my own at 8:30am. We got out of the house and to the computer repair shop on 23rd St.. They said it would cost a lot to fix, so I decided to buy a new one. We bought a hard drive so they could transfer all my data for me. We walked to Chelsea Market. On the way a man hung out of a taxi and said, “Thoth, I love you man!” I love when that happens. Thoth deserves some recognition! We got lobster rolls and then Thoth asked if I’d like to have sushi. Even though I knew it’d be expensive, I said yes absolutely.
The bar was open at noon, so we waited 15 minutes and were the first to be seated. I got a chirashi bowl. It was so delicious I was crying! The pieces were so thick and creamy. The rice was so soft and buttery tasting. Oh my goodness me. I love me some good sushi. It’s my vice. “Why are you spoiling me?” I asked Thoth. “Because you lost a friend today, your little computer.” he said. “You’re not spoiled. We work hard.” he said. I love when he spoils me. I don’t feel guilty about it in the least.
We went into the subway to go home and a man came up to us. “Are you still playing at the tunnel?” he asked. “Yes. Only in the Fall.” we said. “I haven’t seen you there in a while,” he said. “I thought they’d chased you away.” Well they kind of did, but not in the way he’s thinking. It was time to start traveling. I ordered a computer on Ebay. It would arrived by Friday, hopefully.
I decided to go back out around 5pm to buy a Bose speaker for us. We had been planning to buy one when we got back to NYC. I got a call from the computer shop who said my backed up hard drive was ready to pick up. I went back to 23rd Street, got the speaker and picked up my hard drive. We got a lot done today.
The phone rang the moment I put the keys in the door to the apartment. It was Meli’s number, but I knew it was Thoth. He was terribly worried about me. I’d been gone for 2 hours. He’s so cute. We both get worried about each other. So sweet. I had the rest of my lobster roll and we went to get deli sandwiches for dinner.

Monday September 5th 2016
My computer turned on in the morning, but when I closed it again it wouldn’t turn on. It was well and truly dead. Ah well. Time for a new computer. We left the house at 3pm and had lunch at Toast. It wasn’t the best meal. Not as good as we remembered it. They got Thoth’s order wrong, too. We hadn’t been there in three years.
I called mom to say hello and tell her what’s going on in our lives. I gave the phone to Thoth so he could say hello, too. It’s a damn miracle they can talk to each other now. It’s taken so long. I’m so proud of us. I can’t really believe this is my life.
Stopped at 34th St and went home. My computer still wouldn’t turn on. Thoth found a place online where I could maybe get it fixed. I spent the night trying to get it to turn on again. No such luck!