Another Successful Performance in Vondelpark!

Sunday August 7th 2016IMG_20160807_143016185 IMG_20160807_143054343Another great day. It was rainy and cloudy when I got up around 10am. Thoth was quiet and feeling the mood of the weather, as we sensitive people do. It seemed like it would clear up around 2pm when we’d go to play, thankfully. Wim and Marja had gone to the art studio to work this morning. They would spend the night there and come home tomorrow afternoon. I made a little breakfast, toast, yogurt and a fruit smoothie drink. Thoth ate nothing. He didn’t eat anything yesterday either.

We took the tram to Vondelpark. It was still cloudy and there was no one playing under the bridge. We set up more easily today and played. At first, we didn’t have a crowd at all for our first song. That space is hard to sing in with no crowd. No acoustics, so it’s important to have a crowd. The crowd becomes the acoustics, you know what I mean? I bet you don’t. Only we understand this. As we kept playing, we gathered a big crowd around us and played 4 more songs, to my surprise. I was proud of us for getting through it. I had wanted to stop after just one song! It’s hard, but we did it. We’re so lucky we don’t have to play very long here.

Thoth and I packed up our stuff and sat down to hug and kiss. We were successful, and tired. We walked to the tram, but it was too packed with people, so we walked through the canals home. It is such a beautiful city. We went home to put our things away and change clothes, then walked to Steven’s bar for dinner. They didn’t have the sandwiches we’d wanted, so we went to another bar on the corner. It was more expensive than we’d expected, so I had to run home for more money. I brought extra. We got mini pancakes for dessert, then walked home arm in arm.

I called a friend who said we might be able to rent her apartment in NYC. We had been hanging all our hopes on it, even turning down some other offers in hopes it would work out. She told us tonight it won’t. She had another possibility, but it’s way too far away. So as of right now we have nowhere to live in NYC September 1st through December 1st. Our friend gave us the news that another friend of ours was dying suddenly, which was shocking, and difficult to get to sleep to.

I have trouble not worrying about the future. We are lucky to have our health and have each other. I can’t imagine being without Thoth. I have him now. I can’t worry about the future, but it is terrifying to think he could just be gone one day. No warning or anything. God forbid. I mean that deeply, GOD FORBID!!! We have a place to live in every other city we visit all other times of the year, accept in the Fall. We’re thinking this Fall could be our last time in NYC since finding housing is so stressful it can take away from our happiness when we’re safe and secure in Lisbon or here in Amsterdam, and when we’re in London. It’s ridiculous. All we need is a safe place to live in NYC for 3 months! It’s not a lot to ask. At least we’re lucky this is really our only worry right now. We are safe, happy and everything is fine now.