Final Prayformance at the Angel Tunnel!

Sunday November 30th 2015

It was our last day at the Angel Tunnel today.

We have absolutely no idea how we affect people with our work. Joanna and her daughter Amelia came to see us. They haven’t seen us in 3 years. Amelia is a dancer. Paul was there too. A group of nuns came into the tunnel and asked if they could sing a song. The Boyd children knew the song they sang, so they sang along. It was SO adorable. I love nuns, even though I lived with some in New York who didn’t understand me. I feel like a nun in a certain way, and Thoth as a monk, but he’s sexy monk.

David, our “friend” watched Anya right in front. For some reason he was in religious garments and had a bell. Whenever he sees us, he starts “singing” and making a scene. It’s like he wishes he was a performer but he has no talent whatsoever. He walked in front of everyone when we finished our song and started “singing” like always. I’ve come to realize he just wants attention. He must be envious of how much attention we get “Why can’t you be the monster and he be the fairy?” I took incredible offense to that when he first said it last year, but now it’s just obnoxious. I can be whoever I want to be!

A man said he saw us yesterday and he was feeling sad because his friend had died. “You made me feel so much better. I’m going to mention you in my eulogy tomorrow.” he said. Joanna and Amelia watched the first two pieces, then Amelia danced in the wings for a few. “You do more choreography, so she wanted to watch AND dance.” her mother said. We first met Joanna when she was dancing to our music in the tunnel. I always appreciate when people move to our music but don’t try and make it about themselves.

It was immensely cold and some guy was doing a show near the staircase. Once we hit the sunset, things got better for us. A group of people sat down and watched the rest of the prayformance. It’s nice when people sit down to watch us. Paul and Joanna stayed and talked with us as we packed up. Joanna walked with us to the subway. It’s nice to have someone walk with us.

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